…And Shiva Came for Charlie

long playing vinyl record


  • Includes a previously unreleased track by Charlies Gocher from 1990.
  • Pressed on 120 gram vinyl manufactured in the USA by RTI.
  • Hand screen printed covers and inner sleeves printed by Alan Sherry at Siwa.
  • Includes 20-page booklet.
  • Limited edition of 320 copies.

This LP collects the monthly mp3 series hosted on the Ri Be Xibalba web site from June 2006 to June 2007. Each track was only available for one month and then deleted. In the midst of this, our friend Charles Gocher passed away. As an immediate reaction to this, I bumped Sir Richard Bishop's track from the March slot and left the page silent in remembrance of Charlie. As all the artists in the series are based in Seattle, and many were good friends of Charlie's, it was decided to dedicate this collection to his memory. These were the people around him most, and fittingly the album features images based on photographs of Charlie taken by his old friend Janet McCracken. Accompanying this is a 20-page booklet with a little about each artist here, many of which are still unjustly underappreciated in the larger scheme of things. Charlie himself was a unique human being. And of course rather than leave him in silence, it seemed better to represent him on this record in his voice, as he was rarely silent. So on this LP, alongside the mp3 tracks, is a previously unreleased Charles Gocher recording from the Sun City Girls archives. Unlike the other material on the album, which is quite contemporary, Charlie's track dates from July 2, 1990 when it was recorded live on the air at CITR radio in Vancouver, B.C. As all but this track were previously available as free mp3s, and I just happened to have 320 useable black jacket left over from the Piano Bar release (which Charlie was quite thrilled by), this release is limited to that number of copies.

The music on this release is quite varied. Experimental rock music from Factums and The Sea Donkeys, free jazz from Spider Trio and Michael Shannon, spoken word from Charles Gocher and Uncle Jim, acoustic guitar solos from Dave Knott and Michael Ohlenroth, creepy soundtracks from Wizard Prison and Sir Richard Bishop, Climax Golden Twins' drone, Katharina Tunicata's catchy accordion and voice song and the utter disaster of Lung Wing not being able to play any instrument. Yet there are multiple connections between the various artists presented here, both musical and otherwise, not to mention a few players who appear on more than one track. This is a document of a group of friends and compatriots in Seattle who are poorer for the loss of our friend, but continue to create strong music.

…And Shiva Came for Charlie

Side A

Factums "Untitled" (5:21)
Wizard Prison "Kamchatka Afternoon" (3:48)
Katharina Tunicata "Plastic Wood" (3:37)
Charles Gocher "Dream of Shadows" (3:10)
Dave Knott "Prepared Guitar Etude (Outro)" (3:14)
Spider Trio "Untitled" (5:49)

Side B

Lung Wing "A Waste Of 16 Channels" (3:01)
Michael Ohlenroth "Untitled" (2:38)
Sir Richard Bishop "Winged Serpents" (3:06)
The Sea Donkeys "Curtain" (3:38)
Climax Golden Twins "Hector's Dilemma" (5:33)
Michael Shannon "Scars That Mend Colors That Blend" (5:21)
Uncle Jim "The Exploding Santa" (2:28)