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Anima Musica & R. Carlos Nakai "Atlantic Crossing" LP $20
La Scie Dorée (Belgium) Scie 3523
"Edition of 500 copies. The strange thing about the music of Anima is that it’s often considered as strange, while it’s actually very natural. It has a free spirit, analog to nature. For this release the natural spirit is strengthened by the participation of indigenous American flute player and composer R. Carlos Nakai who did a series of concerts in the US and Europe with Paul and Limpe Fuchs in the 1980’s. As with almost all Anima work, the natural feel manifests itself not only by the musical approach but also through sounds generated by natural materials as metal, wood, stone and air, and of course the absence of electronic devices. This LP is a reissue of a rare privately released cassette from 1988 and was recorded by the Bayerischer Rundfunk. May this slice of timeless free spirit be a trigger to more awareness concerning our decaying freedom." - label description

John Cage / Aaron Dilloway "Rozart Mix" LP $22
Hanson Records (U.S.) HN-ROZART21
"Back in the extremely strange year of 2020, I was approached by Wave Farm and John Cage Trust to stage a performance of this seldomly performed piece that Cage wrote for Alvin Lucier. The piece is comprised of 88 tape loops (one for each key of a piano), spliced together with multiple non-musical sounds played back on 12 reel to reel machines. In January of 2021 I spent a wonderful and intense week researching 'Rozart Mix' at John Cage Trust at Bard College. It was the first place I had visited during the pandemic. On October 23, 2021, with the assistance of Rose Actor-Engel, Twig Harper, C. Lavender, Quintron, Robert Turman, and John Wiese, I presented a 6 hour performance of 'Rozart Mix' at John Cage Trust. Six hours of 12 individually amplified reel to reel tape machines, placed around multiple floors of a house, playing 88 tape loops spliced together by 5 to 175 splices, created an overwhelming and joyous environment of cacophonous sound. The performance culminated with John Wiese touching a frog for the first time as the final sound croaked through the speakers. The frog contact was just one of many magical moments that occurred during the preparation and presentation of the piece." - Aaron Dilloway, May 2024

Citipati LP $29
Hypnagogia (U.K.) GOG04
Citipati were a brief project that quickly turned into Metgumbnerbone. they released two compilation tracks and did one concert before that change of name. this album was recorded on April 26-27, 1983 at Morden Tower in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne and apparently was meant to be released on LP by Flowmotion at the time, but has been in the vaults ever since. the sound is essentially the same as what they did under the new name: acoustic ritual / tribal music played in a reverberant space. featured performers are Sean Breadin, Paul Coates, Clive Powell, Richard Rupenus, Philip Rupenus, and John Mylotte. limited edition of 250 numbered copies. all copies I received have creased corners.

Faust "Punkt" CD $16
Bureau B (Germany) BB392
"The band called it '5½', fans referred to it as the 'Munich album' and for almost fifty years it's been the missing chapter in Faustian mythology. Now for the first time, the German iconoclasts' previously unreleased fifth album sees the light of day as 'Punkt' . . . 'Punkt' is Faust at their most unhindered, untethered and unstoppable. Returning to Germany after a loss-making U.K. tour and after their manager Uwe Nettelbeck had split with them, the group dusted themselves down and planned their next project, what would have been their second for Richard Branson's Virgin. Joined as always by their engineering genius Kurt Graupner, the band took residence in the Arabella High Rise Building, the luxury hotel which housed Giorgio Moroder's Musicland Studio in its basement . . . Faust spent their nights below ground, creating the sublime cacophony which courses through these seven tracks. Driven by Diermaier's primitive repetition and Péron's rabid low-end growl, 'Morning Land' stomps its way through almost ten minutes of heavy psychedelia . . . A Luciferian spirit courses through the beatless 'Crapolino', a tumult of scorched guitar chords, strident FXs and disembodied vocals which bares all the hallmarks of a black mass. And just like that, the group summon some demonic hunting party for 'Knochentanz' (bone dance), arguably their most immersive creation . . . The storm clears for a second to allow a celestial chord progression to emerge from the darkness before the heavens open and Sosna's snarling, sawing guitar rains down from above, carrying 'Knochentanz' through its final iteration, a collision of muscular fretwork, percussion freakout and bleeping organ which completes the most psychedelic recording you've never heard. The frazzled optimism of 'Fernlicht' buzzes away like an acid Beethoven bathed in neons, before the breathless 'Juggernaut' stretches the definition of blues rock to its limit as squirming sine waves, clattering cymbals and corrosive guitars pan, reverse and overlap, each following its own unhinged rhythm. Then for a time the sound and the fury abate, making space for the frankly sublime 'Schön Rund', a piano-led diversion into the soul-swelling realms of ECM jazz and fin de siècle impressionism, which rivals anything else in their catalogue for pure beauty. And in case you thought they'd gone soft, Faust sign off with the guttural groans and course drones of 'Prends Ton Temps'..." - Patrick Ryder

David Jackman "Sekihi Oidori" CD $15
Siren Records (Japan) SIREN 33
"Digisleeve. Edition size: 500 copies. Organum ‘Raven’ CD, which was released by Siren Records in 2018 was the last piece that Jackman released under the name Organum. He changed the name Organum to Organum Electronics in 2019 and has released five volumes of the albums on Siren Records since then. ‘Sekihi Oidori’ is a development of the quiet nature of earlier Organum works and Jackman decided to release the album under his own name because of a very personal essence. ‘Sekihi Oidori’ is composed of low-key church organ drones, airy tanpura sounds, occasional church bell chimes and chirping birds. It is the most minimal, the most quiet and the most powerful composition Jackman has ever created. The drones continue uninterrupted and you may feel little change in partial listening, but you’ll appreciate the increasing internal dynamic energy that Jackman infused with mindful listening. ‘Sekihi Oidori’ means ‘Stone Tomb Old Bird’ in English translation but the piece is neither an elegy nor a lamentation." - label description
"Sekihi Oidori" sample

Jeph Jerman "Black Mesa" CDR $12
Rural Situationism (U.S.) RS0204
"CD in cardboard wallet, edition of 100."

Jeph Jerman "For Alvin Kelly" C42 $8
tsss tapes (Italy) tst045
wonderfully simple chaotic movements that blur the line between humanly performed and naturally occurring. focusing on flagpoles, the first of three pieces works with an old wooden one in the desert moved around in it's moorings, while the following two collage various field recordings. edition of 120. includes download card.

Jeph Jerman "Popular Fictions" C30 $7
tsss tapes (Italy) tst017
"Recorded throughout the spring and summer of 2020 in and around Cottonwood, AZ, utilizing mouth, stone, wood, glass, metal, paper, plastic, radio and the contribution of Doug Theriault, Chris Reider, Julie Schubert and a bunch of people I don't know. Assembled at Estudio Sonor, October 2020."

Jeph Jerman "Registro de Piedra" CD $14
Unfathomless (Belgium) U81
"Glass mastered CD. Packaged in clear vinyl sleeve with folded insert and additional art card on 350gr satin paper. Limited edition of 145 hand-numbered copies."
"I have heard a few stories of people spending the night in or near ancient ruins and witnessing strange sights and sounds. What some might call ghosts. Modern science has no way of explaining these apparitions, casting doubt on the authenticity of the experience. Other researchers have propounded the idea that these places may hold memories of past occurrences, and that under certain circumstances, these memories can be re-animated. This idea is sometimes referred to as the 'stone tape theory', and has featured in a few old books and even a British TV show. To this day no one knows what these sightings or hearings represent, if they are in fact genuine, and hard evidence is nonexistent. To add to the confusion, it’s relatively easy these days to fake a convincing ghost encounter on audio or video, so even if there were evidence it may have been faked.
One wonders if modern day ghost hunters would find anything at the sites featured here."

Jeph Jerman & Ted Byrnes "Passenger" C39 $6
tsss tapes (Italy) tst039
edition of 125.

Omit "inSec LP $25
Siltbreeze (U.S.) SB-200
"Omit’s 'in/Sec' is 'new', but not new. Recorded in 2013, the masters lost in the label’s murky somewheresville that always shows up when moving. For those who don’t know, Omit is an experimental electronics artist from New Zealand’s south island who, since 1990, has released thirty-some xerographed cassettes and CDrs in the Dead C orbit for those who do. It’s not enough to say that 'in/Sec' is an ambient masterpiece bringing to mind a John Carpenter soundtrack performed by the Hub because listening to it engineers new species. The infectious and corrupting sounds synthesize new life forms in your brain's enzymes. If you specialize in a niche too much, you are prey to predators outside, but Omit never goes for low-hanging fruit and isn't simulating anything. I can vomit a better looking face than the ones on these little fuckers eating my brain right now.
In this century that flatters itself to be of drinking age, it is a queer thing we haven’t come face to face with aliens. There is a time for everything and they're all intermixed. Besides the xenobiological effects, Omit constructs your sentiment through timbral concepts that repeat and shift with minimal reference to harmony, melody, key, or mode. Streams jump and skitter, knitting tightly high and low in a dense rattling driven to the long and most plaintive tones amongst the countless gizmos (that’s including you, but not 'you'). This one is for big fans of Anode/Cathode, Ikue Mori, Papa Srapa, Fronte Violeta, and Insignia refrigerators." - label description

Sterile Garden "City Lights" C36 $5
Zen Enthusia (U.S.) Zen Enthusia 3
slow motion heavy noise from Levi Berner’s label. limited edition of 50 copies.

Daisuke Suzuki "D.D.D. " CD $12
Siren Records (Japan) SIREN 13
"Edition: 200 copies, card sleeve. ‘D.D.D.’ is a field recording album recorded by Daisuke Suzuki and was originally released by Texas based IDEA in 2001 in an edition of 300 copies on LP. Sometimes field recordings can be appreciated in relation to the conceptual art form, or as an on-site sound study and documentation of a very specific phenomena. However, Daisuke had no concept of the idea of building sonic panoramas and was specifically only concerned with gathering lots of intriguing sound matter for his personal listening. ‘D.D.D.’ was mastered by Gary Todd, who was the founder of the Cortical Foundation. Gary and Daisuke became good friends when Gary visited Japan as Red Crayola live sound engineer in the late 1990s and they developed a mutual trust with each other after that. Sadly in September 2001, Gary fell from his apartment balcony, which left him hospitalized ever since. On June 25, 2022 Gary passed away at the age of 59. Daisuke said, 'Gary was always generous and had a kind heart. He gave me a lot of friendship and warmth. I’ve decided to re-issue 'D.D.D.' to keep him in memory and heart.' The CD includes an expanded version of ‘Cricket Voice’ which did not appear on the original IDEA LP release. The CD is in edition 200 copies and is presented in a facsimile card sleeve of the original release, newly designed by Andrew Chalk." - label description
"D.D.D." sample

Massimo Toniutti "The Clear Observatory (Eyepiece Musique)" CD $17
Klanggalerie (Austria) gg465
"Massimo Toniutti is an Italian sound designer and experimental musician. He is the brother of Giancarlo Toniutti who is best known for his electroacoustic masterpiece 'La Mutazione' which was originally released on the Broken Flag label in the UK and later re-issued by Klanggalerie. Massimo started working with sound when he was a teenager, collecting and playing recordings of all kinds. In the 1980s he released four cassettes on his own label, all heavily influenced by the experimental music scene of that time. He soon developed a strong relation to electroacoustic structures, space/environment and silence. In the 1990s, he began investigating radio, creating his own sound archive and producing unusual broadcasts. He released an album entitled 'Il Museo Selvatico', which was re-issued in Australia in 2018 on Oren Ambarchi's label Black Truffle. A documentation of his radio work can be heard on the CD 'Le Gabbiette Di Faraday', collecting radio pieces from 1996 to 1998. On his new album, Toniutti deals once more with space and silence with an immersive, spacious long track. A loose-knit sound structure moves in a cyclic but unpredictable way embracing macro shapes, empty spaces and sound dust. While running crystal clear it invites you to observe it in depth and focus on distances. Details/events are spread along the piece like in a landscape, still and changing at the same time. A deep listening that can easily become 'my personal musique d’ameublement', to quote the composer himself. A model of this work has been part of a permanent installation in a museum since 2013. 'The Clear Observatory' is a sort of never ending piece, the enlargement/development of a bunch of seeds. Sound sources (acoustic material and field recordings) are treated in a specific configuration of reverbs and delays to create this roomy 'eyepiece musique'. The CD comes in a 4 panel digipak w/booklet. Limited edition of 300 copies." - label description

Enno Velthuys "A Glimpse of Light" LP & CD $31
Dead Mind Records (The Netherlands) DMR47
"Repress on clear vinyl. Comes with insert and an expanded CD version that includes the 3 missing tracks from the original tape. 200 copies. In 1984 Velthuys released his classic tape ‘A Glimpse of Light’ on EXART, the label of Veldman, who stayed in close contact with Enno after hearing one of his private tapes being played on the radio by Willem de Ridder in 1980. During a live-broadcast event random tapes were played. 'From Enno Velthuys, The Hague', was written on the package. Willem introduced the tape, played it and a serene silence filled the studio. Present was Rob Smit, who visited Enno and his mother a few weeks later. This eventually resulted in Enno’s first release ‘Ontmoeting’ on KUBUS Kassettes in 1982. In those years, Enno was living a solitary life and rarely left his mother’s apartment. He managed to release 4 albums on cassette of introvert, melancholic music from another dimension. Atmospheric melodies backed with sparse percussion, showing an excellent handling of the synthesizer.
This gifted musician with two souls silently passed away in 2009. Now we present, with involvement of the few once close to him, the first reissue of probably his most beloved work. Using the original master tape from the EXART vaults, carefully transferred, edited and remastered. Just Enno with his stripped-down compositions and fragile ambient sounds. An intimate experience celebrating bedroom-music and the glory days of do-it-yourself counterculture."

Yeast Culture "Dueterium: Yeast Culture Improvacoustic Series Vol. 1" C60 $6
Regional Bears (U.K.) RB20
archival recordings from 1991 with one side vocal and on the flip improvisations on upright piano.

"Et si c'était le vent qui avait raison" CD $12
Ferns (France) stem_16
"The idea was to send a drawing of Small Cruel Party aka William Ransone to certain artists so that they could be inspired by the drawing and the title to create their piece. The participants were: Vincent Jehanno, Alice Kemp, Brb>Voicecoil, Leif Elggren, Jeph Jerman, Yeast Culture, Aliénor Golvet, Anne Gillis." limited edition of 200 copies.

"Manifestation 9" LP $0
Awe Full Records / C.I.A. Records (U.S.) AWE-LP029 / CIA-029
FREE with the purchase of any other LP (customer responsible for any extra postage).
includes tracks by Sunday Shock, Pleasure Center,
Eric Lanzillotta,The Pollychains, Michael D. Johnson, Scott Ayers, The Popeboy Collective, Antiquated View of the Future, and Poison Gas Research. full color gatefold jacket. translucent orange vinyl.

coming later (pre-orders recommended):

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Jeph Jerman & Tim Olive "Pancakes" C30 $
Buried in Slag and Debris (Canada) BISAD 045
noisy collaborations with each taking turns providing source recordings (percussion, metal objects, prepared turntables, magnetic pickups, circuits) while the other one provides the final mix.

Yves Klein "Symphonie Monoton-Silence” LP $30
Edition Bierammer (Austria) KleinSymphonie
"Edition of 250 copies with Yves Klein Blue innersleeve and insert with score. First ever release of Yves Klein’s groundbreaking conceptual symphonie 'Monoton-Silence' conceived 1947-1948. Scored for 20 singers, 10 violins, 10 cellos, 3 double basses, 3 trumpets, 3 flutes and 3 oboes, the piece consists of a single 20-minute sustained D major chord followed by a 20-minute silence. The Symphonie 'Monoton-Silence' was a precedent to Klein’s later monochrome paintings and to the work of minimal musicians & composers, particularly La Monte Young’s drone music or John Cage’s 4′33″ and transforms Klein’s monochromatic paintings and sculpture into a monotone auditory experience. Performed April 1998 at Chapelle Ste Reita, Paris. Conducted by Philippe Arrii Blachette."

Kiyoshi Mizutani "Cemetery" LP $
Ferns (France) frond_13
"Reissue of a cassette released in 1993 on the Ulcer House label. Ltd to 150 copies. A track has been added to the original, and the artwork has been reworked."

Giancarlo Toniutti "Bàardum Guùmuse" CD $
Anomalous Records (U.S.) NOM33
probably out in September

"Herz Aus G.R.O.S.S. Live Akt 2" 2 x CD $
Ferns (France) stem_20
"Live concerts recorded by Akifumi Nakajima during Daniel Menche and Small Cruel Party's Japan tour in 1995. With: MSBR, Monde Bruits, Aube, Daniel Menche and Small Cruel Party."