for anyone coming to this site for the first time, welcome. i think the site is pretty self-explanatory. i originally put this site up because i was urged to do so by friends who thought the information should be available-mostly the discography. if you're looking for old recordings of mine, check the discography...i may have the master to make copies of. i know it's a bit unwieldy, but i've found that most folks are only interested in one aspect of my work and therefore will only have to deal with one section of the whole. what follows below will be comments on recent doings and goings. enjoy.

if you know of others who would be interested in my work and where to get it, please direct them to this site.

some of the recordings i've made with greg davis have become available digitally from his website:

i now have four avenues for distribution:
- omega point

if you're used to dealing with a distributor, or it's just easier for you for whatever reason, now you have choices. THANK YOU to everyone who has ordered stuff from me recently. every little bit helps.

i have a new recording for download at, a live recording from nyc in march of last year.

i also have a piece on the framework 250 compilation put together by patrick mcginley to celebrate the 250 th edition of his radio show on resonance FM. these are really nice looking/sounding collections featuring many names. go to to check it out and/or donate to the cause.

greg davis was here over the "holidays" and we spent 5 hours recording gongs and various other combinations of stuffs. watch for these recordings to become available very soon. other things coming down the pipe include, but are not limited to: a new set of animist orchestra recordings from two live performances in seattle and austin, recordings from my duo with tony obr, ditto with ben brucato, and something concrete from the yes, well, who's presence has been nothing if not ghostly thus far.

cathartic process will be re-releasing my collaborations with PBK: PHBTK and MELACHOIR as CDs sometime soon.

in february, i'll be playing some shows in portland and seattle. feb. 19th @ reed college in portland and feb 21st at the good sheperd chapel for the seattle improvised music festival.

as always, anyone wishing to release work by me is encouraged to contact me.

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