jeph jerman discography

list of recorded works
(title/configuration/label name/year of release)

hands to

q'ojfa C-90 big body parts 1987
do not touch them C-60 sound of pig music 1987
fingers breath C-60 sound of pig music 1987
neumes C-90 BBP/waste inc. 1987
hoast C-60 BBP/waste inc. 1987
mose wreck C-60 sop 1987
christage C-60 sop 1987
chamaco C-60 new flesh 1988
scrine C-60 harsh reality 1988 / notice recordings 2019
myasic split LP (w/mental anguish) harsh reality/BBP 1988
recast C-60 nihilistic 1989
suake C-60 allegory chapel 1989
bldr C-60 BBP 1989
artiment 2xC-60 realization 1989/2xCD-R impulsy stetoscopu 2009
toumani C-60 sounds for consciousness rape 1989
catalog of abuse C-90 realization 1989
oldage C-90 realization 1989
audio assaults 1 & 2 2xC-90 BBP 1989
maesh C-60 BBP 1989
decesh C-60 BBP 1989
invesh C-60 realization 1989
aggresh C-60 realization 1989
recesh C-60 realization 1989
reclamation 2xC-60 BBP 1989
vinhilation split LP (w/eric lunde) complacency 1989
korperlaute split 7" (w/kapotte muziek) korm plastics 1989
eurean recant C-60 realization 1989
ewst C-60 unreleased (1989)
flatline LP petri supply (1989)
odiom/rework C-90 eostrate 1990
bootleg! (w/the haters) c-60 unreleased 1990
SFO C-60 the subelecktrick institute 1990
turn back the sun C-60 BBP 1991
turn back the sun / hurler C-60 G.R.O.S.S. 1991
HTAG C-60 apraxia 1991
SFO CD zabriskie point 1992
naahondzond C-60 animist recording 1993
cicuye C-60 animist recording 1993
hands to turn my hands to CD zabriskie point 1993
anamnesis C-60 animist rec. 1994
circumscription CD urthona 1994
hands to the task C-60 chocolate monk 1994
klangfiguren C-45 animist rec. 1995
cipher 7" povertech 1995
nazha CD manifold 1995
ingress C-60 animist rec. 1996
croatoan C-60 animist rec. 1997
egress LP anomalous records 1997 *
hands to quit the earth C-60 unreleased 1997
turn back the sun CDR a pyrrhic victory 2000
croatoan CDR alluvial 2001
flatline CDR 2004
rough music DVDR/CDR 2006 / DVD-ROM forced nostalgia 2015
the retrieval download Yugen Art 2015 / CDR no label 2017

compilations contributed to:
life can be fun in a one horse town C-90 bbp 1986
anciestra C-60 Apraxia pxc00554
enkele gemotiveerde produktiemede werkers C-100 midas music
rub out the word 2 x C-60 Big Body Parts
colorado cassette culture compilation C-60 sound of pig music
kakophonia compilation #2 C-60 pillar of plastic
assemblage C-60 PBK 1989
as yet untitled CD realization 1989
methods of achieving satisfaction in a goal-oriented society C-45 apraxia 1992?
objeckt 666 2xC-60 ladd-frith 1996
acousticide C-60 apraxia 1996
america the beautiful 2xCD RRR 1996
1-800-america statutory tape 199?
kiling ha muerto cuantas veces LP climax/ledernier 1996
guru means slayer of darkness CD manifold 1997
disco-mortem 3x7" laughing eskimo 1998
regeneration degenerescence 2xCD kaon 1998 *
noisenet #6 C-46 noise 1999
The Wire 20 Years 1982 -2002 CD mute 2002 *

with hands to, i was involved in different ways of using sound. there were experiments with the idea of "emotional" sounds and how they may or may not affect the body/mind, projects using ideas that i found in the books of W.S. Burroughs and the soundwork of Eric Lunde, soundworks based on the destruction of audio equipment and recording devices, and other pieces based around a singular sound or action. in the beginning, i was using a cheap sampler and tape loops, all recorded in "real time" (no 4 track). after about 1991, the works were mostly based around field recordings.

jeph jerman solo projects

panglobal C-60 unified fields 1988
keep the drum C-45 apraxia 1989 / CD new forces 2021
concussion music (w/scott hiller) C-45 animist rec. 1993
biting through (w/aaron wintersong) C-45 ef tapes 1994
plynth C-45 animist rec. 1994
history C-60 animist rec. 1998
tug ear C-60 animist rec. 1999 (there are 6 different tapes with this title, all with different material)
tug ear 7" anomalous records 1999 (different material from any of the tapes of the same name) *
personal tape C-60 animist recording 1999
four elements 4xC-60 animist recording unreleased
(              ) CDR a pyhrric victory 2000 (untitled disc, referred to as "beech tree and birds")
the second attention CD anomalous records 2001 *
chin (progress) C-60 aarc 2002
instability studies CD anomalous records 2003 *
solo percussion for two jeph jerman/ jon mueller split 7" noinformation 2003
soundhouse c-60 aarc 2003
four (four) 4 x CDR aarc 2004
trees & shrubs CDR autumn records 2004
soundhouse 1 CDR 2004
soundhouse 2 CDR 2004
open mics and minidiscs CDR 2004
beaver creek / oak creek CDR 2004
sound - (field recordings 1993-2003) CDR 2004
harvester ants CDR autumn records 2005
more sound CDR 2005
monument valley CDR 2005
lithiary CDR fargone 2005 *
sound 3 (train station, spring, singing cells, ghost town) CDR 2005
early recordings 1981-85 (slightly processed field recordings) 2xCDR 2005
abandoned telephone wire CDR 2006
roller CDR 2006
cloisonne saw blades CDR 2006
sound 4 (australia) CDR 2006
sound 5 CDR 2006
drumb limited CDR 2006
installations CDR 2006
anklung 2xCDR 2006
drumber CDR 2006
grey (with detail) CDR 2007
supersposition SEA PDX SFO CDR 2007
frogdrummer! CDR 2007
stasium CDR 2007
12 singing bowls CDR 2007
metal drift CDR 2007
four drones CDR 2007
four guitars/eight amplified gongs CDR 2007
vinyl CDR 2007/easy discs CD-R 2009
precedence CDR 2007
hindsight con-v download 2008
atw 2 CDR 2007
sound 6 CDR 2007
outside/inside CDR 2007
linguala CDR 2007
tactus CDR 2008/semperflorens CD 2009
english/jerman 3" CDR compost and height 2008
@STUK CDR 2008
split w/AMK CDR cohort 2008
space weather CDR 2008
if/when (w/tom cox) CDR 2008
naau / trunk space CDR lunhare 2009
19'25"for adam kalmbach 3" CDR jeshimoth 2009
the now of sound w/tanner menard archaic horizon download 2008
sound 7 CDR 2009
assemblages CDR 2009
barnes daniell jerman meehan live CDR 2009
cassette C-68 little enjoyer 2009
datura CDR 2009
the angle of repose CDR 2009
roadwork CDR lunhare 2010
co-incidents CDR 2010
arrastre LP/CDR/ C-40 no label 2011
insecta (w/five elements music) CDR still*sleep 2011
qualia download pocket fields 2011
rundle C-40 banned production 2012
a fidgety and excitable engine C-40 second sleep 2012
maps of e CDR no label 2012
psaltery CDR no label 2013
sound 8 CDR no label 2013
quo modo deum 2XCDR no label 2014
worked paper/debris book/CDR no label 2015
dextral(right turning) 2XCDR no label 2015
analog 2XC-60 no label 2015
mystery disc CDR no label 2015
el gruppo arrastre CDR no label 2015
a fidgety and excitable engine (box) lathe cut LP/CD-R no label 2015 *
34° 11' 3" N 111° 95' 4" W C-50 mappa 2016
exploded view C-50 steady hand 2016
not saying CDR no label 2017
the bray harp LP white centipede noise 2018 (40 copies with bonus CDR)
imbrication CD unfathomless 2018
winterist C-46 falt 2018
site map cassette throne heap 2019
voiced cassette counter culture chronicles 2019
manual transmission/voiced handmade book/CDR fidgety editions 2019
arcane facture CD white centipede noise 2019
cobbled 2XC60 dead mind 2020
albuquerque C34 grisaille 2020
grayware C40 moremars 2020
alluvium C40 grisaille 2020
popular fictions C30 tsss tapes 2021
site map C60 cancelled records 2021
debitage C47 unread 2021
quarry 7" lathe & CDR box ballast 2021
augur'd C47 grisaille 2021

aarc tapes : monthly installments, recordings of natural sound or sounds of nature acting on human structures.
all aarc tapes are C-60 released 2001

  • aarc 01/1 clothesline/yard installation
  • aarc 01/2 verde river
  • aarc 01/3 cottonwood and sandstone/devil's fiddle
  • aarc 01/4 birds, bees, insects
  • aarc 01/5 creosote bush/pinetree
  • aarc 01/6 metal wire and grass/beargrass
  • aarc 01/7 palo verde tree/ sonoran desert
  • aarc 01/8 ants and milk vetch/agaves
  • aarc 01/9 crucifixion thorn/yuccas
  • aarc 01/10 water in desert canyon/pvc garden
  • aarc 01/11 grackles/desert installation
  • aarc 01/12 christmas cholla/mesquite

derelict recordings series aarc

  • ghost towns and abandoned buildings volume 1 CDR 2004
  • abandoned buildings and sites volume 2 CDR 2004

sound in rooms series CDR aarc 2004

  • seattle 4 7 01 / LA 8 3 02 CDR 2003 *
  • albuquerque 10 11 02 CDR 2004
  • denver 5 22 03 CDR 2004 *
  • anomalous records 11 15 96 / 1 11 97 CDR 2004
  • eric's 3 29 97 / 4-track 97 / soundcoat 3 20 98 CDR 2004
  • a.o. @ eric's 8 14 99 CDR 2004
  • a.o. asu phoenix 4 12 02
  • main st. gallery cottonwood 8 1 02 CDR 2004
  • superposition SEA PDX SFO

compilations contributed to:
an uncommon nature LP anomalous rec. 2001
sound of nature nature of sound CD kaon 2001 *
xing-wu 2xCD xing-wu records 2004
just drums II 2xCD fever pitch 2005
hungry ghosts 2xCD mutant music 2005
on isolation CD Room40 2006
three aural interpretations of a drawing by eric lanzillotta 7" anomalous 2007
UOVO #14 Green 2007
v-p v-f is v-n 7" winds measure recordings 2008
audible geography CD room40 2008
dictophonia micro cassette haltapes 2009
do less or cassette 777was 666 2009
10 CD room40 2010
your head is a phantom limb 2xCDR+DVDR amalgamated torso 2014
framework500 3xCDR framework 2015
wild horses think of nothing else the sea - tape readings C-67+C-43 winds measure recordings 2016
7 & 7 vol. 1 2x7" spleen coffin 2020

everything post-hands to that i've done alone. field recordings, home recordings, live performance recordings...

bands, collaborations etc.

Cruel Posture (w/tom ray, mark ackerman, dave montgomery)

Accidance C-90 man-ray 1983

probably the first band i ever played with that wasn't conceived to play bar music. some rock, some funk, some "formless" goop using tape loops and other sounds. i think we played live once.

Mudmen (as above)

the unshaved heart C-60 BBP 1985

the same line-up as cp, more rock. mostly covers of '80's bands that not many people had heard of at the time. we also had a handful of birthday party-ish original tunes. to fill up our sets, improvisation reared it's nebulous head...

Atrocity Exhibition (w/tom ray, george ericson, steve beckner)

AE C-60 BBP 1986

compilations contributed to:
promises, promises C-60 statutory tape

a bad idea gone worse. when we improvised, it was better...i think i saw a pattern developing.

Big Joey (w/george ericson, steve beckner, dave montgomery, glenn allen)

Big Joey / Blowhole C-60 SOP 1986
Metalhead C-60 BBP 1987
Black Habits C-90 BBP 1987
In Asylum Wait C-60 harsh reality 1987
Metalhead LP BBP 1989
DuckButtNailHead C-60 unreleased
Jazzbo LP unreleased

compilations contributed to:
life can be fun in a one horse town C-90 bbp 1986
mosh around the world C-90 mosh pit 1993

Big Joey morphed out of regular jam sessions in the basement of Tom Ray's house. We played completely improvised songs using conventional "rock" instrumentation. The name referred to the entity we laughingly said we channeled during our performances, and each show we played under a new name: Big Joey & the Knobs, Big Joey Duck Butt Nailhead...etc.

Ruru (w/dave montgomery, glenn allen, george ericson)

Much Gnashing Of Teeth C-60 BBP 1988
Last Day C-60 BBP 1989

compilation contributed to:
life can be fun in a one horse town C-90 bbp 1986

Ruru, the Gleemen and Smithism were all bands/projects initiated by Dave Montgomery. pretty much straight rock music, filtered through Dave's extremely funny way of looking at things.

Gleemen (dave montgomery, glenn allen, brett bennett)

Extender C-60 BBP 1988

Smithism (w/dave montgomery)

Prone C-60 BBP 1989

City of Worms (w/george ericson, steve beckner)

City of Worms C-90 the subelecktrick institute 1987
slate C-60 BBP 1987
gaggle C-90 BBP 1987
geistig C-90 BBP 1987
ungulate C-90 BBP 1987
fester C-90 BBP 1987
grist C-90 BBP 1987
fetishist C-90 BBP 1987
suckgun C-90 BBP 1987
easter C-90 BBP 1987
metabolic C-90 SFCR 1987
plaganism C-90 BBP 1987
scarification C-60 BBP 1987
crumnants C-90 SOP 1987
architures C-90 BBP 1987
ashent C-90 BBP 1988
whime C-60 BBP 1988
live COS C-60 realization 1988 (split with IOS)
HCA C-60 harsh reality 1988
prequite C-90 BBP 1989
quall C-60 BBP 1989
quester C-90 irre-tapes 1989
bescow C-90 BBP 1989

compilations contributed to:
life can be fun in a one horse town C-90 bbp 1986
Anciestra C60 Apraxia
Colorado LP RRRecords
Colorado Cassette Culture Compilation C60 Sound of Pig Music
Idealistic Idiot Volume 7 C90 Nihilistic Recordings
Rub Out the Word 2 x C60 Big Body Parts
Belladona Crystals C60 Epitapes
War Against Flakes C60 My Tongue Records

city of worms was a trio (eventually duo) of sampler and tape deck players. we played and recorded every weekend in George's basement. our performances included projections of super8 films, and we played behind giant white scrims with light also projected from behind. i believe we were one of the first groups to do live sampling.

domaine poetique (w/john hudak)

great many C-60 sound of pig 1987
hilarious picture C-60 sj organization 1988
exhale slowly C-60 SOP 1987
need not be C-60 BBP 1987
they are sent C-60 BBP 1988
tenant farmer C-60 BBP 1988
there and then C-60 SOP 1989
domaine poetique 7 x CD box new forces 2021

compilations contributed to:
idealistic idiot volume 6 C90 Nihilistic Recordings

most of the domaine poetique tapes were constructed by passing tapes back and forth through the mail. john and i played together in the same room only once. the result was released on "there & then".

not to (w/allan conroy)

hands half C-60 I.T.U. 1988

a one-off collaboration with allan conroy (not half). noisy and lo-fi.

PHBTK (w/phil klingler)

verfall C-60 bbp 1988
melachoir C-60 bbp 1988
(above tapes have since been remixed and re-released by PBK)

phil klingler and i have collaborated on many occasions. i'm not sure what category our sound would fall under, weak power electronics perhaps? (and by that i mean that our sound quality may not have been up to snuff with the rest of the movers and shakers of that genre). i think phil might just call it noise. i recall him saying at one time that he was determined to find a way to turn noise into music...which sounds odd today. (just listen to it!)

PBK/hands to /AMK

system-music-end CD pure 1997


Life-Sense Revoked CD lunhare 2000

big bwana parts (w/al margolis & lance barrton)

big bwana parts C-60 bbp 1989

al margolis came through colorado while i was living at hca and stayed with lance and i for a few days. this tape was recorded in our apartment in two separate sections that were then layered on top of one another. i can't remember what it sounded like...i think al was very enamored of the trombone at the time.

then to (w/lance barton)

hands behaviour C-60 bbp 1989

collaboration with lance barton. i remember almost nothing about this tape...except a loop of a fire alarm bell, struck once and then slowed way down...and some birds...

andrew smith

etiology C-60 bbp 1989 (all sounds made and recorded by jerman using andrew's billboard combat lp)

andy made some records that rrron sold, unplayable plastic discs with chunks of porcelain and nails and glass (etc) glued to them. i played them anyway, recorded the mess and made this tape out of it, completely ruining a turntable in the process.

Holeist (w/eric lunde & dan burke)

holeist/IOS split LP complacency 1989
forced cohesion C-45 complacency 1990

while in chicago for a couple of midwest gigs, dan burke, eric lunde and i collaborated on one side of a record. it was recorded in lunde's living room using an ensoniq mirage and a few effects processors, all in one day as i recall. the other side of this lp was a live illusion of safety recording. the album was released along with the lunde/hands to split lp on dan's complacency label. holeist played live once, lunde and burke using the mirage and samples from the record along with a tape from me.

e. lunde (w/jerman & lance barton)

the colorado terrain investigation 2x7" RRR 1989
Is C-60 SFCR 1990

beginnings of a long fruitful collaboration that continues to this day. lunde was once a member of legendary midwest noise band boy dirt car. in the 80's he was doing some of the most interesting and extreme soundwork available. he and i hooked up due to my good friend robin boutillier, who had been corresponding with lunde and collecting his tapes. he came out to colorado, and lance and i put him up and gave him a show. performed in secret in a very public place (north cheyenne canyon, in the foothills of pikes peak), the performance was recorded and videotaped. an early peak.

jeph jerman & e. lunde

the animist ark 2xCDR +EYE 2003 *

various assemblages with bob blaize and dave clark

fitzcarringo's log C-60 bbp 1989
corocosco C-60 unified fields 1990
rhythern C-90 unified fields 1995
sumer 1-4 4xC-60 unified fields
ambergris CDR unified fields 1999
death 1&2 CDR unified fields (?) 2000
blaize/jerman/johnson sky bells C-60 avant archive 2012

Bob Blaize and Dave Clark were probably two of the first people i ever improvised with. there was also a revolving cast of other characters who would gather at Bob's house occasionally to make sound together. Blaize is undoubtedly the freest spirit i know, about whom a friend once said, "he's the only person who completely lives up to the hype". all of these tapes/discs were assembled by Bob, with the exception of "Fitzcarringo's Log".

hands to/K2

hallucinate my junk 7" kinky music institute 1995

a little noise record that i was asked to contribute to. scrapy-metallic sounding thing.

his master's voice (aka chine nual) (w/rick kitsch, randy grief, steve brand)

singing the boundaries CD manifold 1997
tomorrow's leaders are busy tonight CD plate lunch 2000

i can't remember where i met rick kitsch (tamura), but it may have been on my first trip to LA. these discs were constructed entirely by rick using sounds provided by the rest of us. these don't sound like anything else i've been involved with.

berhard gunter (using sounds provided by jerman)

buddha with the sun face, buddha with the moon face CD digital narcis 1999

i played on a bill with gunter at anomalous records one evening. he was impressed enough by my set to offer to release some of my work. originally, i was to have gone to germany and recorded it in his home studio, but that didn't pan out. i tried several times to get a good recording in seattle, but was less than successful. bernhard wasn't willing to release the recording i sent him, but decided to use my sounds as part of a new composition, which he then released as this little CD. yes it's out of print.

the mechanics of belief (w/prick decay)

the mechanics of belief LP little brother 1997 *
chemicals C-10 unreleased

this was someone else's idea. i alternately love and hate this record, but ultimately feel that it's not exactly a waste of plastic, just not an essential listen. dylan nyoukis (sp?) and i collaborated further on a short tape that i thought was much more interesting and which sadly never saw the light of day.

prick decay

rotten groove 7" ignivomous 1996
guidelines for basement non-fidel/mic gravy for freek 2xCDR starlight furniture co. 1996

the anomalous sessions

(recordings of every Thursday Night @ anomalous session, jan-aug 1999, comprising 47 cassettes, mostly unreleased. one other copy of the entire collection exists)

jeph jerman / hal mcgee

florizona/arida C-60 haltapes 1995

hal is legendary for running the cause and effect label during the '80's heyday of hometaper madness. now i believe he's more interested in the day-to-day events around him. this is a tape of collaged and processed field recordings. i still listen to it occasionally.


needle hit the groove 12" with flexi pinch-a-loaf productions 1998

don't remember much about this record, and i no longer own a copy. i think it was composed of other people's records...

blowhole (w/phil rodriquez, darren soule, scott hiller, patrick barber, daniel barber, tom murray, george ericson, hyla willis, ernst long, adem tepedelen, aaron wintersong, dave knott, jeffery taylor, rob millis...)

bigjoey/blowhole split C-60 sop 1987
in asylum wait split C-60 harsh reality 1987
pervert C-60 bbp 1990
guerilla jazz C-60 bbp 1990
palimpsest C-60 apraxia 1990
scapegoat C-60 apraxia 1990
el demo C-60 unreleased 1990
momentist jig C-60 apraxia/turbine 1990
discantus C-60 harsh reality 1990
seattle C-60 audiofile tapes 1991
fibrillation C-60 apraxia 1991
seawa cosco nemex C-60 apraxia 1991
killing noise C-60 apraxia 1991
corroboree C-60 animist 1992
fuck jazz CD animist 1992
arizona C-60 animist 1993
a love extreme 2xLP zabriskie point 1993
truth and beauty C-60 irre-tapes 1994
billowing sheen C-60 animist 1994
quipucamayoc 7" z. point 1994
corroboree 7" apraxia/new rage 1994
innards C-60 apraxia 1994
fuckery C-60 audiofile tapes 1994
free metal C-60 animist 1994
sloat 7" z.point 1994
killing noise LP z.point 1994
free metal LP z.point 1994
guerilla jazz LP z.point 1994
grey area C-60 chocolate monk 1994
explicit catharsis C-60 union pole 1994
piecemeal C-60 Ef tapes 1995
gathering LP giardia/fusetron/carburetor 1995
quirky, but realistic C-90 animist 1995
wovoka (cutter) C-60 apraxia/animist 1995
in state C-60 apraxia 1995
reassembled C-60 B/b 1995/ CDR lunare 2008
craw C-60 animist 1995
feedback nation C-60 animist 1995
impermanence C-90 animist 1996
uncoastin' 7" apraxia 1995
nw/sw 7" z.point 1995
staples 7" apraxia 1996
one less summer 7" tinker 1996
billowing sheen CD apraxia/animist 1996
stumbling southward LP ten bob swerver 1997
blowhole/climax golden twins C-60 animist 1998 the ending of many a sad song C-60 animist 1998
and it's never horse blanket CDR 2004
ukiah haiku LP 1997 unreleased

compilations contributed to:
life can be fun in a one horse town C-90 bbp 1986
anti white bastards C-60 pbk/korm plastics 1992?
methods of achieving satisfaction in a goal oriented society C-45 apraxia 1992?
complication compilation 2xC-60 suitcase recordings 1992
acousticide C-60 apraxia 1993
precipitation CD partial 1995
the accelerating world CD pinch-a-loaf 1996
america the beautiful 2xCD RRR 1996
tinker compilation CD tinker recordings 1996
kiling ha muerto cuantas veces LP climax/ledernier 1996

the longest running band i was ever a part of, Blowhole began in Colorado Springs colorado where our first performances were at a local open-mic night. we eventually splintered into two bands, one in Colorado, the other in Seattle, when Patrick Barber moved there. Later i moved to Tucson and took part of Blowhole with me. we made recordings through the mail. the band re-assembled when i moved to Seattle, and eventually disintegrated. our original modus operandi was the use of short themes to springboard wild free improvisations. many of our tapes were recordings of these improvs with the "heads" removed. the sound of the band changed over the years as people came and went. originally using trumpet and sax, a rhythm section and a concussionist who played a great pile of scrap metal and hubcaps. we eventually became more guitar-oriented. there exists a very well-recorded album, made toward the end of ourbandness, that'll probably never see the light of day.


The Finland Subterraund / Wrong split C-60 E.F. / Frigorifero 1995
Can't Buy Me Wrong C-60 Union Pole 1995
Wrong / Das Ludicroix split C-60 Betley 1995
Wrong Side of the Tracks 8-track E.F. Tapes 1995

emil hagstrom's semi-rock outfit, for which i played drums in absentia.

wally shoup/jerman

live @ zeitgeist CDR unreleased 1999
rescue mission CD shrat 2002
denco 5-23-03 CDR aarc 2004
boulder 5-24-03 CDR 2004

a lot of this "traditional" improvised stuff remains unreleased because nobody's expressed an interest in it.

project w (shoup, jerman, brent arnold)

obliquity LP shrat field recordings 1999

dave knott/ jerman

sneaky head-puller CDR unreleased 1998
the final act...and epilogue C-90 unreleased 1998
the yes, well... no, really C-40 mock 2010-2015 (series of 100 cassettes, all different)
the yes, well... 10" lathe cut record mock 2015
the yes, well... no, really C-44 mock 2020

i've been playing music with dave for a very long time. he was a member of blowhole during our last year or so of existance, and became part of the core trio that played at anomalous records every week after b'hole disintegrated. he is also a member of animist orchestra, and does many, many, many things on his own in addition to being a practicing music therapist. composer, recordist, improvisor, instrument builder...seems that more people should know about dave knott.
killing music since 1996, The Yes, Well...deliver all the wow and twice the flutter, providing the only clear alternative to slogan-charged, super-hyped whoa-oa. no whistling, no ukuleles.

doug theriault/jerman

the first attention CDR no label 1998
new year's day C-60 animist 1999
three or four sheets floating CDR unreleased 1998
112 02' W 34 50' 15" N CDR outer limits 2002
no titles CDR diditalis 2004
red, water  CDR fargone records 2005 *
live at ava gallery (w/paul hoskin) CDR unreleased 2007
all be right with you 3"CDR no label 2009

doug plays guitar, but keeps changing the way he plays, and changing the instrument itself as well. these discs and tapes begin as fairly "normal" guitar/drums improvisation, and evolve into something else entirely. "no titles" is a recording of junk percussion, constucted through the mail, and "red, water" is field recordings that doug processed. more folks should know about him as well.

paul hoskin/jerman

hoskin/jerman CDR no label 1999

lori goldston/jerman

live @ zeitgeist CDR unreleased 1999

rik wright duo/trio

duo one CDR unreleased 1999
rehearsal recordings (trio w/shoup) CDR unreleased 1999
art & coffee (trio w/shoup) CDR unreleased 1999
accelerated buzz (trio w/bill horist) CDR unreleased 1999
bleeding laughter (w/shoup, jerman etc) CD hypsinc 2000

time was, rik looked to be a new mover in seattle improv circles. i'm not sure what he's doing these days...wally and i played with rik fairly regularly for a few months. most of these discs were recorded and edited by rik.


live on sonarchy CDR unreleased 1999

climax golden twins

live vol. 3 c-30/10" fire breathing turtle/anomalous 2000
climax golden twins CD/LP fire breathing turtle/since 1972 2001

i played on two of their records i think. the "polka dot" album and one of the live 10" records. these guys're jokers, don't believe anything they tell you. their other records are pretty fun. check 'em out.

mike shannon/jerman

july 2001 C-60 aarc 2001
the death of music 3 CDR 2006 unreleased

one of my questions to musicians who've been around is, "do you know mike shannon?" i'm surprised at how many do. mike's been playing music forever. he is also a member of animist orchestra, and we've made a few tapes together-soon to be more. these are fairly unclassifiable, methinks...also done through the mail.

doug theriault, mike shannon, dave knott, jerman

theriaultjermanshannonknott C-60 aarc 2001

animist orchestra (w/mike shannon, dave knott, jeffrey taylor , robert millis, eleanor gallagher, marina granger, susie kozawa, rachael jackson...)

recordings 6-18, 7-30, 8-20-99 private DAT
recordings 7-16-99 private DAT/CDR
recordings 8-14, 8-20-99 private DAT
animist quartets CDR alluvial 2000
recordings 8-18-01(live) private tape
recordings 8-19-01(live) private tape
recordings 4-12-02 (live) private tape
wuwei CD anomalous *
other rooms CDR aarc 2003
live at good shepard chapel 1 27 07 CDR 2007
live at ceremony hall, austin CDR 2009
auscultation 2XCDR no label 2014

compilation contributed to:
lowercase sound 2.0 2xCD bremsstrahlung recordings 2002
das dreidimensionale mobiusband 2xCD/CDRom flying swimming 2003
intransitive 23 2xCD intransitive 2004
bias : 2003 3xCD+DVD sound art collective of taiwan 2004

the orchestra continues to perform and record. for more information about what/where/when, see the animist orchestra page.

coincidentiae mirabiles (w/shannon, kozawa, knott, eric lanzillotta, miroslaw rajkowski, yoko murao)

coincidentiae mirabiles CD joy street 2000

compilation contributed to:
lowercase sound 2xCD bremsstrahlung recordings 1999

jerman / augur

(animating them) by her example / message from a pearl CDR unreleased 2001

akrude (jeff sampson/jerman)

predetermined by hindsight CD burning shirt 2002

mike shannon/ luca miti/ jeph jerman

/summer 2002 C-90 aarc 2003

greg davis / jeph jerman

december 23rd, 2003 in cottonwood, arizona CDR autumn records 2004
memorial day CDR autumn records 2005
ku CD room40 2006
australia/new zealand live CDR 2006
australia CDR autumn records 2006
new zealand CDR autumn records 2006
sound wheel CDR 2007
untitled (walls) C-60 autumn records 2010

greg and i have recorded four times i think. the first two recordings have surfaced and there'll be more. greg is another multi-faceted musician, composing, improvising on a number of instruments, doing laptop for him on tour...

al casais / jeph jerman

add this to that CDR  shadow puppet recording co. 2005
and this CDR  winds measure recordings 2006
6 X 20 (w/greg davis) 2xCDR winds measure recordings 2006
the oak trio furnishings cassette 2007

i think i met al through the internet. this was our first collaborative doing, a quiet, through the mail improvisation with natural objects. the first of many i'm sure.

ones hand (daniel mitha / nick phillips / jeph jerman)

1997-2005 CDR white tapes 2005

while in new york city in summer 2004, i met with my old friend daniel mitha. daniel was a frequent player during the anomalous weekly sessions. he suggested we do something together again. i eventually sent him a disc of various sounds recorded at home. he took these sounds and mixed them with recordings made years earlier, at aforementioned anomalous sessions...then he passed the mixture on to his friend nick phillips, who obviously ran the whole mess through some sort of magical device or process and viola! a mysterious and engaging little disc of oddly-displaced sounds. this will more than likely come out in greater numbers, in a different format, in the near future. one of my favourite results. it still sounds different every time i listen.

tim barnes / jeph jerman

live 2004 CDR 2006
+ gallery 6 10 05 CDR 2009
matterings CD erstwhile 2015
matterings deluxe edition CD/CDR 2015 (matterings CD plus a CD-R of stuff that was left off the erstwhile disc, a hand made print, joshua tree seeds and a bit of tape, all in a screen printed wooden box. limited edition of 50)
versatile ambience LP idea intermedia 2016
goethe CDR confront 2016
karst C-40 astral spirits 2017
the finger'd remove LP feeding tube 2018
san diego 2015 CDR econore 2018
seuketat 2020 CDR hologram

rafe juristo / jeph jerman

the cloud of unknowing C-42 put your hands down 2011
distants C-50 put your hands down 2015

tony whitehead / jeph jerman

placed C-40 very quiet records 2013
underwater download impulsive habitat 2014

jeph jerman / aaron dilloway

casual collisions CDR 2013 / CD white centipede noise & new forces 2021

c. reider / jeph jerman

pop variations download pan y rosas discos 2016

cheryl leonard / bryan day / jeph jerman

isinglass C47 eh? 2016

jeph jerman / giacomo salis / paolo sanna

kio ge CDR confront 2016

jeph jerman / steve jansen

second first C46 that's cool records 2017
first second C41 that's cool records 2918
third CDR 2019

Film and Video

hands to

vomitorium pxl video 5 min. 1989
dreamachine video 20 min. 1989
abuse 1&2 pxl video 10 min. 1989
turn back the sun 8mm film 15 min. 1991
cutting myasic video 7 min. 1989

city of worms

live pueblo video 40 min. 1988
live boulder video 40 min. 1989
live denco video 40 min. 1989
HCA pxl video 45 min. 1989
live milwaukee/chicago video 90 min. 1989

big joey/ruru

live cos video 90 min. 1987


the colorado terrain investigation video 40 min. 1988

jerman/dave knott

live @ olympia exp. music fest. video 30 min. 1997

the yes, well @crema video 14 min.

jerman/wally shoup

backroom at the speakeasy video 30 min. 1998
(a portion of this video was broadcast on cable access tv in seattle)

project w

live video 40 min. 1999
live @ the ok hotel video 40 min. 1999

jerman/animist orchestra

an uncommon nature video entire 2001
sound culture asu west video 40 min. 2002
good shepard chapel video 50 min. 2007

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