things are going to start disappearing from this page periodically to make room for newer recordings. if you don't see something you want, email me and ask about it.

i am not a corporation or a record label. i have found that this is the easiest and fastest way to disseminate my work, and for the time being this is how it'll stay. reasons for this are partly because i am an inept businessman, and partly because i make copies of recordings only when someone orders them, so as not to have hundreds of unsold discs sitting around my studio. if you want something, email me and then send a check or money order. any distributors who are interested in carrying my work, email me for details. prices are as follows (unless otherwise noted):

CDRs: $8
CDs: $10
LPs: $12
7": $8
books: $10

this includes postage w/in the u.s.
for overseas, tell me what you want and i'll let you know how much postage is.
i cannot accept paypal, sorry.

contact info

currently available: (most of these cdrs are packaged in handmade/hand decorated sleeves, made from recycled material)

sound in rooms series. (performance discs):
    denver 5 22 03
    superposition SEA PDX SFO
    @STUK - live recordings from my show in leuven, belgium
hands to  flatline (out of print LP from 1991 or so. )
chin (progress)  (the sequel to egress...more desert detritus)
sound - (field recordings 1993-2003)
monument valley
more sound
sound 3 (train station, spring, singing cells, ghost town)
abandoned telephone wire - almost an hour of drones and weird ringing pings. includes material not released with the original download.
roller - recording of a stone marble rolling around inside a stone bowl sitting atop a frame drum, then slowed down quite a bit.
greg davis/jeph jerman  australia/new zealand 2006 - three different sets/approaches from three different shows
tim barnes/jeph jerman  live 2004
sound 4 - australian field recordings
sound 5 - more field recordings
grey (w/detail) - slightly processed field recordings of new york city and oaxaca mexico
stasium - layered recordings of organic sound. turntables affixed with pendulums and loaded with stones and bones in concert with cactus and other detrtitus.
12 singing bowls - self explanatory. 46 minutes of ringing harmonics and odd analog distortions.
four drones - just that. analog multi-track drones utilizing metals and strings.
four guitars/eight amplified gongs - another installment of overtone work. things played with battery powered fans.
vinyl - assembled from recordings of old records played acoustically with cactus needles.
precedence - composite of field recordings of audiences in the moments before a performance starts.
atw 2 - second installment of telephone wire recordings, including my first attempts to broadcast their sounds.
sound 6 (insects) - contact mic recordings of insect life.
linguala - a composite of field recordings from australia and manipulated natural objects.
metal drift - collage of field recordings of found metal.
blowhole reassembled - re-issue of this italian label cassette
city of worms whime - re-issue of an old cow tape by a label from poland
if/when - collaborations with tom cox. box version sold out. standard printed sleeve...
space weather - a long time in coming, part of a series of manipulated recordings of radio from space.
sound 7 - interior spaces of art museums, churches and tombs in oaxaca mexico.
assemblages - re-release of an old cassette, one long improvisation using hand-built instruments.
barnes daniell jerman meehan live - a great couple of sets from our '04 tour, soundlab buffalo ny.
cassette - cassette release from litte enjoyer. recorded on cassettes using thrift store recorders.
doug theriault/jerman all be right with you 3" CD-R collage of everything doug and i have ever recorded.
datura - mixture of contact mic recordings of the datura plant outside my studio and playing seed pods
barnes/jerman +gallery 6 10 05 CD-R excellent live set from denver
the angle of repose CD-R mix of analog and digital recordings. metals and porcelain.

cds:  just drums II complilation 2xCD (feverpitchfever) [with sean meehan, gino robair, andrew drury, jim pugliese, william winant and many more] $15
greg davis/jeph jerman  ku  (room40)
on isolation compilation (room40) [with dale lloyd, david toop, scanner, greg davis, ben owen, ben frost etc.]
audible geography compilation (room40) [with asher, francisco lopez, etc]

an uncommon nature compilation  LP  (anomalous) [w/ jerman, mirror, climax golden twins, coleclough, mike shannon, lerman, knott, etc.]
three aural interpretations of a drawing by eric lanzillotta 7" (anomalous) on clear vinyl.
blowhole gathering lp found a few of these from way back when. hand-painted covers, very rare.
ones hand LP ( ) vinyl re-release of this beautiful collaboration between me, danial mitha and nick phillips.
hands to flatline double, one sided LPs of long lost record on petri supply. beautiful handmade covers!

in addition, if there's something you are seeking from the discography, i may be able to make a disc of it. i now own all of the old hands to master tapes, the domaine poetique tapes and phbtk. over the next year (or however long it takes) i'll be digitizing my entire catalogue, (or, at least, everything i am in possession of.) i will occasionally add things to this page as they become available. for now, if you want something, just ask.

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