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Matt Shoemaker & Eric Lanzillotta
"4/25/05 @ mshoehome"
Anomalous Records

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Matt Shoemaker was a talented electronic musician and visual artist who sadly passed away in 2017. As a memorial tribute to him, Anomalous Records has been brought back to release this archival recording of Matt in collaboration with Eric Lanzillotta. This duet was recorded live at Matt's apartment and consists of one hour and fourteen minutes of reverberant cosmic music created with Moog synthesizer and other electronics. The sounds are abstract and beatless, easily dissolving time in an atmosphere thick with tape echo. Influenced by early electronic music and German Kosmische Musik (such as Kluster, Klaus Schulze, Popol Vuh, Conrad Schnitzler and early Tangerine Dream), this should appeal to fans of inner exploration. Pressed in a limited edition of 200 copies and packaged in a cardboard wallet.

Matt Shoemaker was an electronic musician and visual artist from Washington State. His work has been released by trente oiseaux, Helen Scarsdale Agency, Mystery Sea, Ferns Recordings, Elevator Bath, Masters Chemical Society, and his own imprint, Human Faculties. He was involved in a long term collaboration with Dave Knott under the name Omake & Johnson.

Eric Lanzillotta is the founder of Anomalous Records and Ri Be Xibalba, as well as the editor of Bixobal magazine. His music has been released by Cold Spring, Selektion, Beta-Lactam Ring, Alluvial, and Jnana. He is director of the ensemble Eye Music, who have released a CD on Wandelweiser.