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Peter Ablinger "Grisailles (1-100) für drei Klaviere (1991-93)" CD $17
Hat Hut Records Ltd. (Switzerland) hat(now)ART 132
"The throbbing standstill as changing tinge of light, as a slow change (of light and therefore of space and time), fifty minutes long. 'Grisailles 1-100' for three pianos consists of various levels of overlapping sound-layers. Repeated octaves and small, barely audible sounds made by fingers darting across the keys seem to be two of these levels. Peter Ablinger composed twenty-four layers to start with - each one following its own time and structure -, before these were being combined in a preliminary score." - Christian Scheib. performed by Hildegard Kleeb, piano. edition of 3000. packaged in gatefold sleeve.

Afflux "Bordeaux TNT" CD $10
and/OAR / Alluvial Recordings (U.S.) and/all1
"Long after the first two releases issued by Ground Fault and Edition . . ., and/OAR & Alluvial Recordings are pleased to finally be able to present the final release in a trilogy covering the sonic expeditions of the French location-specific electroacoustic trio Afflux (Eric La Casa, Jean-Luc Guionnet & Eric Cordier). This release summarises what was initially a 6 hour performance / installation / radio broadcast that occurred at the TNT cultural centre in Bordeaux, France. The TNT centre is situated inside a former shoe manufacturing building. With several hundred meters of cables, the exterior and interior of the building were recorded using several different condenser and contact microphones, modified and mixed in real time on a 32 channel mixing desk. Simultaneously, the live mix was played into the concert hall / space using 8 channels for 8 loudspeakers. While the improvisers were on the upper level, the audience was listening and walking around on the lower level. The final mix for the CD was edited by Eric La Casa." - label description. packaged in card folder with insert and contained in PVC sleeve. released in 2006 and now out of print.

Agentur Bilwet / Brüsseler Platz 10a-Musik / Hajsch "1000 Fehler" CD $12
supposé (Germany) 3-932513-13-4
"theory is not care, nor is it a substitute for forgotten services and ideologies." texts by Agentur Bilwet, Geert Lovink & Pit Schultz, and Adilkno ["Foundation of the Advancement of Illegal Knowledge"] read by Geert Lovink, and set to a backdrop of experimental sound collage by Brüsseler Platz 10a-Musik (Georg Odijk, Marcus Schmickler [Pluramon, MIMEO] and Jan St. Werner [Mouse on Mars, Microstoria, Lithops]) and Hajsch [PFN, Kontakta]. the first 7 tracks are read in Germany, the last 4 tracks are in English and cover "The Society of the Debacle", "Old Media", and "Electronic Loneliness". conceived and produced by Klaus Sander and Thomas Wolfertz, the final mix is by Hajsch. Agentur Bilwet and Adilkno have books published by Autonomedia. Digipak with cover by Anja Theismann.

Christian Alati, Giuseppe Ielasi & Ruggero Radaele CD $14
Sonoris (France) SON-14
"This new project [from 2000] from Giuseppe Ielasi (from the Italian label Fringes) gathers two guitarists and one percussionist. The two prepared guitars are used as a sound generator for electronic devices with, on top of these, subtle (mostly) metallic percussion. From quiet and minimal ambiance to more strong and electric pieces, this record is a very good example of this new school of improvised music influenced by electroacoustic techniques." - label description.
"They go by a slow curve from almost silence to almost noisy, with crackles (what sort of guitar produces crackles like a lap-top, me wonder in mild curiosity). There those recognizable AMM influenced bits (although their curve is usually even longer) and even a link to industrial music (the motor like buzz in 'Text Piece')." - Frans de Waard / Vital Weekly
edition of 500 copies. Digipak.

AMM "at The Roundhouse" CD $12
Anomalous Records (U.S.) ICES 01
The first release from the ICES concerts from August of 1972 in London. The International Carnival of Experimental Sound, or ICES '72 for short, was an ambitious festival sprung from the mind of Harvey "Job" Matusow (1926-2002). Jumping off from his associations with Source magazine, Harvey brought together over 300 artists from over 21 countries to perform in London, England over the course of two weeks in August of 1972. Based on the theme of Myth, Magic Madness and Mysticism, he assembled an amazing diversity of performers working in diverse range of audio-visual arts. Encompassing happenings, films, dance, a train ride, and the phantom soft pool table, the focus was on sound - specifically that of artists who were both composers and performers. Most of the concerts were held at The Roundhouse, a cavernous structure that was formerly a railroad engine house, and recorded by John Lifton and his assistants. Now, for the first time in 30 years, these recordings can be heard. AMM was formed in 1965 by Lou Gare, Eddie Prevost, Keith Rowe, and Lawrence Sheaff. The line-up swelled to also include Cornelius Cardew and Christopher Hobbs, and sometimes composer Christian Wolff. From 1971 up until 1976, AMM found itself stripped down to the duo of Prevost and Gare. After that time, Rowe replaced Gare, and Eddie and Keith have continued making AMMusic ever since, mostly with the help of John Tilbury, and occasionally others, and are still a powerful force. The aesthetic of AMM is that of improvised music freed from the constraints of musical style. Their sound is ever evolving and free from the ego of individual players. "Music from half a lifetime ago - that was a very good creative time musically and maybe a new generation will appreciate what we were doing then and still are doing now. Playing with Eddie in that format, just the two of us, was my most rewarding musical experience after the break up of the AMM quartet. When Eddie and Keith tried to get it together again with the four of us I could not go back to that after the freedom of the duo." - Lou Gare.

Angelblood "Masses of the Daggers" CD $17
Captain Trip Records (Japan) CTCD-287
"Angelblood's 2nd album is an insane journey through the band and guests' version of an arty black metal extravaganza or some deranged version of acid rock. Demonstrating errie vocals by Rita Ackerman (Diadal) and Liz Bougatsos (Actress, NY's Gang Gang Dance), and double bassing on the drums by Tim Dewitt (Absalom, Cranium, Gang Gang Dance, Ssab Songs) and David Nuss (No Neck Blues Band, Angkor Wat), this is quite an avalanche of destruction compared to their previous Manson-esque, witchy vibe gutter sound. This album features Brian Degraw, also a member of Cranium, Absalom and Gang Gang Dance, on keyboards, guitar and much more. A must have for NY underground collectors that want to experience the fine line between humanity and death."

Angel Provocateur CD $10
Ventricle (U.S.) VENT-08
mysterious mixture of lovely female voice (courtesy of Vanessa Harvey) with cosmic sound collage and processing from Kelly Thistle. lyrics on one track are written by Olivier Leflaive. this is the first of three albums they released. for fans of Mauve Sideshow, Torn Curtain, Thistle, Steeple of Fyre, and Minus Infinity. as an individual touch each booklet was individual burned on the lower right corner allowing the band's name to poke through from the inside of the booklet.

animist orchestra "wuwei" CD $12
Anomalous Records (U.S.) NOM14
studio recording of Jeph Jerman's small sound orchestra with Dave Knott, Mike Shannon, Jeffery Taylor, Robert Millis and Marina Granger. "in seattle in 1996, i began giving performances using mainly natural objects as my 'instruments'. after many such performances, two friends suggested (independently of one another), that i might try doing it with a group. as this idea had occurred to me a few years previously, i thought perhaps they were right. in june of 1999, the animist orchestra began its history as a working group. we got together nearly every week for the next three months, to play and discuss our playing. our first performance was given in eric lanzillotta's living room for a small group of friends, and was well received. from the beginning, the focus of the orchestra has been on listening, and improvising in the moment. a group of people truly playing together and focusing intently on the present can be a powerful thing. the use of natural objects (stones, shells, pine cones etc.) as opposed to more conventional musical instruments, can help the players to not fall back on learned habits of musical play. there is no canon or book of rules to refer to when using everyday things as sound makers, and this may facilitate the removal of actions arising from taste and memory. during the initial period of discovery for the orchestra, dave knott made the observation that, when when playing and focusing on the sound being made, it was 'like the spirit of the thing is telling you how it wants to move'. mike shannon once told me that when i play i seem to be animating the objects with my hands. i think these comments explain the name of the orchestra better than i could. i wanted to make a CD of the orchestra to document our work together, and to show my admiration and gratitude for the friends who have agreed to join. i don't think they knew what they were getting into." - jeph jerman.

Arcane Device "Devices 1987-2007" 2 x CD $21
Monochrome Vision (Russia) mv18
"Anthology of rare and previously unreleased tracks by Arcane Device, recorded within the 20 years. It is divided into two parts. The first one consists of tracks from compilations issued by Subterranean Records, Tragic Figures, SFCR Tapes, and Generations Unlimited, but also unreleased material remastered and/or remixed in 2007. The second one is subtitled as 'Feedback symphony' and based on various recordings, presented in four movements and finished in 2007. One more chance to approve the exceptional skills and compositional/technical talent of David Myers who can control the electrons by will, creating fantastic soundscapes.
Arcane Device is the unique project of American graphic designer and musician David Myers, active between 1987 and 1995. His creative output is going beyond any categorization, because it's possible to re-arrange and demonstrate such many styles of modern music with only one thing that is feedback. This effect usually happens when you shortcut the input and output of any electric device. It's hard to believe but this almost uncontrollable beast became the driving force for Arcane Device music, armed by self-made bank of delays and filters. Looking like inward sound research, decorated with finest web of random processes and microvariations, it becomes the peculiar feature. Endless circulation of electrons, never repeating routes and always having some chance for individual life inside of any macrostructure." - label description
limited edtion of 500 copies. packaged in single width jewel case.

Arkona / Besatt / Thirst "Holokaust Zniewolonych Mas / Diabolus Perfectus / Raise The Blasphemer" CD $14
Alles Stenar (Poland) saga 002
Polish black metal triple split including Thrist's cover of Bathory's "Raise The Dead". packaged in jewel case with slipcase.

Artificial Memory Trace "Vol. 7: Ritmax Asimetra" CD $14
Creamgardens (Netherlands) CGR 02
"Slavek Kwi, aka Artificial Memory Trace is a cultural refugee as much as an actual one. He walked 3 sleepless days without food to reach the West. This intensity and the power of his will is present in all that he does, be it the organic sound realm he creates, or the graphics and handwriting he invents. His musical universe is a precisely structured and perfect balanced mix of diverse 'Musique Concréte' materials. Frederick Rzewski, his musical mentor, has assisted him over the past 5 years and has been a major influence, as well as John Cage. From his unique language, his invention on fonts, to his unearthly harmonies, everything Slavek touches, turns into Slavek.
On this new CD, Kwi gives emphasis to the combination of auditive and physical aspects from soundscapes. He creates architectural structures with highly unusual combinations of sounds, almost only of concrete origin. He is constantly searching for balance through observing the nature of each participant. Sounds are playing roles of 'individuals' coexisting inside 'societies of sounds' as he calls his compositions. The wide context of creative output from A.M.T. shakes up the world of electronic music by giving it the fresh wind of natural acoustics. Slavek Kwi about himself : '...maybe I am a sound painter, I do paint with colors of ambiences on the canvas of time...'
Beautifully packaged in a shiny gatefold sleeve, including a picture- and info-booklet. Recommended for listening at a relatively high volume to conserve the natural dynamic recorded at low volume." - label description.

Koji Asano "A Second Dam" CD $9
Solstice Records (Spain) SOLSTICE23
sixty-seven minutes recorded in Barcelona in 2001. "The twenty third album is one track long electric piece. High frequencies tone lies over an hour until the sudden end comes unexpectedly. Each year having more releases, yet rare, fresh and original work as usual. This CD is not soundscape or sound art stuff, though there's something here unconsciously comes down to deep thoughts." - label description.

Koji Asano "Sunshine Filtering Through Foliage" CD $9
Solstice Records (Japan) SOL999
reverberant clouds of subliminally throbbing electronics from unidentified sounds source. "Playing by just one analog synthesizer. but I didn't record directly from equipment to recorder by line. because I wanted to record the sound of 'Resonance' of many pieces and things in my studio (wood doors, glasses, bells, cups, desk, etc.) which caused by so big volumed synthesizer from speakers. put 2 microphones bit far from speakers not to record only sound of synthesizer but to record shaking things." - Koji Asano. released in 1999.

Astral Social Club "Monster Mittens" 7" $4
Dirty Knobby (U.S.) DK-004
electronic psychedelic noise jams with distorted loops. "New single by Neil Campbell’s ever-evolving solo project, Astral Social Club. Neil (A Band, Vibracathedral Orchestra) with assistance from Karl Bauer (Axolotl) unleashes two electronic psychedelic noise jams with distorted loops, cascading feedback, and the sound of hypnotic drones recorded in space. 500 pressed."

Aube "Millennium - Aprilis" CD $14
Armonika (Italy) KA200004
the fourth installment in a 12 CD series for the year 2000. there is one CD for each month of the year and one track for each day of the month. this is the April installment and uses only the sounds of fire as source material. limited edition of 500 copies.
"A musical project that will catch your mind and soul for one year's time: Aube, a well-known genius of the international scene, will offer you one of the great events of 2000; he will dedicate to the first year of the new millennium a monumental sonic opera in twelve chapters. Every month of the new year will offer you a taste of Aube's artistic talent; a seducing mixture of obscure influences and experimental excursions, from noisy structures to ambient landscapes. From January to December, along the four seasons, from a solstice to an equinox, Aube will lead you in a pleasant one year period journey from the dawn of first day to the twilight of the last one, with the ideal soundtrack for the beginning of a new era." - label description.

Augur "Like Little Machines" CD $10
Rectrix (U.S.) augur tf2
"Minimalist sounds that journey through moodless atmospheres. Sounds wade in and out of your speakers, traveling around space without apparent reason, just floating and guiding the listener to some strange lifeless, yet intriguing, mental plane. Augur has matured his sound, making a minimal yet involving record that changes sounds and styles throughout the disc, yet remains in the context of this odd mental journey. A truly engaging piece of work." - label description. edition of 1000 copies. packaged in a clear standard jewel case with translucent tray-card and no booklet.

Michel Banabila, Hannes Vennik & Bobby "Cards On The Table" 3" CD $8
Staalplaat (Netherlands) STCD 153
"Whatever can be shuffled, will be shuffled. That must the philosophy behind this 3" CD. For the creation of this rather bizarre conceptual work, the trio uses a deck of playing cards to decide when and how the sampled contributions will be combined. The entire work is based on samples of a wide range of styles including jazz, old avant-garde classic, musique concrète, kitsch, dot matrix printer-symphonies and ethno-electronics just to name a few of the expressions that awaits the listener. The overall surface has an exciting film noir-atmosphere based on slow groovy jazz melted into the shuffled sample-inferno. Divided into 28 tracks, the 18 minutes long work is fragmented into small pieces. Unnecessary to say: Random play for optimum shuffle!" - Niels Mark Pedersen, Vital Weekly 272. packaged in jewel case.

Bardoseneticcube "Naegleria Fowlery" CD $18
Blade Records (Italy) WMDA071
Russian weird surrealistic experimental ambient. "Naegleria Fowlery, an amoeba, who infiltrates the human brain and starts reproducing until the man dies. But, striving to destroy the brains of the tribesmen, the man itself tries not to hang behind the microbes, using religion, politics and art." this defunct label existed from 1999 to 2007 and also released Sigillum S, Bad Sector, The Grey Wolves, Brume, Tam Quam Tabula Rasa, Maeror Tri, Vance Orchestra, and Aidan Baker. hand numbered edition of 300 copies. packaged in folder sleeve with photography by Oxana Giluk.

Bardoseneticcube "Noosphere" CD $13
Monochrome Vision (Russia) mv24
"Bardoseneticcube are always open to experiments of any kind, so each new album is different and unpredictable. This particular album deals with theory of Russian scientist Vladimir Vernadsky about collective consciousness, emerging from the interaction of human minds. The universe is full of endless and omnipresent information fields, different in their energy/meaning potentials. Some of them are accessible for people who are using it extensively, others are intended only for machines that seem to be their source and destination at the same time. This sound piece is pure improvisation by Igor Potsukailo and a Toshiba Satellite A-110 laptop.
The laptop is the leading performer here, created by unknown system error and playing the music of solar wind, derived from the information field that is not accessible to anyone else. Igor Potsukailo uses a kind of feedback circuit, adding the elements of human presence into this music and modifying the energy/information balance in that powerful field near our planet Earth called Noosphere..." - label description
limited edition of 500 copies.

Bark! "Swing" CD $14
Matchless Recordings (England) MRCD41
electroacoustic improv with Rex Casswell (ex-Stock, Hausen & Walkman) on electric guitar, Phillip Marks on percussion and Paul Obermayer (also in Furt and The Evan Parker Electro-Acoustic Ensemble) on electronics. recorded April and September 1999 at LMC Sound.
"On this album Bark! have boiled down and condensed the astonishing range of sounds available to them into something basic, forceful, coherent and accessible. To me the music appears as a kind of conversational game, built of molecules and fragments, dots and dashes, calls and responses, moves and counter-moves.
Out of this game, narrative, line and structure develop really distinct structural shapes growing in time. It's not clear to me how this little miracle takes place but I think you can hear it, especially in the development of longer tracks like 'Pavo', 'Grus' and 'Swing'. It is quite severe music, sometimes ugly and disturbing, but it's also always striving to be beautiful. At its best, when its shapes evolve patiently and inevitably into clear and tangible orders, vistas and architectures, the result is really quite magnificent." - Richard Scott

Martyn Bates & Troum "To a Child Dancing in the Wind" CD $16
Transgredient Records (Germany) TR-03
38 minute collaboration between the vocalist of Cherry Red band Eyeless in Gaza with German drone masters Troum. "More than 2 years in the making, Martyn Bates has sung & played (mouth organ & melodica) over basic material Troum (consisting of harmonic minimal loops & basic song structures derived from accordion, e-bass & guitar, percussion), who were then also responsible for the final subsequent additions mastering (adding more guitar work, voices & balalaika). Martyn Bates has chosen to sing four poems of the famous Irish poet W.B.Yeats, and he did this with a most impressive sensitivity for Troum's very sublime & rather hidden harmonic structures. There are also two instrumentals in a more experimental style on this disc, one being a dark drone reprise of the main piece 'Mad as the Mist and Snow"." Digipak.

Beequeen "Gund" CD $15
Plinkity Plonk (Netherlands) plink 011
droney ambience. "A final dig in the vaults for the Beequeen, resulting in the following release: 'Gund' is now available as a CD on Beequeen's private Plinkity Plonk label and has two recordings for two vinyl projects. The first four pieces on the CD were recorded early 1998 for a 12" vinyl single on which these tracks were supposed to be cut at different speeds (16, 33, 45 and 78 RPM). Due to its complexity of pressing this record was never realized. The fifth and sixth track were originally intended to form a 10" album of a most unlikely meeting by Beequeen and MSBR, the well-known Japanese noise act.
Based upon a mutual sound exchange, both Beequeen and MSBR worked independently on their pieces. The label that intended to release this, stopped while both bands were still recording. Beequeen finished their piece in 1998 and MSBR decided to do a new piece in 2001. All five Beequeen pieces are Beequeen 'old' style, recorded before their decision to alter their direction in music, but it's probably one of their most refined moments in this style. 'Gund' is released in a limited edition of 500 copies and comes in a gorgeous hand-printed sleeve by Knust, Nijmegen, designed by Meeuw." - label description.
gatefold card sleeve.

M. Behrens "Advanced Environmental Control" CD $14
trente oiseaux (Germany) TOC 952
two works: "Location Recordings" (1993) and "Advanced Environmental Control" (1995) ranging from naturalistic to highly artificial, abstract soundscapes.
"'Location Recordings' consists exclusively of recordings that are made in the interior ('Inside') or exterior ('Outside') spaces. Two groups, each containing 12 selections of the original 75 tracks on the disc were formed: one contains selected sounds with a 'monochrome' structure, the other contains sounds with a constantly changing, rather 'expressive' structure. These two groups are juxtaposed in different ways in the 'Supplement Programs' to function as a catalogue for 'Location Recordings'.
'Advanced Environmental Control' tries to investigate the relations between the real and the virtual inhabitants of a given environment. On one hand it is an acoustic description of both the inhabitants and the environment, on the other it is determined in its function by the structure implied by another environment and inhabitants: the composition. There is no primary composition in the basic material (masses of people and traffic signals for the blind), although it is taken from a larger contextual background. Some of the structures of this material, alternated with various methods, are used for the overlying macrostructure." - from the liner notes.

M. Behrens "Integração" CD $13
SIRR.ecords (Portugal) sirr2004
"'Integration' is a composition that Marc Behrens has been performing live in several versions. It was composed in a process of integrating all experiences made throughout almost one year of performing the basic score. With every performance, new aspects were added to the whole piece. In all the performances there is a basic repertoire of sounds consisting of a nucleus of tree recordings made in a mountain forest close to the Italian/Slovenian border in 1998, which in the performance arrangement became broadened with more recent material. The tree recordings were made by shaking the trees, thus the patterns of the sounds were generated partly by the plants, partly by human intervention, and arranged later according to coincidences and inherent keys in the material.
The CD version does neither contain any live recordings nor the original sound of the auxiliary speakers which were specifically made for the performances. For this version Marc Behrens used the tree recordings along with a few field recordings of urban infrastructure, made during the preparation of the composition 'Advanced Environmental Control' and later, preserving the original intention of the first performance: integration of a naturalistic and a technicized conception of sound." - label description.

M. Behrens "Security vs. Freedom" 2 x 3" CD $14
edition . . . (U.S.) edition xxviii
"The successor to 'Transition' (2001) in the same format - two mini CDs, six full-color cards with photographs - further exploits the idea of the absent transition. Between two poles of music the listener imagines a huge step from one phase of work to another with a distance of nearly seven years in between, or perhaps just one state of mind to another: security and freedom.
But does the security lie in the carefully pronounced minimalist compositions of 'The Unknown' on disc 2, or in the dense sound fields of 'Compressed Location 1 and 2' on disc 1 that engulf and embrace the listener? Or vice versa: is freedom expressed in the structurally open, expressive passages of the latter, or in the gap between very low and very high frequencies of 'The Unknown - part 1', in which the noise of the surroundings is framed by sound, but still remaining fully audible - unsuppressed?" - M. Behrens.
packaged in clear gatefold 5" CD sleeve with six full-colour cards featuring color photographs.

Pierre Berthet & Frédéric Le Junter CD $14
Vand'œuvre (France) VDO9407
a sort of split release though the duo seem to be collaborating on all the tracks. the first section is made up of songs; primitive and strangely idiosyncratic in a uniquely French way. the second portion is two longer introspective instrumental pieces, and quite contrasting from the energy of the first. the first is percussion and the second droney and very subdued and even drifting into silence a few times. the instruments used are mostly those of the artist's own creation such as tubular drums and rotating wind organ, and are displayed in use throughout the booklet. Berthet has been a member of Arnold Dreyblatt's The Orchestra of Excited Strings.

Biota / Mnemonists "Musique Actuelle 1990" CD $12
Anomalous Records (U.S.) NOM25
Biota was founded in 1979 in Fort Collins, Colorado, as the Mnemonist Orchestra. Over the years, the Mnemonist Orchestra developed into Biota (the musical contingent) and Mnemonists (the visual contingent). Both Biota and Mnemonists work as one on productions of musical and visual components. The group has released nine LPs, one EP, and four CDs in addition to several cassettes and compilation ventures, on both their own Dys label and Recommended Records UK. Heard on this CD is the first live adaption of their studio-based recording techniques since 1981, as presented at Montreal Musiques Actuelles - New Music America 1990. For their live performance they composed a set of material specifically for the concert and virtually relocated their studio to the stage to properly recreate it. Nine musicians playing only acoustic instruments (aside from electric guitar) were heard natural and unamplified from the stage while extensive electronic processing, heard through the speakers, rendered radical tonal, timbral and temporal modification creating an incredibly unique and strange sound world. For the first release of this music, Biota have combined the best recordings from both the rehearsals and the concert itself. Added to this, the two-dimensional graphic work that Mnemonists have become so renowned for was transformed into stunning video projections - beautiful examples of which are now included in the full color booklet accompanying this CD.

Heimir Björgúlfsson "Machine Natura (An Interpretation Inconsistent with the Actuality of a Situation)" CD EP $7
Staalplaat (Netherlands) STCD 148
"Staalplaat is proud to present the tenth release in their 'material series', this one by Heimir Björgúlfsson. Now what is the 'material series'? A series of CD's with microscopic, microwave, glitch, click or whatever it is called music. All CD's are packed in jewel cases with no printwork. All information is etched on the CD box itself. Inside special material is housed, like, in this case wallpaper. The CD itself is a so-called AB CD: a small ring with music, and the outside of the CD fully transparent.
New solo CD by Heimir Björgúlfsson, who makes up one third of the Icelandic trio
Stilluppsteypa, with a special guest appearance by American sound artist John Hudak. Continuing where left off from last year's 'Discreet Journey Digitalis' on Ritornell. 'Machine Natura (An Interpretation Inconsistent with the Actuality of a Situation)' contains two different worlds spinning into each other, the digitally generated sound and various natural field recordings, still sounding like neither. A somewhat man made mechanical phenomenon. 14 minutes." - label description. Minimax CD (3" CD in 5" plastic disc).

Blakagir "Carpathian Art of Sin" CD $10
Pulverized Records (Singapore) ASH 031 CD
epic Polish black symphonic one man project. "10 tracks and close to 50 minutes worth of enchanting melodies with haunting dark wave orchestral works. CD comes in a 8 panel Digipak created by L.O.N. himself. Neoclassical dark ambience designed for eternal war cries!!!" - label description

Blakagir "Nostalgia & Droga Przed Egzekucja" CD $8
Black Plague Records / God is Myth (U.S.) GIM 013 / BPR 007
"The man behind Polish pagan/black metal band Hellveto brings you on a sonic journey back to the days when mighty warriors fought to the death on blood soaked battlefields. These dark and symphonic hymns of neo-classical / ambience are meant to prepare you for war." - Black Plague Records released in 2005 and long out of print.

Jaap Blonk, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Michael Zerang "First Meetings" CD $16
Buzz-Records (Netherlands) ZZ 76002
free improvisation with voice, cello, percussion and tubaphone recorded at Airwave Recording Studio, Chicago, on November 19, 1996. many will know Jaap Blonk as a contemporary performer of sound poetry from The Netherlands. on other occasions he has recorded with Dylan Nyoukis and Maja S. K. Ratkje. here his non-worded contortions are matched by acoustic instrumental accompaniment by two Americans who slip and slide in a complementary manner. the sounds are energetic and constantly in motion, shifting their form. although titled "First Meetings" the trio fit together like a glove, albeit one designed by Surrealists.

Hervé Boghossian / Stéphane Rives / Matthieu Saladin "Plateformes" CD $12
(1.8)sec.records (Canada) (1.8)sec005
circular breathing, bass clarinet/guitar feedback playing closely together in a restrained fashion that should appeal to fans of Alvin Lucier. "The trio of Hervé Boghossian, Stéphane Rives, and Matthieu Saladin is very much a free improvisational jazz group, but the music they output goes way beyond what you could expect from the instrumentation. Delicate, but with an incredible power pulling, pushing, and then releasing the listener. Not power in noise or volume, but a power that is coming from the players utilizing the physics of their instruments, and the sound they produce. Through techniques of circular breathing, bass clarinet feedback, and guitar feedback you'd be hard pressed to pin any one sound on a particular instrument." - label description. 7" by 5.5" sleeve. edition of 500.

BOP "And So It All Ended" CD $12
Firework Edition Records (Sweden) FER 1009
weird music from the duet of Thomas Bjelkeborn (modified MIDI-guitar and diverse MIDI gadgets, MAX programming) and Paul Pignon (clarinet, basset horn, bass clarinet, voice, MIDI wind controller) which mixes improvisation with modern classical composition and heavy electronic processing. all tracks recorded live with instruments connected to a computer and various samplers with software in Opcode MAX specifically constructed for each composition.

Alessandro Bosetti & Antje Vowinckel "Charlemagne, La Vue Attachée Sur Son Lac De Constance, Amoureux De L'âbime Caché" CD $15
Bowindo (Italy) Bowindo 03
"Two electro-acoustic compositions from 2000 and 2002 by Alessandro Bosetti, and a recent text-sound composition by Antje Vowinckel. Finely composed abstract music that, starting from microscopic sound details develops organically and highly dynamically despite the very reduced structures. Both of the pieces make an extended use of silence, space and very small, carefully shaped, sound particles creating a feeling of natural 'breath' and flow. Although this music shares some techniques with the 'musique concrète' it goes much beyond in giving new musical life to sounds and suggesting new approaches in listening perception. For those who know Alessandro Bosetti for his activities as improvising saxophonist in the new minimal scene with Phosphor, Annette Krebs and others and for his text sound compositions, it will not be difficult to recognize his personal way of organizing sounds. Also hearing Antje Vowinckel's piece, could be a surprise for those who know her as one of the more significative and granted author of new experimental radio plays in Germany." - label description. one of the first releases on this label founded by Giuseppe Ielasi, Domenico Sciajno, Alessandro Bosetti, Claudio Rocchetti, Valerio Tricoli and Renato Rinaldi in 2003. long out of print.

Paul Bowles "Migrations" CD $16
Largo (Germany) LARGO 5131
famous as a prolific author and translator, Paul Bowles was also a composer early in his life. a student of Aaron Copland, Bowles' music was not experimental (however one of the pieces here does have a thematic relationship to Kurt Schwitters' "Ursonate"). his music is lively and melodic and he composed scores for productions by William Saroyan and Tennessee Williams, as well as the Max Ernst and Alexander Calder episodes of Hans Richter's Surrealist film "Dream That Money Can Buy".
this disc includes recordings of "Concerto for Two Pianos, Winds, and Percussion" (1946), "Sonata for Flute and Piano" (1932), "Music for a Farce" (1938), "Sonata for Oboe and Clarinet" (1931), "Hippolytos and Salome" (1992, 1993), "Scenes D'Anabase" (1932) and "Night Waltz" (1949) performed by
Martyn Hill (tenor), Dietmar Wiesner (flute), Catherine Milliken (oboe), Hermann Kretzschmar (piano), Olga Balakleets (piano) and The HCD Ensemble of Frankfurt. many of the performers are also members of Ensemble Modern, and three of them visited Paul Bowles in Tangier in March 1994. the 32-page bilingual (English / German) booklet contains a timeline of the composer's life and program notes by David Drew as well as short recollections on the pieces by Bowles himself.

Pascal Broccolichi "Raccorama" CD $16
La Box (France) LaBoxBourges03
a 1998 installation soundtrack made up of an aural montage of sounds, noises and silences which is at times are very hyperactive, but also often very quiet. some of the cut-ups are crude and humorous destructions from popular culture, not unlike YouTube poops. other sections are long and mediative using less clearly recognizable sound sources.
"Initially one is aware of a kind of arrangement (of sounds, of noises, of silences) which describes no motif, which reflects nothing that could be assimilated to any identifiable figure, nothing that affords a global view. 'Raccorama' organizes the destruction of narration, or rather, its obsolescence, declaring its irrelevance, not because it is somehow an 'abstract' creation (like all fixed binary systems, the abstract figurative dichotomy usually reveals a remarkable theoretical and visual intelligence), but because it reintroduces into its ordering narrative fragments that exhaust the possibility or the necessity of narration as such, that wear it out. Sampled from the world of the most banal, most common sounds, these fragments, these jingles which usually decorate what our unstable attention allows us to perceive without really listening, these sounds which are present but not noticed, are so many small stories or themes which, without making much noise, reproduce a predicable order, an expected combination. When they are linked to other sounds or noises that take them out of their obvious context, when they lose the framework of their quotidian efficacy and become active in other territories than those for which they were designed, they become markers in the aural space. They thus acquire a transfigured effectiveness which integrates this marked narration into a movement, a process of production. But since this dispossesses them of themselves, stripping them of their intentionality, it allows us to see only the movement of the order as a whole, in which they appear as singular movements. They are themes that will never add up to make a story, whose suddenness holds back the listener/viewer's attention. The idea is to leave room for the play of narration, to relate nothing at all, to let things be heard." - from the liner notes by Thierry Davila.

Chris Brown "Talking Drum" CD $12
Sonore (France) SON-015
original out of print French edition from 2001, this was later reissued with a different cover by Pogus. "binaural motion recordings composed as a dialogue of distances. live recordings of music for electronic network music ensemble juxtaposed with location recordings of traditional music and environmental soundscapes made in Bali, the Philippines, Turkey, Europe, Cuba and America 1991-99." - from the back cover. the 27 tracks here find Chris Brown of the Mills College faculty recording solo and with location specific ensembles in many fascinating places. this disc serves up a selection of percussion, field recordings and wild electronics. includes guest appearances by Wadada Leo Smith, Nick Peck, DJ Eddie Def, Curtis Bahn and Scot Gresham-Lancaster. Brown has two solo albums on Tzadik and appears on a number of other discs on the label including their Luc Ferrari title. outside of this disc he has collaborated with a wide range of the avant-garde including Fred Frith, William Winant, Ikue Mori, Tom Nunn, Larry Ochs, Bob Ostertag, Butch Morris, and Pauline Oliveros.

Thomas Buckner "Sign of the Times" CD $12
Lovely Music, Ltd. (U.S.) LCD 3022
"Thomas Buckner, baritone; Stefani Starin, flute, alto flute and khaen; Jon Gibson, soprano saxophone; Leroy Jenkins, viola; Joseph Kubera, piano; Bill Ruyle, percussion. Commissioned works dealing with contemporary social and spiritual concerns: Jon Gibson's Running Commentary (Arbitrary Excerpts), Annea Lockwood's The Angle of Repose, Leroy Jenkins' Dream of Dreams of Home (with a text by Ann T. Greene), Brian Smith's The Panther, and Robert Ashley's The Producer Speaks." Buckner was the founder of the legendary 1750 Arch Records.

Michael Bullock / James Coleman / David Gross / Steve Roden "Untitled, or Not Yet" CD $12
(1.8)sec.records (Canada) (1.8)sec006
"A limited edition CD packaged in 1 of 4 different printed vellum and cardstock packages. This recording is indeed one from the vaults, having languished for more than five years. Unlike the name of the place where these musicians first had a meal together, you dear listener, are in for a treat, which is more than simply 'pure luck'. New American Improvisation masters Coleman, Bullock, and Gross (with transplanted trombonist Tucker Dulin) met up with renowned sound artist Roden in LA for a set in May of 2001 at an art gallery where Christina Ricci was the matron saint. Based on the success of that meeting, the group met again in November at the now infamous club, The Smell, where their set was cut short by thumping salsa basslines from the restaurant next door. Fast forward a year and a half, to February of 2003, Roden, on an East coast tour met with the lads in Pete's Basement Studio for the magical moments you'll find on this disk. It's taken a while to see the light but listen well, it's got a lot to give back to you. It is in fact the document which blurs the line between New American Improvisation and sound art." - label description. edition of 350 copies.

Dan Burke + Thomas Dimuzio "Hz" CD $13
Sonoris (France) SON-11
improvised electronics from two noise veterans: Burke of Illusion of Safety and electroacoustic composer Dimuzio [commonly a collaborator with Chris Cutler and Joseph Hammer] recorded live in San Francisco, Berkeley, and Oakland in October 1997.
"Dan Burke has called this one of his favorite works he's put out. Dimuzio is the guy behind Gench Studios, the place where so many experimental labels get their stuff mastered. 'Hz' is a refined, driving, eclectic nightmare of beats, darkhop and odd sound tones and soundscapes. The listen deepens as it progresses, with varied layers of styles developing and fading." - Vince Harrigan (Manifold).
"The truth is, you found something incomprehensibly comforting in these sounds, this noise, this audible darkness. It occupies the space and fills your lungs, so in such a short time you grew accustomed to this nightmare, probably just in time for Burke and Dimuzio to sever the umbilical cord so suddenly, leaving you helpless and in silence." - Richard di Santo / Incursion
Digipak. edition of 1000 copies.

Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band "Safe as Milk" CD $14
Buddha Records (U.S.) 7446599605-2
amazing debut from 1968 with seven wonderful bonus tracks. features Ry Cooder and a little bit of theremin.

Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band "Trout Mask Replica" CD $16
Reprise (U.S.) 2027-2
his high point of craziness! reissue of the landmark 1969 double LP. highly recommended.

C.O. Caspar "Thus Long Lights Light" CD $12
Kaon (France) oc98
"Born in 1936 and living in Berlin and Sweden, he combines archaic tone patterns and modern technical equipment in his compositional work. His performances take their form though installation of sound objects in a given space, taking the specific architecture of the room into consideration.
'Sound is experienced as a synthesis of emotion and intuition, of mechanical and digital sound tools. The process to create an artwork is like to give birth to a child, fertilize the brain, work out ideas, realize the subject and finally manage the artifact - a process from irrationality to reality, less from knowledge to product.'
Studio and live pieces: 'Anatomy of Melancholy' rec. June 1998 - studio recording - voice, poetry
Shawn Caton; 'Great Is Theseus' remix of a bootleg rec. 1997, studio recording; 'Shot Talk' from a sound installation & solo act on Earshot festival, Newcastle, Great Britain, rec. 1990 live; 'Spacial Lust of Hearings' an optosonic installation of 5 blowers and thus 50 pipes, the tuning of the overall acoustic sound is in 50 variations of the upper frequencies, rec. Oct 1996 live, 'Pink Machinery' rec. June 1998, studio recording, voice & poetry Shawn Caton; 'Didge Blues' the sound source is a stiff hose 1 meter long, when blown, the aural impression resembles that of didgeridoo, studio recording, 'Fra Det Skjulte 4.3' from the hidden air rec from solo sound acts on/in an iron oil vessel filled in the bottom with water, sited at a Norwegian harbor, hidden in the rocks in a huge invisible cave and originating from the German occupation, rec. 1987, live." - label description.
"Co Caspar might be one of those names you come across, but you never to seem to place right. Despite his age (born in 1936), he has released so far one CD (by Tesco) and now Kaon from France releases his second CD. I had the pleasure to see one of his concerts in 1990 in Newcastle (and of which a small portion is on this CD), and I remember a full stage of pipes and machines. Caspar in the middle doing his 'thing': rumbling with the machines, feedback singing/chanting and feeding sounds through pipes. Quite an impressive sound for one man. This CD is kinda like a retrospective. The oldest piece is from 1987 up until this year [1998]. Much of the work deals with voice manipulations, either fully treated (such as the live excerpt from 1990 or 'Spacial Lust Of Hearing'), or clearly spoken poetry by Shawn Caton. Some of these pieces have a religious undertone, like the processed Gregorian choirs on 'Great Is Theseus' or 'Pink Machinery'. Caspar is at his best when he mixes his sound installations with live elements and electronica. This is on pieces as the aforementioned 'Spacial Lust Of Hearing' or 'Fra Det Skjulte' (which was recorded in a Norwegian cave/bunker). Overall this is a nice presentation of the work of someone who is sadly ignored too much until now." - Frans de Waard in Vital Weekly 153

CCMC "Decisive Moments" CD $11
Track and Light Recordings (Canada) TLR02
"hot real-time electro-acoustic collective compositions" recorded in late '92 and early '93 by Michael Snow (piano), Paul Dutton (voice), John Kamevaar (keyboard sampler), Al Mattes (guitar synthesizer), John Oswald (alto saxophone), and Jack Vorvis (drums).
"CCMC has existed since 1974. There have been several changes of personnel but the philosophy has remained consistent. From the beginning there has been a concern for the use of all possible sound sources which has included a conscious dialogue with and merging with electronic and acoustic sound.
The poles of this power source are exemplified in the current ensemble by, on the one hand, the totally acoustic vocal adventures of Paul Dutton and on the other hand, by the powerful guitar synthesizer music of Al Mattes, who has synthesized all the non-imitative sounds he uses, which are activated by his guitar playing. The drums of Jack Vorvis, the piano of Michael Snow and the alto saxophone of John Oswald share the acoustic middle and on the electronic side, next to Mattes' sound is the keyboard sampler work of John Kamevaar who uses prerecorded and representational sound (traditional instruments, other musics, Cries, Crashes, Murmurs, Clanks)."

Andrew Chalk, Ralf Wehowsky & Eric Lanzillotta "Yang-Tul" CD $13
Cold Spring (U.K.) CSR220CD
"A legendary sound collaboration formed of two lengthy pieces. The first track features Andrew Chalk (Mirror, Ora, Ferial Confine) gently reworking the sound materials of Ralf Wehowsky, a hypnotic, slowly-evolving drone with waves of mysterious sounds, static and glitches. The second piece, on the other hand, finds Ralf Wehowsky composing a frenzied journey into otherworldly realms using sound material from Andrew Chalk and Eric Lanzillotta (Eye Music). These pieces reflect a sound unique from the work of any of the three individual participants, but clearly related. Subtle, but full of detail for the willing listener. Originally issued on Lanzillotta's label Anomalous Records in 1998. Cover painting by Andrew Chalk. Digipak." - label description.

Yann Charaoui, John Lely & Seymour Wright "396" CD $14
Matchless Recordings (England) MRCD42
Yann Charaoui (cymbals and table top samplers), John Lely (piano and prepared bal-bal tarang), Seymour Wright (alto saxophone).
"The musicians on this CD are young and in many ways untested. However, this first recorded public offering of their work reveals important features. It is undeniably uncompromising. It is stringent and austere. Process is all. They are trying to present and to solve the problems of their meeting within the creative moment of performance. In doing this they expose their fragility, their youth and their cultural hopes. Nothing is farther away from providing listeners with a few moments of excitement or escape. It is a commingling of struggle and playfulness. It is essentially humanist in its overview and inner mechanisms. Each musician brings to this recording situation materials with which they are developing their work to a collective enterprise in the optimistic hope that it will be creatively accepted and challenged, as in the cut and thrust of debate. The totality of the CD is the result of this discourse. It is the result of a positive, sympathetic and trusting engagement in which they will examine their inner motives and creative processes and contrast them with the the offerings of their colleagues. This, in artistic terms, is the collective imperative for a new world." - from the liner notes by
Eddie Prévost.

The Cherry Point / Dried Up Corpse C26 $4
Gnarled Forest (U.S.) GF27
"edition of 100. The Cherry Point, also live from the 2006 Wooden Octopus Skull Experimental Musick pFestival with special guest The Rita joining in to make it extra crunchy and extra noisey. DUC [a Blue Sabbath Black Cheer side project] give you a live one as well, recorded at the DisEaster Massturbation Sermon 2009 at ChickenHed Church in Seattle Wa." packaged in an A6 sleeve.

Thanasis Chondros & Alexandra Katsiani "0+" CD $15
Edo (Greece) E-03
"Former founding member of the experimental group Dimosioypalliliko Retire, Thanasis Chondros was born in Thessaloniki in 1953 and Alexandra Katsiani was born in Siatista in 1954. After meeting in 1973, they have been coordinating their 'behaviors' since 1974. By limiting their biographic note in the word 'behavior', they extend the perspective of their work which already embraces daily life. To this direction, they illustrated in 1988 'Gestures' - a month with various temporary art performances/exhibitions scattered throughout Thessaloniki. The recordings contained in this CD come from an act-in-developement, a route in time, with the title '51 Saturdays' (using paintings, designs, pictures, installations, action, sound, etc.) and the selection of the pieces and their duration was a difficult matter since they were part of the total project. Minimal piano-forms, vocalistic styles referring to Meredith Monk's works, and the final piece for solo accordion, in an abstract melodic form, interrupted by Dadaistic dialogues and daily sounds." - label description. hand numbered edition of 830 copies.

Coach Fingers "Molly Moonbeam" 7" $7
Sound @ One (U.S.) S@1 #95
lively country rock & a Kinks cover from No-Neck Blues Band members Jason Meagher, Dave Shuford and Dave Nuss. limited edition of 300 copies.

Coach Fingers "One for the Road" CDR $8
Sound @ One (U.S.) S@1 #89
country/folk rock with No-Neck Blues Band members Jason Meagher, David Shuford, and Dave Nuss as well as George DeVoe, Robert Gregory (The Suntanama), Hans Chew, Wednesday Knudsen (The Pigeons), and Pasquale Cangiano. pretty much the entire line up of D. Charles Speer & The Helix play on this disc. recorded September 2005 to February 2007 and released for sale on their tour. packaged in chipboard gatefold jacket hand screened with metallic ink. numbered edition of 200 copies.

Coil "Astral Disaster Sessions Un/finished Musics" LP $21
Prescription (U.K.) Drug 17
"These rare recordings were recorded as part of the legendary prescription label album series in the late 1990's that resulted in the album 'Astral Disaster'. Coil were invited to record at Sun Dial's studios beneath the London Bridge Hop Exchange. This studio was originally know as Samurai studios that was originally built and owned by Iron Maiden. The premises in Victorian times was an old debtors prison which had three levels underground, and still had the original chains, manacles and wrought iron doors from the old prison. This caught the attention of John Balance and was very keen to record there. At Gary Ramon's invitation, Coil spent a number of days recording at the studio during Halloween 1998 and they developed a number of tracks some of which resulted in the 'Astral Disaster' album. For various reasons, some of the unissued material and mixes released on this album were omitted from the original 'Astral Disaster' album, and so now is the opportunity to listen to the 'Astral Disaster' sessions. The album includes previously unissued mixes, and the rare version of 'I Don't Want To Be The One' that was only included on the very rare 1999 promo only Prescription sampler and the 14 minute track 'Cosmic Disaster' that was the original working title of the album. Taken from the master tapes and remastered by Denis Blackham. Limited edition of 2,000 copies with insert." - label description

Coil "Backwards" 2 x LP $25
Cold Spring (U.K.) CSR203LP
"Stickered for stores. After the ground-breaking release of 1990's 'Love's Secret Domain' the main project was 'Backwards', which was started in 1992, updated considerably between 1993 and 1995, and transferred in 1996 to New Orleans, where it was finished in the Nothing studios of Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails). The album saw the fruition of Jhonn Balance's recent vocal coaching, producing haunting, passionate vocals, while reaching new heights. 23 years after its initiation, these tracks have been beautifully preserved by Danny Hyde and are finally available in highest quality audio. Differing substantially from the later, remixed incarnation, 'The New Backwards' (2008), 'Backwards' contains the original versions of Coil's much-loved tracks; 'A Cold Cell' and 'Fire Of The Mind', presented as originally intended. This album is the essential bridge between 'LSD' and the later 'Musik To Play In The Dark' series. 2 x LP in gatefold sleeve (with download code)." - label description

Jonathan Coleclough "Period" CD $12
Anomalous Records (U.S.) NOM 4 CD
An unlimited reissue of the out of print Anomalous Records LP (released February 2001 in an edition of 530 copies only) with new cover artwork. This reissue sees the original A side extended from the original length of 17 minutes to the new length of 50 minutes. It still includes Colin Potter's 17 minute remix "Periodic" which was featured on the B side of the LP. "Period" is beautiful piece based entirely on sounds from a Bluthner grand piano, looped and extended into long, drifting, calm drones with occasional punctuation of recognizable notes slowly resonating. The piece becomes "Periodic" at the hands of Colin Potter, whose remix turns it into a more dark and haunting experience which reveals even less of the characteristics of a piano than the original. Two complimenting, yet also contrasting, views of the same material which both show a great deal of depth and cohesion. All wrapped in a full color cover designed by Jonathan and featuring his photographs. "Like many of my pieces of music, the finished version of 'Period' is very different from the idea in my mind which I started out with. The idea acts as a seed and the piece grows, often in unexpected ways, from that seed. So I was extremely pleased when I heard Colin's remix of the piece, because he had transformed the piece into something much more like my initial idea. He had returned the piece full circle." - Jonathan.

Comae CD $16
Rhiz (Austria) RHIZ009
"Formed in 1999, Comae [pronounced Co-my and meaning the cloud of specular dust surrounding the nucleus of a comet] is an on going collaboration between Robert Hampson and Janek Schaefer, resulting from a shared interest in sound/music and architectural space/place. Comae's hugely atmospheric work explores sound improvisation woven with abstracted elemental sound sources and vinyl deconstruction. Utilizing electroacoustic and concrete composition, the primary function of the group is to construct and inhabit exploratory and exquisite sound environments with or within unconventional context. Taking their inspiration from science, deterioration and chance without a preset in sight their work is focused on stripping away and replacing the present.
Robert Hampson is the founding member of both
Main [1990-present] and the guitar band Loop [1984-1989]. Using acousmatic and electro-acousitc treatments bound with organic/elemental source material his sound design projects have focused on the inner realms of undiscovered places, be they real or imaginary. Comae is a natural extension of his solo project.
Janek Schaefer trained as an architect at the Royal College of Art, focusing on the relationship between sound and place. Since then he has become best known for exploring an imaginative approach to sound production and retrieval most notably with the invention of his Tri-phonic and Twin turntables and his exploration of experimental vinyl cutting techniques. He was selected as 'Sound Designer of the Year' by Creative Review magazine [England] in 1999, and awarded an 'Honorary Mention' at the ARS Electronica festival [Austria] in 2001." - label description.

Comma "(voices)" CD $10
Metatron Press (U.S.) MPCD101
the vocal trio of Joseph Zitt, Thomas Bickley, and Matthew Ross Davis performing original compositions plus "Approaches and Departures" by Pauline Oliveros and "Song Books" by John Cage. serious music with a sense of humor. released way back in 1998.

Corpse You Luv CD $10
Ventricle (U.S.) VENT-10
murderous ruminations with mysterious sounds. yet another mysterious project from Kelly Thistle (Thistle, Steeple of Fyre, Minus Infinity, etc.), this time with Maya Terry providing murderous ruminations dwelling on the darker side of life. very dark, bleak, haunting.

Crawling With Tarts "Mayten's Throw" CD $12
ASP (U.S.) ASP 23
a diverse collection of proto-songs, motors pieces, stories and other uncategorizeable bits. primarily (if not all) acoustic, this presents a nice flow of diverse pieces, all of which are very experimental. includes guest appearances by Chris Jonas (frequent Anthony Braxton collaborator), Randy McKean, Krystyna Bobrowski and Frederick Lonberg-Holm. released way back in 1994 in an edition of 1000.

Crawling With Tarts "Sarajevo Center Metal Doors" CD $12
Realization (U.S.) RZD-019
"The three compositions on this CD, though quite dissimilar in sound and form, are united in the pursuit of musicality with non-instruments (and in one case, extended use of traditional instruments). 1-8 'Ideomotors' (19:52) is arranged in strict form for 24 found objects, each used to produce one tiny (but distinct) noise. Formally, 'Motors' (9:13) is derived in performance using a deck of cards. The sound sources are small AC motors, the shafts of which are turned against various metals and taught strings. And finally, 'Sarajevo Center Metal Doors' (36:58) is written for a quartet of non-specific instrumentation. A particular sense of background/foreground is explored, (mis)using violin, bass trombone, and lots of uncommon percussion instruments." - Michael Gendreau. among the uncommon instruments are doughnut mold and steel ball, helical steel strap, tiny membranophone and wire, tube roll on drum, tube drum, tin disk on stick, lamp shade and insulator, saw blades, window weights, 2x4 marimba bars, clay cups, door harp, mountain cup, radio grill, tin hoop on brass rod, paw chase, truck-flattened disk, vent bezel, kinked wire, and basket with sheet metal can. released in 1995, although recorded 1991-93, on the defunct Realization label that also did releases by PBK, Hands To, Due Process, Big City Orchestra, Thomas Dimuzio, Architects Office, Kapotte Muziek, AMK, Crawl Unit, Brume, Onomatopoeia, K2, Asmus Tietchens and Q.R. Ghazala.

Cremaster "Noranta Graus A L'Esquerra" CD $13
Monotype Rec. (Poland) mono026
noisy feedback mixing board & objects on guitar. "Noranta graus a l'esquerra consists of live performance and different studio tapes; or in better words, it's a combination of the energy and the presence on the stage with the different possibilities offered by a studio work. In such attitude there's also the shape of a new way of working for the duo, using new sound sources, composing from unstable sounds and moving from harsh to subtle and delicate noise. Somebody said somewhere, some time ago: 'Cremaster is the punk-rock version of the Rowe-Nakamura duo', and this may be true. After 3 years of silence, Cremaster are back to keep you awake. The choice and work on each instrument, due to the nature of the project, is focussed on the well of sound projection with a direct, raw and physical approach to sound, avoiding effects, loops or prerecorded material." limited edition of 350 copies. gatefold card cover.

Cremaster "23 November 2002" 3" CD $9
sound 323 (England) sound 323 [3]
third disc in the series of live in store recordings from Sound 323 (the first two were by Derek Bailey / Simon Fell and Keith Rowe, and the next was Sakada [Mattin & Eddie Prevost] and Akio Suzuki & David Toop). "Both Alfredo Costa Monteiro [objects on electric guitar] and Ferran Fages [feedback mixing board] come from the Barcelona improvisation scene and are active members of the collective IBA. The common interest expressed by the two musicians to research noise, made possible a collaboration between the two. At that point, the work on each instrument was progressively being more focused on the source of sound production, therefore rejecting, more than adding, other sound possibilities. In this context, the result is a balance between noise (understood as an addition of information) and the intention of extracting from this addition unities of information in order to be able to work on them together. Their approximation to sound is direct, almost physical, avoiding formal resources quite common in electronic music, such as effects, loops or pre-recorded material. In this way, the formal investigations that each of the musicians have developed on his instrument, creating possibilities where sound sources become unrecognizable, is what defines the global sound of the duo." - label description.

Werner Dafeldecker & Boris D Hegenbart "Eis 9" CD $14
Grob (Germany) GROB.319
"Dafeldecker demonstrates here once more how he dissociates his strict instrumentalism (dealing with the instrument as essential sound material) from his original instrument, the contrabass, and transfers it to others: guitar, percussion, found objects, PowerBook. Just as gropingly as definite. 'Eis-9' is above all the product of an intensive cooperation with the Berlin/Viennese electronic musician Boris D. Hegenbart.
Coming out of nowhere, he published the CD 'Hikuito' in 1998, music developed in hand made paper that came to fragile melodies once peeling away its (apparent) influences (Carl Stone, Oval). The groping and the definite flowed into the 'Eis-9' cooperation. Improvised music as symbiosis, as something that does not only come into being in the instant, but rather that grows. 'Eis-9' also means 'ice cream' is not an unambiguous fixed construction, but one that dissolves in various forms, structures, and, well, states." - label description.
packaged in miniature LP card sleeve.

Laurent Dailleau "Supersternal Notch" CD $12
Sonoris (France) SON-43
"'Supersternal Notch' mixes a rehash of extracts from live solo performances and studio work. Mostly performed on theremin and analogue synth (including a cameo by guitarist Dominique Répécaud), the music is quiet but tense. Live electronics music between the works of some pioneers and modern digital music. Laurent Dailleau is a founding member of Triolid and Le Complexe de la Viande. He also performs regularly with Helmut Shäfer, Atau Tanaka, and occasionally guests on Etage 34’s concerts." - label description. Dailleau also played on several Art Zoyd releases. he sadly passed away in 2013.

Das Synthetische Mischgewebe "Some Conceptual Obligations, the Usual Rough & Rumble and the Conspiration of Silence" CD $9
Pinch-A-Loaf Productions (U.S.) PAL-19
sounds cut up and deformed into abstract sound assemblages quietly rumbling along while twisting and turning. assembled by Guido Hübner and Isabelle Chemin with help from Jean Rene Lassalle. packaged in various color cases with wrap around sticker cover artwork and includes 15" by 19" black & white poster with texts. Pinch-A-Loaf Productions is long defunct and led to Ground Fault Recordings. this CD came out in 1998 and was one of the last releases on the label.

Hugh Davies "Interplay" CD $17
FMR Records (England) FMR CD39
duos with Max Eastley, Hilary Jeffery, Hans-Karsten Raecke; trios with John Russell & Roger Turner. this combines Davies' invented instruments with those of Eastley and Raecke (both with live electronic treatment), the acoustic instruments of Russell and Turner, and sculptures of Jeffery. Davies was Stockhausen's assistant from 1964-66, compiled the "International Electronic Music Catalog" for GRM, was a founding member of live electronic group Gentle Fire, and played with Music Improvisation Company, Naked Software, and Borbetomagus. building instruments which tend to focus on recycling everyday materials (one of the first was made inside the cover of an old encyclopedia volume), his focus tends to be on amplifying small sounds through simple electronic means.

Rhodri Davies "Trem" CD $16
Confront (England) confront 11
"Rhodri Davies: harp, preparations - recorded London 2001. 'Trem' documents the continuing development of Rhodri's uniquely innovative solo voice on the harp. The CD was recorded live during 2001 at All Angels, the series of London based concerts he co-ran with Mark Wastell. Rhodri's extended prepared harp techniques are rewriting the history of the instrument. Influenced by live electronics, music-concrete and electronica he explores noise, silence, texture and abstract sound on his acoustic instrument." - label description. gorgeous stuff. quite prolific, Davies has also recorded with John Butcher, John Edwards, Robin Hayward, Toshimaru Nakamura, Michel Doneda, Phil Minton, Max Eastley, John Tilbury, Simon H. Fell, and Zeitkratzer. Digipak.

Dead Machines "Live Dead" CDR EP $8
Maim & Disfigure (U.S.) M&D031
a short live recording of less than 13 minutes which is heavy on the audience banter that leds to a chant of "fuck the police". Dead Machines is the husband and wife duo of John and Tovah Olson. packaged in spray painted card sleeve with paste-on artwork. supposedly a limited edition of 100 copies, but this copy is unnumbered.

Martijn de Kleer "Flow" CD $12
Soleilmoon Recordings (U.S.) SOL110CD
"Martijn de Kleer (rhymes with 'red wine, beware') is the guitarist for the Legendary Pink Dots, and 'Flow' is his first solo album. A few hundred copies were sold at concerts during the band's tour of North America last year, after which it was licensed to Soleilmoon for release and worldwide distribution. The music is evocative and atmospheric, built on a foundation of straightforward song writing and uncomplicated vocal arrangements. Loyal LPD fans will be surprised by the contrast between de Kleer's Spartan approach and the more elaborate constructions that define the Dot's characteristic sound. 'Flow' is about nuance and subtle shades, about leaves fluttering in the wind, and the feelings of contentment that come from a simple tune played well. It's a man and his guitar, a few songs and sketches, and your imagination." - label description.

Christopher DeLaurenti "Favorite Intermissions" CD $11
GD Stereo (U.S.) GD019
the music and sound heard in the intermissions of classical concerts. “Why record intermissions? One duty of the composer is to expose the unexpected, overlooked, and hidden skeins of music woven in the world around us. Culling sounds from the world as a composition subverts long-standing, essentialist notions of music as comprised of notes, melody, traditional instruments (violin, guitar, drums, piano, etc.) and so forth as well as flouts contemporary expectations of abstractly agglomerated, musique concrète-ized sound.” - from the liner notes by DeLaurenti.

Christopher DeLaurenti "To the Cooling Tower, Satsop" CD $11
GD Stereo (U.S.) GD024
"In this, the 2nd release of the Improvisational Architecture series, Christopher DeLaurenti is very different than the 1st, Jocelyn Robert’s 'Cycloïdes'. At base a field recording, 'To the Cooling Tower…' conveys an aural phenomena that one typically experiences on a personal level. The journey through the tunnel is eerie, curious and mesmerizing. DeLaurenti’s interactions structure this phonography as a composition of place. The release is a physical edition of audio combined with the tactile. The cover is a letter press replication of a ball point pen drawing by artist Robert Lansden. The full size original work instills a sense of vertigo. When translated in letterpress the effect is transferred to the fingertips and synthesized differently. A compact disc release in a 5” x 7” sleeve with 4 panels and liner notes by DeLaurenti. Printed on letterpress by Middle Press, Brooklyn, NY. An aural and tactile experience in a limited edition of 250." - label description

Andrew Deutsch "Lung Cleaner" CD $12
Anomalous Records (U.S.) NOM24
"I created Lung Cleaner for Eric Lanzillotta when he was sick with a serious lung infection which lasted for months. I hoped to help him recover by imagining a 'sonic cure', an 'art pill'. The work continued after his illness and the notion of using metaphor as a compositional starting point has, at this time, formed the basis for all my sonic research and composition. Some other points of departure: digital structuralism, modular systemic processing, solitary parameter based interactive performance, image drones, contextual music, glaze/kiln music, analog/digital hybrids, granular synthesis, headphones, time grafting, modular synthesis, micro tonal clusters, moment clusters, destructive improvisational editing, rate of change patterns, logarithmic processing, filters, time sweeps, restricted randomization patterns, Iannis Xenakis, Merzbow, John Cage, and Gyorgy Ligeti. source materials included: wine glasses, baby toys, pure tones, bells, music boxes, gears, water, etc... track 2: 'Dizzy From the Cold Meds' contains samples of 3 unpublished early electronic works by Pauline Oliveros dating from around 1966." - Andrew Deutsch, 6/29/03.

Andrew Deutsch "Organic Fields" CDR $15
Magic If (U.S.) MI 11
"'Organic Fields' was produced using an analog synthesizer and digital processing. I set the synthesizer into various 'voltage control feedback loops' which caused the production of very organic sounds fields. The energy of the oscillators moved in loops like the weather, evaporation-condensation-flux-form-warm-cool. The works are dedicated to the 'power field theories' of Joseph Beuys. I hope to soon construct environments for the radio and internet using these sounds." electronic atmospheres very similar to Rolf Julius.

Herb Diamante "May I Light Your Cigarette?" CD $14
Abduction (U.S.) ABDT 037
“This debut release from the mysterious Herb Diamante will transport you on a naughty journey through his speakeasy of debauchery and sin. These eleven tracks of alcohol, tobacco, and desire are driven by his rich, golden voice atop a psychedelic showroom of sound. Herb Diamante is perhaps the most unique lounge singer around. He sings songs about eggplants, yellow kazoos, and delicate stilettos. Then, he'll 'hail the fish-king' and finish you off with 'a wasp in a jam jar'. The elusive Englishman has finally allowed himself to be documented amidst a career built of legendary 'word of mouth' appearances on both sides of the Atlantic. A long, tragic set of strange circumstances and sporadic insanity has somehow combined to create Herb's extended and sometimes frighteningly vivid hallucinatory universe. However, he remains a hopeless romantic and will forever pursue his difficult and evasive vision.” - label description

Thomas Dimuzio "Markoff Process" CD $12
RRRecords (U.S.) RRR-CD-15
a heavy fog of ambient noises. "'Markoff Process' features a series of concerts performed and recorded by Thomas Dimuzio during 1990 and 1991. All titles were improvised live using an interactive system of digital samplers and sound processors with realtime control - no sequencers or backing tapes were employed. Thomas Dimuzio plays digital samplers, audio processors, and MIDI Remote Controller (add analog synthesizer on 'Raohst'). David Prescott plays tapes and audio processors on 'Travelog'. 'Markoff Process' is a compilation of the following previously released cassette recordings: 'Lightswitch' (Gench, 1990); 'Songs Songs' (Realization Recordings, 1990); 'Remote' (1 Zer0), 1991)." - from the liner notes.

Dislocation "Carve Another Notch" CD $16
Scatter (Scotland) SCATTER 01:CD
free improvised noise from Japan featuring Fujio Kimura (electric strings), Yoshinori Yanagawa (saxophones), Toyohiro Okazaki (electronics), Keishi Kiyokawa (intermixed action and video) and guest Syohei Iwasaki (Monde Bruits). the first release from this Scottish label that was active from 1994 to 1998 and went on to release work by Derek Bailey and Lol Coxhill, among others. other releases by Dislocation came out on G.R.O.S.S. and P.S.F. Records.

Michel Doneda, Urs Leimgruber & Keith Rowe "The Difference Between A Fish" CD $17
Potlatch (France) P 302
Michel Doneda: soprano saxophone; Urs Leimgruber: tenor & soprano saxophones; Keith Rowe: guitar & electronics. "Two long tracks comprise 'The Difference Between A Fish', an oddly balanced album of saxophones - Doneda on soprano, Leimgruber playing tenor and soprano - and guitar electronics, by Rowe. A fifteen-month gap separates the recording of the 'The First Part' from 'The Third Part' but the music could just as easily be two bubbles blown from the same fish on the same breathful of water. Building up tension slowly through persistent, slight shifts of contour and color, the trio manages to hold our attention without actually gratifying it. It's like blowing a magnificently growing bubble with enough surface tension to repel a whale; it may be hollow inside, but we'll never know because it doesn't break. These two improvisations invite us to glimpse a world of decelerated morphing, where the state of being is a state of foaming pressure. Without a climax or momentous change of direction to overtly alert our attention to sonic developments, 'The Difference Between A Fish' depends on the listener's own ability to concentrate on the music, and on a willingness to be surrounded by sound, however unappealing." - Andrew Choate in Coda, January 2004.

Michel Doneda | Olivier Toulemonde | Nicolas Desmarchelier "Le Terrier" CD $13
Monotype Rec. (Poland) mono028
really out there crazy abuse of instruments. "Across the seven tracks here (all named 'Galerie' for some reason) the trio cover a wide range of dynamics, from rapid fire exchanges of pops, clicks and scrapes to gentler, more laminal, textural material. The recordings were made in the studio and so are beautifully clean and clear, so every detail comes across nicely. The music feels to me like it is in black and white, its refined range of grainy sounds suggesting minute differences in greyscale rather than colourful pyrotechnics. Maybe the sleeve imagery leads me to think this way, but certainly the music suggests the subtle shades of difference found in black and white photography, the beauty found in the small details. My favourite track is the second of the seven, which across its thirteen minutes shifts easily from whooshing bursts of noteless sax and tiny guitar chimes through to gamelanesque clanks and tinkles of whatever Toulemonde's objects might be, through to the dramatic swirls of boisterous activity that end things." - Richard Pinnell [The Watchful Ear, 01.03.2010] limited edition of 350 copies. gatefold card cover.

Double Leopards "A Hole Is True" CD $11
Troubleman Unlimited (U.S.) TMU 159
thick rumbling noise drones. "The first widely distributed release from new noise underground faves Double Leopards, and the bands most focused release to date. A Hole Is True smothers all light as it burrows into the bowels of the earth below. Chord organs, plastic toys, and wind chimes lurch along with cymbals, guitars, strings, and an assortment of menacing sounds." -Troubleman. mixed by Brian Sullivan of Mouthus. released in 2005, this label seems to have halted activities after 2009.

Dried Up Corpse C15 $6
Gnarled Forest (U.S.) GF23
Blue Sabbath Black Cheer side project. edition of 100. packaged in an A6 sleeve.

Dried Up Corpse / Slates C15 $6
Gnarled Forest (U.S.) GF24
Dried Up Corpse are a Blue Sabbath Black Cheer side project. edition of 100. packaged in an A6 sleeve.

Petra Dubach & Mario Van Horrik "The Adventures of Toon Scales" CDR $13
Bake Records (Netherlands) BAKE 025
last copies of out of print title from 2000 (Bake Records has ceased operations). "Two Dutch composers with a love for overtones, feedback and long strings. Recorded at Paul Panhuysen's Apollohuis, with whom they are closely associated. Partly they built their own systems and instruments."- label description. Mario is a member of Maciunas Ensemble. among the instruments featured are the Flexitar [two guitars joined with long piano wires and an elastic cord], Het Vogelbekkenstuk [two wooden beams with a string and a spring stretched between them], and Strip Music [two aluminium staves hang from the ceiling, each on a string and spring].

László Dubrovay "Symphonia, Harmonics II, Concerto für digital Klavier und digitales Orchester" CD $14
Staalplaat (Netherlands) STCD 087
electroacoustic and the electroacoustic possibilities of sound. microintervals, glissandos and natural resonances. Hungarian student of Stockhausen. booklet folds out into full color poster with liner notes (in German only) by János Maróthy. this appears to be the only CD of his music following several LPs on Hungaroton. featured are compositions from 1983 to 1992 realized at Elektronischen Studios der Technischen Universität Berlin and Studios für Elektonische Musik des Ungarischen Rundfunks. aside from the composer, other performers on the disc are Mária Kovalszky (synthesizer) and György Geiger (trumpet).

John Duncan & Carl Michael von Hausswolff "Our Telluric Conversation" CD $20
23five Incorporated (U.S.) 23five008
"The tools that the employed are common to their respective catalogues of recordings, with Duncan bringing his shortwave, data streams, and uncanny use of the human voice while Hausswolff employed oscillators, sonar, and wire tapping microphones. The album opens with the mechanical rotation of modulated sonar, providing a hypnotic pulse which slowly submits to an obstinate surge of rumbling noise, that in turn collapses into focused white-noise turbulence and tone-bent SSB transmissions. All of this abruptly detours with a protracted spoken narrative from Hausswolff who whispers a Pynchonesque text about a maggot-infested individual who seeks to remedy his affliction by communing with cobras and geckoes. Afterwards, Duncan and Hausswolff entertain the seduction of the long-form drone constructions; however, their sublime minimalism is so brilliant in its beauty as to be piercingly acute through the purity of honed sinewaves."
package in slipcase with 40-page book of conversations.

Ensemble SP "Ex*Implicit" CDR $14
Salikapalikaum (Lithuania) ESP-CDR
"great experimental ambience-project from Lithuania, worth to check out!" - Stefan Knappe / Drone Records / Troum. made exclusively for Drone Records in Germany, this disc was produced in a hand-numbered edition of only 33 copies. packaged in a handmade card folder sleeve.

Entarte "Fusion" CD $12
Firework Edition Records (Sweden) FER 1007
a duo consisting of Mikael Stavöstrand and Lotten Wiklund, the former previously of Archon Satani and Inanna, but obviously having developed greatly in recent years. the album is a very pure statement of electronic sounds pushing deep rumbling bass and other complex and almost static waveforms (illustrated on the packaging) from home made instruments, effects and other electronics processed thru computers. definitely minimal electronics, but instead of any silences we are confronted by a constant focus on one minimal movement in each track. of all the Stavöstrand releases, I like this one the best. it comes closer to what Leif Elggren does and that perhaps has something to do with Elggren releasing this on his label.

Ercklentz Neumann "LAlienation" CD $12
Herbal International (Malaysia) Concrete Disc 001
"Aside from the funny cover (partly explicated by a mini-movie contained in the disc), 2010’s LAlienation is a good album by Sabine Ercklentz and Andrea Neumann, who integrate the origin of their instruments (trumpet and a specially designed amplified piano frame) with cunningly sharp electronics. These procedures yield results that sound organically coalesced and entirely acceptable both rhythmically and compositionally. The artists pay attention to every single constituent of the electroacoustic ambit, at times giving birth to pulsing patterns emerging from peculiar superimpositions of disparate timbral specimens (including an espresso Bialetti machine, which gives the title to the first track). Mostly fending off the trivial wheezing-in-tube factor, Ercklentz privileges pop-fizz-and-clatter minute dynamism, which – magnified and duplicated in chains of changing shapes, or just enhanced by equalization – produce textures in which rich-sounding rough edges are coupled with a general sense of weightlessness (in this case, a positive trait). Neumann appears to be the one supplying the larger chunks of material for the lower region of the spectrum, besides adding welcome intrusions of springing metal and humming ominousness, but the emissions are so well jumbled that it is often infeasible – and ultimately futile – to recognize who does what. This interesting concoction of deceptively elemental structures and composite resonances releases bewitching scents little by little, and is a pleasure to listen to."- Massimo Ricci.
packaged in gatefold cover.

EXIAS-J Electric Conception "Balance of Chaos" CD $17
P.S.F. Records (Japan) PSFD 154
"Thrilling document of seriously wired Japanese improv collective, raising electric ghosts and phantom sonorities live in New York. Exias-J (short for Experimental Improviser's Association of Japan) have been around since 2000, and this is their second release on PSF. The group express a dedication to bringing the sounds of classic Euro free improv into collision with free jazz, minimalism, electronic music, scalp-raising rock improv and a dozen other musical discourses. 'Balance of Chaos' captures the collective, in a number of shifting trio and quintet permutations, live on their first tour of the US in the autumn of 2003. The stated aims of the collective's 'electric conception' is to disrupt traditional instrumental hierarchies through the application of electro-acoustics. However, that pat explanation gives little sense of the kinetic physicality, knife-edge tensions, and complex structural density embodied in these thrilling performances (though the whooping and hollering audiences were clearly feeling it). If you have any bottomless holes in your musical history that need filling, these boys and their diachronic spades will more than do the job." - Alan Cummings.

Francis Faber "Ecce Femina" 3" CD $10
La Grande Fabrique (France) LGF 002
Francis Facon reads excerpts from Jean Pierre Faye's "Cuisses de Verrerie" (which appears to be a section of his "Syeeda") set to electroacoustic sound collage and cello (played by Laurence Allalah). record collectors might recognize Faye from his appearance on the "Polyphonix 1" LP, but he is best known as a philosopher, at times in opposition to Jacques Derrida. very dramatic and powerful. packaged in die-cut gatefold sleeve with artwork by Sabine Bouckaert.

Jean-Luc Fafchamps "Attrition" CD $14
Sub Rosa (Belgium) SR56
"Jean-Luc Fafchamps is born in Brussels in 196. He studied economics and music cum laude. He established a reputation as piano virtuoso (from Liszt and Debussy to Cage and Scelsi). In 1989, he founded the Bureau des Pianistes (with Laurence Cornez, Kaat de Windt, Stephane Ginsburgh and Jean-Luc Plouvier). Since the beginning of the 90's, he has devoted himself to composing, first for one or more pianos, then for string instruments and voice - using physical systems based on the chaos theory.
As a composer, his first opus is
Attrition which includes: Quatuor pour 2 pianos, interpreted by the Bureau des Pianistes - a piece starting from the original chaos which ends with irresistible rhythmical violence. Attrition - string octuor octet performed by the Balanescu Quartet (known for their collaboration with Michael Nyman and for being the opening part of Pet Shop Boys!) and the Quadro Quartet (whose first album was released on Factory Classic). Dynamique pour 2 pianos is a mystically incandescent piece interpreted by Laurence Cornez and Jean-Luc Fafchamps himself. Der Einsame for solo voice, a melancholy piece interpreted by Martine Kivits." - label description.

Faust CD $23
Polydor (Japan) POCP 2404
Faust burst onto the 'Krautrock' scene in 1971 with this debut LP originally pressed on clear vinyl with a clear sleeve with only an x-ray image of a fist (which is 'faust' in German). the group had been groomed by music journalist Uwe Nettelbeck to be the next big thing selling the idea to Polydor in a big way. the major label actually put the 6 piece band up in the German countryside with their own living quarters and recording studio, as well as the engineer Kurt Graupner. able to play and record whenever the mood struck them, they developed a unique style and sound helped a great deal by Graupner who was not only able to record the band, but also built custom 'black box' effects to the group member's specifications. reportedly recorded in a very short time to meet the record label's demand for some product to show for their investment, this album is at once very relaxed yet also finely worked out in detail. beginning with radio static catching snatches of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones (Xhol recorded a similar beginning to their album a year earlier, but it would not be released for another year after the Faust debut), Faust launched into a mixture of classical instrumentation, wild tape effects, searing electric guitar, Dada lyrics, and propulsive rhythms. absolutely befuddling their record label (who gave them a chance with a second LP and then traded them to Virgin), the three long tracks "Why Don't You Eat Carrots", "Meadow Meal" and "Miss Fortune" in time worked their way into the consciousness of some blown heads as they had created simply some of the best experimental rock music ever. more so than their contemporaries, Faust stuck with opening up the field of rock music. they didn't go soft like Guru Guru, Amon Düül II, Can, and countless others. they stayed weird and did it amazingly well. thanks to Chris Cutler of Henry Cow and Recommended Records, the music of Faust was kept in print (more or less) over the years. however, Faust's first efforts never made it onto CD until this Japanese issue from 1995 as part of their German Rock Collection. packaged in a jewel case with the artwork printed on white paper (instead of clear...), this edition honestly comes off a little better visually than the CD included in the otherwise wonderful "Wümme Years" box set.

Gino Favotti "Electric Forest" CD $13
Motus (France) M398001
a collaboration between the elder (acousmatic composer) and younger (school boys interested in techno) resulting in a cross between the genres. an evocation of a futuristic forest utilizing treated sounds from the Barthelemy bronze foundry and the forest of Saou. Favotti studied with Jacques Lejeune, Philippe Mion, and Jean Schwarz. 24 minutes. trifold Digisleeve.

David Felder "a pressure triggering dreams" CD $14
Mode Records (U.S.) mode 89
"Each of these fairly large works, between eighteen and twenty-five minutes in duration, has some relationship to the poetry of Chilean poet Pablo Neruda, or to a brief, provocative phrase coined by Nietzsche. 'Coleccion Nocturna' for clarinets, piano and 4-channel tape, is a work of haunting isolation and nostalgia that is loosely based on the Neruda poem of the same name. 'Six Poems from Neruda's Alturas...', commissioned jointly by the New York State Council on the Arts and the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra, was selected by an international jury as the only American orchestral composition to be performed at the International Society of Contemporary Music Festival in Stockholm, Sweden. Like Neruda's cycle of twelve poems on which it is based, the music weaves together images and themes such as reverence for nature, cyclical aspects of regeneration, irresistible death and its accompanying transience of the individual against a background of the collective vastness of time. This is accompanied by a strong sense of individual isolation and alienation and a powerful feeling of loss and longing for a discovery of a greater identity. 'a pressure triggering dreams', was commissioned by the American Composers Orchestra for Carnegie Hall. The symphony orchestra is accompanied by an 'orchestra' consisting entirely of computer-processed flute sounds within the orchestral tapestry, and the orchestra is expanded by using live sampler keyboards, electric bass, and selectively amplifying solo instruments. The title is a rough translation of some remarks made by Nietzsche in Birth of Tragedy, where he spoke of the effect of Wagner's musical language upon the listener." - label description.
performed by
June in Buffalo Festival Orchestra with conductors Magnus Martensson and Harvey Sollberger, Jean Kopperud (clarinets), and James Winn (piano).

Morton Feldman "Atlantis" score $25
C.F. Peters Corporation (U.S.) P06906
a 22 page graph piece from 1959 scored for wood winds, brass, harp, piano, xylophone, vibraphone, cello, and contra bass. time moves horizontally, while instruments are vertically placed along the graph. at their intersection there is a number (or lack thereof in many cases) indicating the amount of sounds to be played on or within the duration of the beat. 22 pages, approx. 13" by 8.5", spiral bound.

Fibrillation "My Axis is Undone" 3" CD $6
Anomalous Records (U.S.) NOM22
"Holding a deep love of refraction in all things, luminescence at night, of childhood memories blurring with time..taking on their own significance through abstraction. Becoming aware of the animistic nature of the landscape via dissociative episodes, paranoia mutating into awareness. A series of dreams etching strong images deep into the mind long after waking, floating in dark blue water while looking at a glowing gold sky. The feeling of absolute *now* during an electrical storm. Using kirlian photography as postcards to communicate the vividness of a new space. All these things and more.." This collection of six pieces is the first official release by Fibrillation, following his appearance on the Anomalous Records compilation LP "Electrically Induced Vibrations". Constructed with great care, these will reveal many layers over repeated listening. Though he works largely in the realms of electronic music, no source is considered outside of his realm, and in fact many fragments of sound important to his life are incorporated in the complex weave of aural communication. Fibrillation aims to create a sound compliment to mental images and evoke important personal experiences. Each sound is in the place where it belongs to create the desired whole. So while initially, one may be taken in by the beautiful swell of warm harmonic drone that opens the disc, you will eventually find that below the surface there lies much more. Packaged in mini-DVD case with full color cover and insert.

Ellen Fullman "Staggered Stasis" CD $12
Anomalous Records (U.S.) NOM29
Over the last two decades, Ellen Fullman has been perfecting her Long String Instrument. This unique instrument of her own design is some 80 feet in length and played by literally walking through it. The resulting sounds are beautiful gliding tones with a rich harmonic content. The CD presents two works from her time in Austin, Texas in the late 1980's which beautifully display a sound you can get inside of. These long tracks envelope you in their cascading overtones. Even though she has performed widely in the United States and Europe, this is only Ellen's third solo CD, following previous releases on XI Records and New Albion. So hearing these gorgeous and important pieces from her archive is cause for celebration. "'Staggered Stasis' (1989) was commissioned by the Deborah Hay Dance Company for part 1, 'The Navigator' in Hay's trilogy, 'The Man Who Grew Common In Wisdom'. Microtonal shifts in the coloring occur in a staggered fashion, traveling on an axis of Pythagorean intervals, (the circle of fifths). Chords created by stacking 3/2s, or fifths, are referred to as 'suspended chords'. There is a flatness in this drama, what I imagine it must be like in the middle of an ocean, continually moving yet appearing the same. The four part score was plotted on a timeline. Each track was recorded and performed by myself. An excerpt of Staggered Stasis was released on the Aerial CD series. 'Duration' (1986) was composed as a 13-limit study for the Long String Instrument, in the key of C. The fundamental tone is continually sounded, under chords constructed with pitches from the overtone series. The intention of the piece was to listen to the variations within each chord, as it is sounded continually while the performer walked the length of the instrument. As the performer's position changes, one clearly hears a cascade of overtones. 'Duration' was never previously released. The original recordings were made direct to a PCM digital processor using a vintage AKG C24 stereo tube condenser microphone placed about 15 feet from the resonators." - Ellen Fullman. the cover features a photograph by Rachael Jackson.

Furia "Grudzién Za Grudniem" CD $9
Pagan Records (Poland) moon cd 59
"brand new full length studio album from after the highly acclaimed debut 'Martwa Polska Jesien'. 7 brand new songs of grim poetry in unique and original Furia style. full of emotions, variations and extremely potent black metal with excellent musicianship and a lot of originality. perfectly built and crafted monolith of atmosphere, cold hatred, nothingness, whirlwind of icy melodic riffing, blasting drums and evil, agonizing vocals. recommended for anyone into Taake, Deathspell Omega, Drudkh, Shinning." - label description

Bertrand Gauguet / Franz Hautzinger / Thomas Lehn "Close Up" CD $13
Monotype Rec. (Poland) mono024
"Gauget-Hautzinger-Lehn works to surimpose different sonic spaces: acoustic, amplified, natural or electronic, works to build temporal structures or architectures and works to generate the modulations of an open and combinatory 'chamber music'. Since about 1990 Thomas Lehn's central artistical work is live-electronic music, created on the basis of analogue sound synthesis. After a period of working with Robert Moog's minimoog synthesizer, since 1994 his main electronic equipment is the Synthi A modular analogue synthesizer combined with the DK-2 keyboard, both developed and produced by the British company EMS in the late 60's. Thomas Lehn's electronic music is instrumentally live-performed. Musical material, process and structure are created and performed in real time." - label description. limited edition of 350 copies. Digipak.

The Gerogerigegege "Senzuri Fight Back" 7" $4
Hachimitsu (U.S.) HACHIMITSU 100
sixteen tracks totaling a little over 11 minutes. recorded on 23.10.86 at Studio Penta in Gotanda, Tokyo on a cheap shit cassette recorder. vocals and bass by Juntaro Yamanouchi with drums by Tohru Maruyama. different versions of a few of these tracks were included on "Senzuri Champion" (April 1987) and "Tokyo Anal Dynamite" (August 1990). released way back in 1994 in an edition of 1000 copies.

Gerritt / Manpack Variant "Flash Vault" 7" $10
Misanthropic Agenda (U.S.) MAR 019
split of crazy noises. "Transcendent sound rituals and unexplainable detritus meets throat expulsion extraordinaire. Featuring Flash Pumper b/w Glare Crust. Either get a sharper blade or have a new one made. Limited edition of 150 copies."

Konstantin Gockel "Die Stimme der Schlange" CD $14
Logos Public Domain (Belgium) LPD 002
58 pieces for solo violin, 24 of which have digital processing by Guy De Bièvre (formerly of Let's Have Healthy Children). "By means of rhythmic in- or exhalation the snake produces threatening, noisy hisses. 'Die Stimme der Schlange' (the snake's voice) - a metaphorical title: In their ambivalence, qualities like good, evil, smart, sly, deadly, liberating, beautiful and inauspicious have always been characteristic traits of the snake in mythology and religion. With its rattle the rattlesnake produces a distantly audible warning. Suddenness and immediacy are characteristic of the '58 Songs'. They begin and end unpredictably and unexpectedly. They show no development. They are like fever dreams, taking place in a very brief, reduced real time. Their moods are manifold: ecstatic, manic, rigorous, exalted, deceitful, menacing and playful. Studies and masterclasses with Max Rostal, Igor Ozim, Hermann Zitzmann and Cecil Aronowitz. In addition to this he also studied philosophy. Grand Prix at the International Chamber Music Context of Colmar. Numerous radio and CD recordings, a.o. with Maria Bergmann and Eckart Seilheim. Concert tours in all European countries, in the USA, Canada, South-America and South Korea. More than 30 premieres at new music festivals. Many compositions were dedicated to him. His own oeuvre includes the cycle 'Fliehende Worte', which has been a work in progress since 1995." - from the liner notes.

Mats Gustafsson & His All-Stars featuring John Corbett "Sticky Tongues and Kitchen Knives" CD $14
Xeric (U.S.) XER CD 101
rather insane free improv blending Gustafsson's horns and Corbett's fractured manipulation of recordings (on the first half) and electric guitar (on the second half). "Swedish saxophone chameleon Mats Gustafsson changes hue in two extraordinary sets of duets with American improviser and writer John Corbett. In round one, Corbett collages shards of vinyl and disc into a series of vivid, peculiar, haunting collages; Gustafsson deftly navigates the absurd audio jungle, directly engaging with sound beats or donning camouflage and disappearing into the veldt. The second round offers a suite of intense, interactive, freely improvised short takes featuring Gustafsson on baritone sax and fluteophone and Corbett on electric guitar."

Sten Hanson "Autobiography" CD $12
Firework Edition Records (Sweden) FER 1034
pioneer of Swedish text-sound composition closely associated with Fylkingen and EMS, as a well as other sound poets such as Henri Chopin and Åke Hodell, Sten took time from May 1998 to October 2001 to set down his autobiography in sound. speaking in English, he narrates childhood events (Sten was born in 1936) which he mixes with wonderful electroacoustic sounds and interludes. quite an enjoyable piece, it is appended with "My Galloping Heart", an electroacoustic work based on ultrasonic recordings of his heart after a trip to the emergency room.

Roman Haubenstock-Ramati "Concerto a Tre" CD $17
Hat Hut Records Ltd. (Switzerland) hat(now)ART 114
"mobiles" and graphic scores by this underrecorded Polish born composer that passed away in 1994. "A fragile, transparent, fine network constitutes the vanishing point in Roman Haubenstock-Ramati’s creations. That is why his chamber music pieces do not merely result from daily compositional exercises, but are the virtual essence of his life’s work. This dynamically explosive, chamber musically delicate 'Concerto a Tre' in any case musicalizes at its most beautiful what Haubenstock-Ramati always had in mind as a social utopian dream - the free communicating of responsible individuals, whose independently articulated parts join together, despite their great variety, into a harmonically unified network." - Reinhard Kager. also includes "Streichtrio Nr. 1 / Ricercari" (1948/78), "Für Kandinsky" (1987), and "Streichtrio Nr. 2" (1985). performed by Ensemble Recherche with Melise Mellinger (violin), Barbara Mauer (viola), Lucas Fels (cello), Andrew Digby (trombone), Christian Dierstein (percussion), Klaus Steffes-Holländer (piano), Martin Fahlenbock (flute), Jacqualine Burk (oboe) and Uwe Möckel (clarinet). edition of 3000. Digisleeve.

Roman Haubenstock-Ramati "Mobile For Shakespeare" CD $17
Hat Hut Records Ltd. (Switzerland) hat(now)ART 118
"These four examples from Haubenstock-Ramati’s impressive oeuvre may convey an idea of the composer’s inventiveness in finding ever-new ways of creating 'dynamic-closed forms', one common trait links these (and many other) pieces: a penchant for small, fragile, filigree structures, for sonic miniatures." - Peter Niklas Wilson. pieces included are "Credentials or Think, Think, Lucky" (1960), "2. Streichquartett" (1977), "Mobile for Shakespeare" (1960), and "Liaisons" (1958) performed by Ensemble Avantgarde (conducted by Beat Furrer) and Leipziger Streichquartett. edition of 3000. Digisleeve.

Franz Hautzinger | Masahiko Okura | Tetuzi Akiyama "Rebuses" CD $13
Monotype Rec. (Poland) mono027
great bizarre sounds from regular instruments. Franz Hautzinger (quartertone trumpet), Masahiko Okura (reeds) and Tetuzi Akiyama (tape delayed electric guitar). recorded in Tokyo, 2004. gatefold card cover.

Heinzpeter Helberger "Musik" CD $10
London Hall (U.K.) docu 2
world premier recordings of compositions from 1960 - 1989. included are "Musik für Violine und Klavier", "Musik für Klavier", "Musik für Klarinette und Klavier", "Musik für Gitarre und Vibraphon", "Musik für Klavier und Sopran", and "Vater unser - für gem.Chor und Mezzosopran". contemplative and somber. "Heinzpeter Helberger is one of the most interesting personalities in the music-life of the Tyrol. His music is very much influenced by the simple life in sound harmony. Worldmusic from the countryside. Music of silence." performers are Peter Lefor, Heinzpeter Helberger, Andreas Helberger, Peter Rabl, Gunter Schneider, Andreas Achberger, Susanne Heyng, Tiroler Kammerchor Wörgl, Peter Gruber and Maria-Luise Erlacher.

Hiss "Zahir" CD $15
Rossbin (Spain) RS011
January 2002 improvised music meeting of Pat Thomas (keyboard/electronics), Ivar Grydeland (electric guitar), Tonny Kluften (double bass) and Ingar Zach (percussion). "Grydeland, Kluften, Thomas and Zach demonstrate glaringly obvious, if unconventional musicianship on 'Zahir'. Even if the brusquest sounds heard on 'Zahir' stem from their precise articulation and their impeccable sense of timing, two skills that cross countless idiomatic - and non-idiomatic - boundaries. At their most shrill, Hiss' methods still serve music's highest purpose, one shared by such disparate types as Olivier Messiaen and Jimi Hendrix: the movement of the listener from his or her quotidian mindset to an excited, open state of consciousness. 'Zahir' - which, coincidentally, is Arabic for 'open' - gives credence to Susan Sontag's observation that 'all genuinely ultimate projects become projects for the unraveling of thought itself.' Hiss certainly leaves much of the current thinking about the state of improvised music in a heap." - from the liner notes by Bill Shoemaker.

Manu Holterbach "Aare Am Marzilibad" 3” CD $7
Erewhon (Belgium) CDWhON012
"Manu Holterbach is a young French sound artist who proposes his many-faceted talents for already more than 10 years. He invents new instruments, spatialization devices and mutant loudspeakers that were shown around the world in diverse installations and performances, in solo or in collaboration with Sophie Durand, Pierre Berthet, Jean-François Laporte, David Maranha. He is working on a biography of the French composer Eliane Radigue.
Manu also composes pieces realized with natural and industrial environmental sound recordings, like the one we proudly propose on Erewhon, 'Aare am Marzilibad'. This piece realized in 2003 is a ready-made recording of a Swiss choppy river, the Aare, done with a microphone hermetically locked into a bottle. What you can hear is the sound of thousands of pebbles that knock together in the powerful stream. It illustrates perfectly Manu's focus on microscopic events and fragility." - label description.
packaged in gatefold sleeve.

Hototogisu "Under The Rose" LP $21
Heavy Blossom (U.S.) HB-21
"Hototogisu's first LP release on their own imprint Heavy Blossom. 'Under The Rose' is a pair of incantations for the dark and vengeful animal spirits. Sung in two parts, malignant coronation and origami skulls are blackened arias, dizzying vortices and canyons of screams, guitars and chaotic rhythms. Arising from this richly recorded and mastered vinyl slab come black tarpits of malevolence and savage beauty, harking back to a pre-Christian universe of animating spirits and tutelary daemons. Comes in a black jacket with a full-color photograph attached to the front cover and thickly inked silk-screened backs. Edition of 600." this was also one of the last releases by Hototogisu who stopped recording after 2007 when Matthew Bower (Skullflower) and Marcia Bassett (Double Leopards) split.

Hubbub "Hoop Whoop" CD $14
Matchless Recordings (England) MRCD53
improvisations by Paris based ensemble with Frederic Blondy, Bertrand Denzler, Jean-Luc Guionnet, Jean-Sebastian Mariage and Edward Perraud. "Hubbub means 'clamor', 'commotion', 'confusion' but also 'agitation', 'excitement'. 'Sound and fury', but also culture fluid and brownian motion: a name with many echoes in sound, in physics, in biology and yet nobody's name. It is a sign. The horizon which was revealed by such an idea of improvisation (since the very beginning of AMM) is entirely open. By establishing new continuums in the functioning of the group and the flow of play, from within the music matter-but also from between its inside and its outside- this music calls forth new dispositions, new organic contiguities. 'Hoop, Whoop' is not a work, it is a process. The only relationship possible for us with this process is a vital and passionate experience which opens up to it. What follows is no longer ours." - from the liner notes.

John Hudak "Sand Or Stars" CD $10
and/OAR (U.S.) and/16
"Comparisons between the sand of the earth with the stars above are many, but comparisons of this release by American composer John Hudak with his previous work are far less to be found. The first piece of this CD mastered by John's friend and collaborator Stephan Mathieu (Sirr.ecords, Lucky Kitchen, Hapna, etc), is unlike much of John's previous work in that it features sharp staccato percussive sounds suddenly dodging in and out, but nevertheless it still has John's 'endless' compositional sense written into it. A subtle sense of humor seems to be inherent in the piece as well, as if some of the sounds hesitate with indecision as to whether or not they should make their presence known or perhaps they are trying to avoid colliding with some of the other sounds. And upon listening to this piece, be careful with volume settings at first listen, because the listener will quickly discover another aspect of this piece that is unlike much of John's previous work: sudden volume shifts. This seems to suggest that the sounds are also changeable in temperament as well! The second piece on this CD is perhaps the most meditative of the collection with its muted midrange buzzing that jumps around within the stereo spectrum, perhaps being reminiscent of musical radar signals or sonifications of normally inaudible activity occurring in a planet's magnetosphere, all the while maintaining a benevolent warmth throughout. And what could possibly be described as the amplification of rolling ion particle blasts being broadcast via shortwave radio, tells us that we have reached the third and final piece of this collection of what could be considered as being among John Hudak's finest works." - label description. slimline case.

Hum "Flesh of the Soul" CD $18
Quag (Russia) twenty two
Russian drone ambiance. the solo project of Dmitry Chistov, who has also recorded under the names D.J. Shuher, Maw, Mikosterion, Nigredo, Small Town Zombie, Sphogha, and Transparent Agitator. he has most noticeably released a 7" and a 10" on Drone Records. limited edition of 300 copies. packaged in silver printed folder cover.

If, Bwana "31" CD $11
GD Stereo (U.S.) GD021
“'31' is the latest release by legendary cassette culture artist If, Bwana – aka Al Margolis. This album of electroacoustic compositions is built on 25 years of If, Bwana improvisations. Haunting, shimmering microtonal pieces are juxtaposed with compositions of reconfigured breath: flute and voice. Collaborators for this incarnation of If, Bwana include: Lisa Barnard (vocals), Jane Rigler (flute), Jacqueline Martelle (flute) and Tom Hamilton (Nord modular synth). Hamilton also mastered the music for production. Compact disc in a screenprinted raw kraftboard wallet designed by GD with photos by Al Margolis. Printed by VGKids. Limited edition of 500." - label description

Tetsu Inoue & Andrew Deutsch "Field Tracker" CD $12
Anomalous Records (U.S.) NOM 9
"'Field Tracker' was recorded at the Institute for Electronic Art, Alfred NY during the Winter of 2000. Inoue, utilizing his digital sound processing systems in combination with bells, guitar, and other odd sound making objects, constructed tiny improvisational sound moments each one having a shape and gesture of their own. These 'micro compositions' were at times highly abstract and noisy and at other times extremely melodic and calm. Many of these micro compositions were used in the production of his recent release 'Object and Organic Code', the others (almost 2 hours worth) were handed over to Andrew Deutsch who was to construct another release combining sounds of his own. Being responsible for the overall 'Auskomponierung' or 'compositional unfolding' of the work, Deutsch combined synthesized sounds, drones, chatter, loops and other DSP techniques to produce what he hoped would be a kind of 'Gebrauchsmusik' or 'useful music' that one might use in the home. The work has a notion of 'ambitendency' built into it, that is, the tendency toward change combined with an equal tendency toward stasis. The work could be described as 'meta-divisionism', 'Baroque Minimalism', or 'expanded systemic digital minimalism'. Sound works for our new recombinatory world." second pressing with black label.

Iolini "Electroacoustic, Chamber Ensemble, Soundscapes & Works for Radio" CD $15
ReR Megacorp (England) ReR RI
"Some will remember his two great small ensemble compositions from an earlier quarterly. This collection concentrates more on his (prize-winning) tape works and includes the great Hong Kong changeover cityscape 'In Between', extracts from works about Israeli whistleblower Mordecai Vanunu and Edwin Armstrong (inventor of FM modulation) as well as other radio works and three chamber pieces based on African rhythms. Enormous variety." - label description. features Steve Elphick (acoustic bass), Roger Dean (piano), Sandy Evans (soprano saxophone), Tony Wheeler (clarinet), Michele Morgan (vocals), Clive Birch (baritone vocals), Yolanda Podalski (soprano vocals), Jim Denley (flute, saxophone & flax), Philip Mar (saxophone, guitar, bass & violin) and Amanda Stewart (voice).

Paolo Ippoliti "Libera Una Falena Capodoglio Intrappolata Nella Plastica" CDR $13
A La Verticale de L'ete (Italy) ETE 001
"I worked in a distant wind, and at the end of the shift, when back home, we went out with the dogs in the deserted late night. I stopped at a point and picked up small stones, frail dried red boughs, crystals left behind by ghosts. You can find it residing there, in the tracks that you could listen by inserting this CDR in the player and pressing play. Finally out of the aforetold, I dumped the tracks from minidiscs to computer - and thought about it a day or two. If I can define 'La Tenebra del Mero Esistere' as the sickness, I can also hallucinate into existence, inside the one you have in your player, the cure. I tied it into the last track, the only composed one of all eight, as in a chaos magick rite, with all the whispers, all the little hits, all the little steps, telling you a story as everybody else would have sculpted you a statue, carving away from a single coarse block of infinite possibilities the exceeding matter. You can find the shy gestures of a scared person, and the superposition that the same gestures defined, resulting in the escape route, implicit in the design of the prison since the beginning. I looked outside of my window, and observing better, I could unveil the grey and cobalt blue that seemed to declare an incoming storm as the completely menaceless colour of something that approaches sunset, as natural: black in the horizon you have behind your shoulder, grey just above your head, then blue, light blue, a pale indigo and just a bit of red, on the farthest margin your eyes seems to catch. And some pale cloud, some uncertain flying creature, and the unmistakable sign of a big piece of metal, detached from ground and attrition, fading just as I write. The big marble block, that me and Laura found in a park at night, mic'ed by a couple of stereo piezos, got pushed on the ground just to listen to the beautiful sound it made." - Paolo Ippoliti.
packaged in handmade sleeve with insert.

Paolo Ippoliti, Laura Lovreglio & Davide Valecchi "A Lifetime in a Blink" CDR $13
A La Verticale de L'ete (Italy) ETE 002
"this disc springs from a bunch of improvised piano recordings made during the end of June 2002 at Davide's house in Dicomano. framework field recordings all throughout the disc assembled by Paolo using fragments from the Logoplasm archive (rain dripping furiously from roofs and tapping on glass windows, storms listened by metal poles, wind blowing into pipes, children playing in a valley, people moving furnitures into a van very early in the morning, turbulence, vibrations and cracklings of trees and radio antennas shaking in the wind, ants walking and screaming over contact mics, seawaves clashing against rocks, ghost voices scattered all over ) - captured by mono and stereo contact mics, standard stereo mics, minidisc and handheld tape recorders." - label description. packaged in handmade sleeve with burnt photograph.

Vikki Jackman "Whispering Pages" CD $16
Faraway Press (U.K.) FARAWAY14
nine lovely ambient pieces with names like "The Snow Queen" and "Sleep in the Woods". Vikki (no relation to Organum's David Jackman) has collaborated closely with Andrew Chalk, appearing on several of his releases, as well as one of the final Mirror CDRs. this is the second of her two solo albums. packaged in handmade mini-LP sleeve with spine card with Japanese translations of the release details. there are several variations on the cover artwork and this appears to be the 2008 CD version with the cover artwork taking up the entire front cover (the other editions have a border). apparently there are 150 copies of this sub-edition.

Joan Jeanrenaud "Metamorphosis" CD $12
New Albion Records (U.S.) NA 120
"In 1999, after twenty years as cellist of the Kronos Quartet, I chose to leave the group and began a metamorphosis of sorts in my musical development as a solo artist. During residencies in Hawaii and San Francisco, I was able to freely explore the directions my interests were leading me at this pivotal point in my career. During this time I continued working with composers. I began to improvise, arrange and compose music myself, as well as research, produce and present multi-media and performance arts. I became interested in not only the visual and conceptual presentation of music but also the sound world my instrument could inhabit. Increasingly I became fascinated with the layering of sound and the versatility of the cello in this exploration. 'Metamorphosis' is much of the music that resulted from this phase, being the soundtrack to the staged musical theatrical production of the same name." - Joan Jeanrenaud. includes pieces by Steve Mackey, Hamza El Din, Joan Jeanrenaud, Karen Tanaka, Philip Glass, and Mark Grey.

Jliat "Hilbert's Hotel" CD $12
Jliat (England) JLIAT9803
a long drone piece made from multiple FM sine waves: sequences layered from analogue and digital media. complex loops and improvisations which are woven together to create the work. the depth of timbre created by these layers once again has direct parallels with abstract field paintings. "Baha'u'llah bani is silent, this bhajan is the singing of the electricity. The humming of paravritti the subjectivity of electricity. This is not about anything except itself....some distance from the idea of music, maybe even a glass of water in an empty room, new wine, new skins, hear" packaged in card sleeve.

Jliat "Still Life #4: Rock and Roll" 3" CD $6
edition . . . (U.S.) edition x
a conceptual recording, although unlike a lot of historic concept art, this has been seen through to completion.
"One piece made by writing a word set to +32767 followed by 44,100 set to zero in PCM data repeated 480 times. The result, while not nearly as 'brief' as its now rather infamous CDR companion (the actual length is >4 minutes), nonetheless exhibits a similar sonic strata - a jarring digital disturbance which theoretically contains 'every frequency from DC to 22.05 kHz'. [These sorts of] clicks are sometimes used to test sound systems for that reason. The click is often referred to as an impulse, and the recorded signal in the room being tested is called the impulse response. From it the frequency response of the room can be calculated" - Nigel Orr.
"Under the heading of 'Still Life' I have put out work of a more experimental nature - in the past these have been released as limited edition lathe cut LPs. Recently I have begun to use a computer as the source of creating music or sound pieces. This process arose out of a posting on a news group - Jacob Jarnigon posted an inquiry to the newsgroup alt.noise (& x posted concerning 'All frequencies combined?'. This began a line of thought/inquiry which resulted in this recording. The nature of a sound file containing data set to its maximum value, i.e. all binary 1s was raised. This interested me sufficiently to write a program which would create a .WAV file containing PCM data set to either maximum or minimum values. Nigel Orr of The Underwater Acoustics Group at The University of Newcastle Upon Tyne amongst others (Wolfgang Schwanke, Francis Vaughan, Darryl & mk) pointed out -my poor physics! and that such a bit pattern would give DC- i.e. silence.
What I heard on playing back my first file was a 'click' followed by silence. The click was created by the initial jump from zero? to the value set in the PCM data. Any set of continuous values produced silence, random values gave white noise, blocks of alternating high/low values when even gave tones, when uneven buzzes and clicks. Over a few days the sound of that digital click made by my first PCM wave file stayed with me- from the silence of maximum values the click- a change in state of the system- represented the beginning of all possible other recordings. This began a line of thought/inquiry which resulted in a series of recordings of which this is an example. It consists of a four minute 3 inch CD made by writing consecutive blocks of code beginning with a single word set to +32767 followed by 44100 of words set to zero.
Other thoughts…Maybe cosmologically things are created out of similar emptiness, or a jump between two nothings, nothingness is also a mystical idea of the absolute. it is the source of a creation physically and spiritually. The emptiness of the holy of holies…the nakedness in the garden of Eden …John and Yoko's two virgins…the Naked Emperor in the fairy tale implied in the title of Penrose's book on the new physics…the story of the hoodwinking- is this how reality is created. The Danny Kaye song 'The King is in the altogether'. The King maybe naked when thinking he was wearing fabulous clothes, but perhaps this nakedness is in fact more beautiful in its essence than any superfluous decoration. So the criticism that there is nothing or nothing much here on the record missed the point, that this is true of everything?" - James Whitehead

packaged in a cardboard slipcase. limited edition of 300.

Arsenije Jovanovic CD $10
La Legende des Voix (France) LDV008
a beautiful anthology of this Serbian composer's works from 1977 to 1993 that should appeal to fans of Dubravko Detoni.
"A very abstract textured work reminiscent of Luc Ferrari. Arsenije himself denies that what he's created here is music in the true sense, really it's a sort of strange ambience and on such a level it's interesting." - Audion.
"This CD presents four compositions spanning 15 years. What we hear in the first two works dating from 79 and 77 are sound improvisations in a certain acoustic setting. The first of the two consists mainly of improvised percussion and processing of metal plates in a cave, the second work also includes voice and sounds more like a composition. This latter one clearly breathes the atmosphere of [Luigi] Nono's vocal works but by processing the vocal material Jovanovic turns it into an electroacoustic composition. In the third work too, dated 1988, the atmosphere is black as night. Chaos, imminent disaster, is what this work communicates. This composition consists of a series of scenes thereby creating an acoustic theater. Drama, I would say, of the blackest sort. The last work, 'Ma Maison' (1993), is a construction of sound that J. recorded at his home. Apparently it is nearby a harbor. We hear seagulls, ship horns, wind, but also metallic feedback, breaths, wooden percussion. It is at once the most desolate and most peaceful of the quartet that is presented on this CD." - Ios Smolders in Vital.
released in 1994 on Eric La Casa's label. 67 minutes. limited edition of 1000 copies. Digipak with 8-page booklet.

Junior Varsity KM "invalidObject Series (export)" 3" CD $11
Fällt (Northern Ireland) F.0014.0009
"Fifteen variable use audio modules. This release is limited to a worldwide edition of 250 copies." - label description 100 copies of the 250 were reserved for a boxed set of the entire series, making this individual title even more rare. the 15 short tracks range from ambient to rhythmic. this was the last release by Kenric McDowell's Junior Varsity KM after a string of EPs for Darla Records. after a long period of inactivity, he reappeared as the producer of Christopher Willits' "Opening" album on Ghostly International. "export" is number nine in the long out of print invalidObject Series from 2000 which also included releases by Pita, Scanner, Taylor Deupree, Steve Roden, V/VM, Stephen Matthieu, *0, Electric Company, Goem, Ekkehard Ehlers, Richard Chartier, Akira Rabelais, Pimmon, etc., which should give you an idea of where this disc fits in. 3" CD packaged in normal sized jewel case with design by Fehler/alorenz.
"If Harry Smith's 'Anthology of American Folk Music' attempted to preserve something of the land and the folk that was historically lost, the 'invalidObject Series', 360 tracks on 24 3" CDs by 'some of the most respected artists operating within the field of '.microsound'', is a strange reversal of that concept - an attempt to make the present disappear into its own electronic micro traces, to hold a seance with the non-existant." - Matt Ffytche (The Wire)

Jason Kahn & Asher "Vista" CD $10
and/OAR (U.S.) and/31
lovely drone from field recordings in Boston & Zürich. "The work on 'Vista' began in the summer of 2006 with recordings made by Asher in the Back Bay neighborhood of Boston. Walking through the alleys and side streets he recorded the various mechanical rooms, generators, ventilation systems and idling motors which were to be found there. These recordings were processed and sent to Kahn. Later that fall, Kahn sent Asher several pre-dawn recordings he had made on the shores of Zürich Lake. Asher processed these in keeping with the methods he had used with his own location recordings so as to create continuity among the amassing material. Unprocessed wind recordings made by Kahn in the Swiss Alps in the summer of 2007 comprised the final batch of material used on 'Vista'. Asher and Kahn spent the remainder of that year working on a final mix. Addressing the idea of hearing and seeing out and beyond spatial planes, title 'Vista' references both the aural expanses of Asher's home on a hill in the town of Somerville and Kahn's trips to the Alps and Zürich Lake." - label description. Digipak.

Ernst Karel "Heard Laboratories" CD $10
and/OAR (U.S.) and/35
What a weird CD.... This is literally field recordings of a laboratory at Harvard University. Just the ambiance of lab machines quietly whirring away and the occasional voice giving instructions for a test routine. I think it is much better snapshot than Francisco López's "Buildings [New York]". But that was a composition and "Heard Laboratories" is more of a document. There are various MRIs, sterilizers, centrifuges, nitrogen tanks, a scanning electronic microscope and even some tamarin cages. But it is all edited together in one long flow. Pretty unique. Ernst used to live in Seattle a long time ago and play with Blowhole. This is the complete opposite of that! "'Heard Laboratories' is a sonic ethnography of scientific research environments at Harvard University, made using Schoeps cardioid mics in ORTF stereo configuration and a Sound Devices audio recorder. The sounds of equipment, devices, and activities draw attention to the physical processes underlying scientific research, the work underway which provides a ground for our highly technologized society. In the name of human progress, enormous resources are devoted to and consumed by such activities, which are both hidden and taken for granted. Heard Laboratories brings this background to the fore. Heard Laboratories is a largely abstract soundscape, consisting of edited sequences of unprocessed location recordings. The liner notes list edit points, along with descriptions of the research each laboratory is engaged in, so that the listener may follow along and know what kind of laboratory they are hearing at any given moment. The work does not take a position with respect to what is documented, and neither endorses nor criticizes the research programs of the laboratories which granted access." - label description

Udo Kasemets "Pythagoras Tree - Works For Piano" CD $17
Hat Hut Records Ltd. (Switzerland) hat(now)ART 113
"Estonian-born (1919), Canadian-naturalized composer Udo Kasemets was a pupil of Hermann Scherchen and Ernst Krenek during his studies in Stuttgart and Darmstadt, and took from them a healthy eclecticism and questioning of conventions. Symbolically, these scores for solo piano can be seen as Kasemets’ equivalent of architectural drawing, focusing on specific designs of micro-detail with an intimacy of expression that suggests his vision of an 'open and unknowable horizon' on the path towards discovering 'the universal concepts embracing all life, not just music'." - Art Lange. first recording by Stephen Clarke, piano. edition of 3000. packaged in gatefold sleeve.

Dieter Kaufmann / Antonio Vivaldi "Concertomobil / Die Vier Jahreszeiten" CD $10
Extraplatte GmbH (Austria) EX 198CD
admittedly an odd pairing, this disc opens with Vivaldi's classic "Four Seasons" and is then followed by Kaufmann's experimental "Concertomobil" for violin, orchestra and tape. the Kaufmann was previously recorded in 1972 and released on LP with other works by Amadeo in 1986. however, this is a new recording performed by Elena Denisova (violin) and Collegium Musicum Carinthia, conducted by Alexei Kornienko in 1994. Digipak.

Luc Kerléo "Expérience de diffusion" CD $12
La Box (France) LaBoxBourges06
following his 3" on Kaon and a track on the Erratum compilations, Luc presents his first full length release of pops, glitches, and silence. the first track, over 38 minutes in length, is incredibly minimal low volume sounds with a dense low frequency character that can be felt more easily than heard. the third track moves into more audible realms of electronic music cutting between different electrical textures.

Jin Hi Kim "KomunGuitar" CD $12
¿What Next? Recordings (U.S.) WN0012
"Kim plays the Korean komungo, a 6-string zither similar to the Japanese koto. She brings her traditional technique and sensibilities to contemporary improvisation and teams up with guitar aces Elliott Sharp, Derek Bailey, Henry Kaiser, Eugene Chadbourne, Hans Reichel and David First for a set of searing duets."

Klangkrieg "38 cbm" CD $11
N D (U.S.) NDCD09
filtering and processing of urban noises with classical composition parameters, a freight container installation and complex collaged structures. one track is an homage to the old analog Korg MS-20 synthesizer. Klangkrieg was Felix Knoth (a.k.a. Felix Kubin) and Tim Buhre. they both later collaborated with Asmus Tietchens under the name Spiders on Phasing. special box with 8-page booklet.

Donald Knaack "Dance Music" CD $4
RRRecords (U.S.) RRR-CD-16
experimental soundtracks for dance by former associate of John Cage, Knaack recorded an album of John Cage and Marcel Duchamp pieces for Finnadar and also played on Columbia's record of "For Frank O'Hara" by Feldman. flowing and rhythmic collages of instruments, sounds and voices.

Dave Knott "Natura naturans" CD $12
Anomalous Records (U.S.) NOT 1
vastly underappreciated in the world at large, Dave Knott is highly respected and enjoyed by those in the Seattle area that have come into contact with him and his sounds. he has long running (as in over a continuous decade) collaborations with Jeph Jerman, Matt Shoemaker, Stuart Dempster, Sir Richard Bishop and Climax Golden Twins. a music therapist by trade, Dave studied to be a luthier (that's someone that builds stringed instruments) and plays very skillfully in many styles. this recording documents what might now be called a sound art installation, although unlike a lot of things with that label these days, Dave's "stringboards" were a part of the space they were in and not just some CD player in a room. quite simple and raw looking, the stringboards were complex aggregations of various types of musical strings often augmented by preparations in the manner of Keith Rowe or John Cage, and likewise revealed the same large array of non-typical string sounds. when plucked, bowed, strummed, rubbed or hit they could sound like any one of the numerous string sources (guitar, double bass, cello, etc.) or more surprisingly like gong or bell. and this is what is unique about these - the instruments literally are boards - the resonator is the wall and structure the stringboards are mounted to. they are part of the room they are in and change greatly depending on what wall or structure (one of them was attached to a railing) they are attached to. as they were installed for a period of over six months, Dave was able to visit from time to time and alter and re-tune them giving odd melodies to a strum across one board. ranging from about one foot up to eight feet, as well as in various parts of the building, the instruments offered up a small orchestra that could be freely played by other musicians and visitors. this should appeal to people with an interest in Harry Partch, Derek Bailey, Akio Suzuki, Jean Dubuffet, Hans Reichel, Harry Bertoia, Damian Bisciglia, Philip Corner, Hugh Davies (they once played together), Tetuzi Akiyama, Fred Frith's "Guitar Solos", Kazuo Imai, Gruppo di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza, Gravity Adjusters Expansion Band, etc. an overlooked classic.
"Now here's a find: Knott was first introduced to fellow improvisor Jeph Jerman as a 'guitarist', which wasn't entirely misleading, since his homemade instruments did at least occasionally use guitar strings. But these unpretentious slabs of wood have a frank physicality and grounding in space that the guitar lacks, and this record of Knott's solo improvisations offers a highly personal vision. Plucked, tapped, struck, bowed, rubbed, teased, it's easy to hear the unaffected thrill of invention and discovery as Knott pulls formless, unpretty pings and shimmers from the stringboards. Natura Naturans is a motley, playful encyclopedia of strung-out tension, ranging from jittery rhythm through to soft, washed out, glinting tones. At once ugly and beautiful, the music is always open, unpredictable and rather marvellous." - The Wire
"Most everyone should have this album and cherish its wheezing glissandi, asymmetric and atonal arpeggios, and discombobulated dances." - Bananafish

Jo Kondo "Chamber Music" CD $17
Hat Hut Records Ltd. (Switzerland) hat(now)ART 110
includes "Walk" (1976), "An Elder's Hocket" (1979), "Pendulums" (1990), "Aquarelle" (1990), "Winsen Dance Step" (1995), "Duo" (1982), "Words" (1986) and "An Insular Style" (1980) - four of which are first recordings. "Each sound must have its own entity and life. What I am doing in my compositions is to create a web of intertonal relationships, while trying to safeguard the possibility of aurally perceiving the individual entity and life of every single tone in that relationship." - Jo Kondo. performed by Ensemble L'art Pour L'art: Matthias Kaul (percussion), Hartmut Leistritz (piano), Nele B. Nelle (clarinet), Eva Pressl (harp), Astrid Schmeling (flute), and Michael Schröder (guitar and conducting). edition of 3000. packaged in gatefold card sleeve.

Jo Kondo "Works for Piano" CD $17
Hat Hut Records Ltd. (Switzerland) hat(now)ART 135
Japanese composer Jo Kondo has had several works released on various LPs by the legendary ALM label in Japan and was included in Aki Takahashi's wonderful "Piano Space" set. "The nine pieces on this CD [composed 1975-1998] are all that I have written so far for solo piano. Until this recording project was proposed to me, I had been unaware of having written so many pieces for solo piano, enough to fill a whole CD. Although the piano is one of my favorite instruments, which I use almost constantly in my chamber works, I never thought the solo piano could become a major medium for my music. In fact, composition for any solo instrument has not interested me too much, probably because of my proclivity to write music for instrumental ensembles, where interrelationships among the parts (or the members of the ensemble) play a crucial role. This may somehow explain the fact that the first two pieces on this CD, 'Sight Rhythmics' and 'Walk', were not originally written for solo piano." - Jo Kondo. edition of 3000. performed by Satoko Inoue. packaged in gatefold card sleeve.

Igor Korneitchouk "Sonic Habitats" CD $11
Old King Cole Productions (U.S.) OKCD002
"Wind chimes made of glass, metal and natural sounding bamboo alongside plucked piano strings mimic the play of the wind, while underneath play the occasional bird call and train whistle." a very nice gentle ambiance of 46 minutes, followed by a sparse solo piano pieces where the instrument is plucked and strummed rather than played melodically.

Kristoff K. Roll & Xavier Charles "La Piece" CD $12
Potlatch (France) P 199
a collaboration between electroacoustic duo Kristoff K. Roll and improvising clarinet player Xavier Charles with results between "pictures for ears", improvised performance and sound installation. "It has always seemed to me that music's most active meanings are those the listener wrests from it, interpretations 'wrought from social activity', as Simon Frith has put it. With social activity comes a host of histories - of identity, of circumstance, of listening - in my case, of almost thirty years of listening to electronic music, electroacoustic music and free improvisation. These broad genres characterize much of the music here. The improvisations of clarinetist Xavier Charles are by turns ruptured, invisibly mended and reconfigured by the 'acousmatic pratique' of Kristoff K. Roll. Those almost-thirty years seem to make this music mine." - Chris Atton.

Christina Kubisch & Fabrizio Plessi "Tempo Liquido" CD $12
Ampersand (U.S.) ampere10
another classic of experimental electronics, this was originally released on LP in 1979 by Cramps Records as the final volume of their DIVerso series. "Tempo Liquido" was a performance piece that involved slides, super 8 films, video, a "mega-loop" for four channel play back, sho, steel drum, children's carillon and glass sheets amplified by contact microphones. musically this was conceived as a piece with no beginning or ending, something a listener could enter or leave at any point. based around a theme of water the sounds continuously trickle in the midst of which the duo add a harsher sound by tracing shapes on the glass with a metal thimble on their index finger. packaged in a jewel case with slip cover, this edition features new liner notes from 2001 by Kubisch, plus several images from the performance not included on the original LP sleeve.

Christina Kubisch & Fabrizio Plessi "Two and Two" CD $12
Ampersand (U.S.) ampere9
out of print reissue of an experimental performance piece originally released on LP in 1976 by Multhipla, an art gallery, book publisher and record label run by Gianni Sassi of Cramps Records and Gino Di Maggio. the album has one section for each of the elements (earth, fire, air, water) in which there is a different duet of sonic sources. the idea was to come up with unusual sounds from common things and create continuous sound environments with them. the instruments used for that purpose are alto flute played with and without its headpiece, voice, cello played with an electric vibrator, swanee whistle, contact mic on electric fan, accordion, electronic metronome and waterjet on steel drum. these were projected live on several video monitors during performance. this CD edition comes in a jewel case with slip cover and features a 24-page booklet with extra photos not on the original LP jacket, new liner notes by Kubisch, an interview with Kubisch & Plessi from 1979, and visual scores for the pieces.

Thom Kubli "Mondok Spots" CD $13
BMB Lab (Germany) BMBLAB 03
very beautiful subtle drones like Rafael Toral's "Aeriola Frequency" CD. "mondok spots are the continual existing, organic soundstructures coming to an audible surface. Thom Kubli sets attention to size, shape and color of the spots and the mode they enter a perceptible state. all tracks are created with a halfacoustic guitar and a spezified effect-amplifier set up. limited edition of 300." - label description. in handmade cloth covered and embossed sleeve with insert.

Eduardo Kusnir "Lily" CD $17
GMEB - Chrysopée Électronique (France) LDC 278 1107
weird electronics in strange arrangements. includes a piece from the very rare Uruguayan compilation LP "Cuatro Composiciones Electroacusticas". no spoken texts except Francis Schwartz reading the story of Snow White in English on the last track.
This CD gathers several works composed most of them from 1970 to 1996 in Bourges. His title "Lily" which is a little enigmatic merits some explanations from the author : "But, who is Lily ? Nobody or, perhaps, this entire record and each and every one of its musical works. "Nobody", has a history, is a character from a story which is in the process of writing itself, whose chapters might (or not) correspond to the titles that appear on this disk : her end in the fire; one of her letters; a return ; her special relationship to the piano of Frédéric Chopin; her reincarnation in the story of Snow White..."

Kym@tik "Button Man for the City" CD EP $15
Non Serviam (U.K.) NON 002
seventeen minute sound piece consisting of the distant rhythms of machines and drones of large engines set against what sounds like playing along with water mysteriously interrupted by a man's voice and turning into more electronic processing. Paradigm Discs are probably best known for their CD on Paradigm Discs. this CDR came out in 1998 and so preceeded that full length by 3 years. limited edition of 100, each with a different full color computer generated cover image in plastic sleeve embossed with a small seal.

Kymatik "Dar-As-Sulh Vol.1" CD $15
Paradigm Discs (England) PD 15
"The name 'Kymatik' is derived from the Greek word 'Kyma', meaning 'a great wave', and was used by Swiss physicist Hans Jenny as a descriptive term for the effects he saw using amplified tones to manipulate/create patterns in fluids and powders. More recently Jenny's research has led him to use these findings in a clinical environment for both therapy and healing. These ideas and the use of ambisonic surround sound equipment are the underlying influences on this CD. On this CD there are both environmental recordings as well as compositions that make use of UHJ encoding to enable ambisonic playback. Of the compositions; the musical styles range from the use of dense rhythmic patterns to subtle shimmerings and a pure tone piece that sounds like nothing I've heard before. The short environmental recordings are spaced between the compositions and offer some light relief from the intensity of these works. One thing all the pieces have in common a strong psychoacoustic effect which can be further enhanced for those fortunate enough to have access to a UHJ decoder." - label description.

Brandon LaBelle "Music on a Short Thin Wire" CD $8
Ground Fault Recordings (U.S.) GF015
"Each track of 'Music on a Short Thin Wire' was produced by using two of the first eight CD releases by Ground Fault Recordings [Zipper Spy, Eric La Casa, Radiosonde, Government Alpha, Jean-Luc Guionnet, Lockweld, Jazzkammer and Crawl Unit]. Choosing the discs in order of their release dates, I played two CDs simultaneously through separate players, and separate channels, splitting the CDs to a single speaker (one CD left, the other right). Using the speakers themselves as the main sound source - the paper cone - I attached short thin copper wires to their surfaces. I then attached the other end of the wires directly to contact microphones. Playing the CDs activated the speakers, and in turn caused the wires to vibrate. These vibrations in essence are direct 'sympathetic' translations of the dynamic fluctuations of the music being played, though respond quite erratically. The following tracks are excerpts from these recordings; each track refers to two specific CDs." - Brandon LaBelle.

Brandon LaBelle "Techné" CD $13
A Bruit Secret (France) ABS 04
exploration of textures which sound similar to his work with Id Battery. Id Battery was LaBelle's collaboration with Loren Chasse (Jewelled Antler, Of, Thuja, Coelacanth, etc.). other releases by LaBelle appeared on Selektion, Digital Narcis, Meme, Sirr, Ground Fault, and his own Errant Bodies. the label that released "Techné" was named after a Marcel Duchamp sculpture and also published CDs by Taku Sugimoto, Toshimaru Nakamura, Tetuzi Akiyama, Sachiko M, Bruce Russell, Axel Dörner, Annette Krebs, and Andrew Neumann - a selection of artists dealing with quiet electro-acoustic textures. A Bruit Secret was in existence from 2001 to 2005. "Brandon LaBelle lives and works in LA. A musician, performer, critic, sound artist, publisher, he stands at the crossroads of various artistic disciplines, mixing his practices in a singular work articulating sound and social space. Through his use of contact mikes, the human body turns into a complex sound source, and the space where the action takes place becomes a musical instrument by itself. Brandon LaBelle builds his sound performance to reflect the site and the objects he finds there, found-art seen as a highly conceptual reasoning as well as a play in improvisation. The music of Brandon LaBelle reveals the social context in which it exists, or more precisely, it's the context itself that is designated as a musical event, through the displacement of the concept of authorship on an active social space. 'Techné' presents itself like the trace of a process where the physical body interacts with architecture via micro contacts. The technology is the interface of this contact built both on desire and the architectural constraint of the place (and its subconscious). A recording of Situationist poetry where the politics project gives its shape to the musical project, a radical noise." - label description (translation : Pascal Rivoire).

Brandon LaBelle "Text Equals CD" CD $12
Errant Bodies (U.S.) EB01.00
"This collection of recordings attempts to straddle that line between a semiotic wandering and a lexical return, between sputtering and speaking, noise and discourse, vocalizing and articulating, a line along which subjectivity oscillates." - from the liner notes. collects various text and voice based pieces, solo piano and noise electronics. packaged in gatefold card sleeve with 12 page booklet. released in 2000, just after Id Battery was winding up.

LHD "Lock Up" 7" $8
Helicopter (U.S.) H 53
heavy noise collaboration with John Wiese and Phil Blankenship (The Cherry Point). limited edition of 100 copies.

Licht-Ung "Kristall" 7" $10
Drone Records (Germany) DR-86
"Licht-Ung (German for 'glade') is the name of a label, art- (publishing lyrics, pictures, etc.) and sound project from the western part of Gemany with a very peculiar and rather dadaistic approach. The two pieces on 'kristall' seem to be based mainly on feedback- and metal or glass sounds that are carefully put together for a queer-sounding trip. Side A ('Listen to the music playing in your head') consists of humming, growling drones, low siren-like sounds and high-frequency feedbacks, powerful and absorbing and very abstract, while never turning into sheer noise. Side B (with the odd title 'Heute war ich bei den weißen Elefantens') delivers a crystal-clear noise chant and metallic overtones processed with obscure effects. File under: high-tension & crystal Drones. blue vinyl with black striae. covers with silkscreen-printed text & visual, silver-printed black inlay" - label description. comes with button. limited edition of 300 copies.

Dale Lloyd "Akasha_for Record" LP $18
Elevator Bath (U.S.) eeaoa28
"Rich micro-detail meets subtle emotional resonance in a spellbinding work created specifically for the vinyl format: 'When Colin kindly invited me to create work for his picture disc series, I decided to do so with the intention that the vinyl record format would be an ongoing contributor to the work and each copy would contribute different details by virtue of how each record was made and according to how each might accumulate dust, pops, crackles, etcetera over time. Indeed when Colin and I listened to each of the test pressings, we discovered that each copy did in fact add sonic elements to the work at certain points that the other copies did not; and variance also occurred according to the type of turntable, stylus, cartridge, and stereo system used for playback.'" - label description. limited edition of 216 copies.

Francisco López "Conops" CD $11
GD Stereo (U.S.) GD020
"Conops' is a work created from recordings of environments which are dominated by networks of insect sound. It is a composition of sound immersion that is not designed to represent reality, but rather transform it into a new sound universe, absolute and hyper. Original environmental sound matter recorded at multiple locations in Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, Greece, Japan, Senegal, and the USA between 1990 and 2005. Edited and mastered at Mobile Messor, spring 2007. Compact disc in an all white Digipak. Limited edition of 1000." - label description

Francisco López "Lopez Island" CD $10
Elevator Bath (U.S.) eeaoa11
"Lopez Island was crafted from original environmental sound matter recorded in Lopez Island during the winter of 1999-2000. The resulting composition is 51 minutes of both delicate minutiae as well as startling power - crackling, howling, and haunting. The small island in Washington state provided the beautiful, isolated terrain for López' gathering of raw sounds and, as a personal audio document (though clearly beyond mere documentary), the landscape has been expertly translated. A quintessentially chilling interpretation of the winter beach, Lopez Island is a worthy addition to López' exemplary body of absolute concrète music and, indeed, one of his finest works to date. Packaged inside two elegant printed sleeves of 100% recycled paper, this compact disc has been issued in an edition of 500 copies." - label description.

Andreas Martin & Christoph Heemann "Lebenserinnerungen Eines Lepidopterologen" 2 x CD $21
Robot Records (U.S.) RR-20-CD
"Unavailable for over 10 years, this new edition of 'Lebenserinnerungen Eines Lepidopterologen' ('Memoirs of a Lepidopterist') collects the collaborative and early solo works of Andreas Martin and Christoph Heemann as an extensive 2CD retrospective. Moving between minimalist guitar compositions, tape-music narratives, and an array of cascading electronics, each of Martin and Heemann's solo recordings blend seamlessly within the milieu of their collaborative work. While one can hear how this forged the groundwork for much of the late-period H.N.A.S. material, the work here took the vision further, and helped shape a path toward their respective solo endeavors.
Included are compositions from their first solo releases: Martin's 'Doppelpunkt Vor Ort' (1993) and Heemann's-'Uber den Umgang mit Umgebung and Andere Versuche' (1991), each originally released as small edition 10" vinyl. Also featured is a prime selection of previously unreleased material, obscure 7" tracks, and their collaborative opus from the (H.N.A.S.) 'Ach, Dieser Bart!' LP (1988). This deluxe set includes two additional tracks (not appearing on the previous edition), remastered audio, and fully restored visuals. All packaged in a beautiful mini-LP gatefold jacket with an updated 4-page booklet. Over 100 minutes of music covering the years 1987-2000." - label description

Elio Martusciello "Aestethics of the Machine" CD $15
Bowindo (Italy) Bowindo 01
"Attention! These recordings are very, very loud. They are dangerous to the ears and for hi-fi systems. Listen with caution. Moderate the volume control…" Bowindo is an Italian label founded in 2003 by Alessandro Bosetti, Giuseppe Ielasi, Elio Martusciello, Renato Rinaldi, Domenico Sciajno, and Valerio Tricoli. "Composed between December 1999 and January 2000. The musical research that I have undertaken goes beyond man's 'point of listening' (instead of 'point of view') to experiment what could be defined as the machine's 'point of listening' (the aesthetic of the machine). Therefore it is an aesthetic that privileges a 'beyond-feeling', the meeting with the 'outerness', with the 'totally-out'. The audio frequency field of this work is beyond the possibilities of our 'perceptions'; it is in fact in the range of the 'ultrasounds' (up to 20kHz) and the infrasounds (down to 16Hz). Throughout this work the sounds were generated at the maximum volume available for digital systems (0dB). Therefore this composition is totally full, saturated, without dynamics, with a volume level consistently turned up to 'fortissimo' (classical notation), just outside the range of human perception. What remains for our hearing? Only silence? However all that we perceive in this work is entirely the result of what has been discarded, the driftage, the limits of technology and our auditory apparatus; anything that springs out of those interferences, from those collisions, the clashes of those hyper-frequencies, their results, the difficulties and the noises of the sound-reproduction system (amplifiers, loudspeakers, filters, etc.) actually produced by the surrounding space (those objects that vibrate), our very own auditory apparatus and body (often it is not our ear but our whole body that feels and vibrates)." - Elio Martusciello. Martusciello has collaborated with a wide range of musicians including Iancu Dumitrescu, Chris Cutler, Tim Hodgkinson, Rhodri Davies, Mike Cooper, Z'ev, Evan Parker, Thomas Lehn, Alvin Curran, Michel Doneda, Eugene Chadbourne, Tony Oxley, Wolfgang Fuchs, and Jérôme Noetinger. now out of print.

Roel Meelkop "4 (propositions)" CD $9
Tariff Records (U.S.) Tariff003
"lowercase" experimental electronics with wide dynamics and sharp sounds recorded 1998-2000. there is a sense of composition underlying the four movements. occasionally there are rhythms, maybe pulses is a better word, but the majority of the disc is quite abstract. this follows solo releases on Korm Plastics, trente oiseaux, Staalplaat, Intransitive, Line and V2_Archief. Roel is member of THU20, Kapotte Muziek, and Goem. he has also collaborated with Ralf Wehowsky, Toy Bizarre, Giuseppi Ielasi, and Rutger Zuydervelt. this 2002 CD was the first release on the Tariff label, which was a division of Birdman.

Roel Meelkop "Oude Koeien" CD $12
Herbal International (Malaysia) Concrete Disc 1003
Dutch experimentalist Meelkop is mostly known for his very minimalism pieces, such as on bernhard günter's trente oiseaux label. He's also been a member of live musique concrète ensemble THU20, the popular noise group Kapotte Muziek and minimal techno group Goem. This CD collects 6 tracks previously released on bandmate Frans de Waard's Korm Plastics label only on vinyl, plus 1 from a bonus 7" on Moloko+ and 1 exclusive to this CD. So this is the first time any of this has been on CD, and besides which most of the original releases were in editions of around 100 to 250. The music itself combines short bursts of sound with silences for a concentrated listening experience. Often his sources are hard to guess, but 3 of the tracks were featured on a 10" in the Korg Plastic series which called for using only Korg synths. Still hardly your usual results from that famous analog gear. Packaged in gatefold sleeve.

Roel Meelkop + Toy Bizarre "4 Pieces" CD $12
Kaon (France) oc99
a collection of delicate electroacoustic compositions based around field recordings. of the four pieces, one is by Roel solo, one by Roel with Toy Bizarre and the last 2 by Toy Bizarre alone. very carefully composed and full of rich detail, these pieces range from the small sounds to forceful.
"Roel's solo piece is of the usual high Meelkopian standard. It dwells for a great part on (partly processed) environment recordings. Slowly the whole piece is torn apart and small sounds remain. Then samples take over. The collaborative track is cleverly placed after this one: familiar sounds from the first piece return. If I understood correctly this is a linear track: each artist got equal parts and on hard disc it's put together. Small bit of Meelkop, small bit of Toy Bizarre, small of Meelkop, etc. It turns out to be a somewhat more electronic piece with various interceptions. From the two Toy Bizarre pieces I'd like the first best: high cracks and clicks, with sine wave sounds. In the second piece there are these 'thumbling sampled sounds' which sound like the 'old' academic stuff with today's means. The second part of the track makes it up I think. But fine CD, well carried out."
Frans de Waard from Vital Weekly 208

Bruno Meillier & Toshimaru Nakamura "Siphono" CD $16
SMI (France) NM 210
five duet recordings of feedback and loops not creating a manic wall of noise as that paring might suggest, but an ever varying textural palate with time and space to listen to the individual elements that appear and disappear. with great titles like "mushi mushi allo". Meillier was a member of Etron Fou Leloublan and Les I. Nakamura is famous for his no-input mixing board. they performed these duets in 1999 and 2000. packaged in matte recycled paper sleeve.

Daniel Menche "Creatures of Cadence" CD $12
Crouton Music / Longbox Recordings (U.S.) CROU32 / LBT040
in contrast to his earlier style, this CD features identifiable acoustic instruments [cello, horns, zither, stick, American Indian Drums] as sources. while there are some delicate static textures, these alternate with more intense soundscapes. "'Creatures of Cadence' finds Menche in full exploratory mode; excavating well-concealed networks of sonorous information through a systematic deconstruction of drone and pulse. in the process, he further erases any perceived division between hearing / feeling and performer / instrument. the result, if consumed at the appropriate amplitude, is nothing less than a sixty minute journey through a voluptuous and pristine mania. Released in an edition of 500, including three full color inserts and overwrap with images of detailed bird drawings peppered with a whisper of the disturbing by Eric Stotik." - label description. packaged in diamond-shaped fold-over cover with a text insert, three full color inserts, and a black paper sleeve for the CD itself.

Daniel Menche "Wings on Fire" CD $16
Tantric-Harmonies (Russia) TANTRA X33
intense percussion becoming noise drone. limited edition of 555 copies. packaged in full color gatefold cardboard sleeve. this disc was released in 2005 and appears to be out of print now. this label was active from 2000 until 2008. they also released discs by Muslimgauze, Bad Sector, Maeror Tri, Merzbow, Beequeen, Rapoon and Necrophorus.

Merzbow "Life Performance" CD $13
Cold Spring (U.K.) CSR218CD
"Over an hour of best analogue material from the King of Japanese noise. Reissue of an extremely rare cassette, dating back to 1985, originally released by Merzbow's own label ZSF Produkt, and in France by Le Syndicat. All tracks made for 'Nil-Vagina Mail-Action February 85'. Recorded at Merz-bau Studio, and not ‘live' as the title would suggest. All material taken from the original master tapes and remastered for 2016." - label description

Misère et Cordes "Au Ni Kita" CD $13
Potlatch (France) P 101
a French quartet of guitarists (Pascal Battus, Emmanuel Petit, Dominique Répécaud and Camel Zekri) recorded in 1999. "Created in 1998, Misère et Cordes is one of the rarest guitar quartet in the world to play uncompromising music. Truly non-idiomatic and is played by widely experienced musicians with multiple trajectories. From experimental music with Pascal Battus and contemporary music with Emmanuel Petit, to avant-rock with Dominique Répécaud and traditional music with Camel Zekri." - label description. includes English 'liner notes' by Keith Rowe, which are essentially a type of poetry listing off words of association, and French notes by Laurent Dailleau. "In the language of the Solomon Islands, it seems, 'Au Ni Kita' means music for guitars; and this is indeed music for guitars. Four of them - two electric, two acoustic. The players keep each voice distinct rather than creating a homogenized ensemble sound. Approaches vary according to the styles of the individual players, but generally the guitar is viewed as a sound-generating machine rather than a mere instrument. No tunes, then, but an intriguing mesh of clicks, buzzes, scrapes and other elements from the extended vocabulary." - Julian Cowley, The Wire, August 2001.

Kiyoshi Mizutani / Hideaki Shimada / Kiyoharu Kuwayama "Gambetta" CD $13
Monochrome Vision (Russia) mv27
Mizutani (feedback and drumstick) was in Merzbow, Shimada (violin and live electronics) is Agencement, Kuwayama (contact microphone and handmade electronics) is Lethe. "This unique collaboration of three Japanese musicians (coming from quite different music background) tends to be the most radical and uncompromising one. It's really hard to explain what it's all about, it's too alien and very far from any rational thought you can imagine. For the unprepared listener, it can be very uneasy and helpless experience, but for me, it explains the very idea of avant garde music in our post modern age." recorded 2001, remixed 2008.

Andreas Mniestris "Some Pieces" CD $15
Simona Sarchi (Canada) SSACD 02801
wonderful little known and unappreciated electroacoustic / musique concrète music. recommended. "He was born in 1956 in Piraeus. After graduating in Physics he began studying Music, soon to be attracted by Musique Concrete while, at the same time, his interest in free improvisation increased. He continued his studies in Electroacoustic Music in Paris with Horracio Vaggione and later at Mills College in California with Larry Polansky, Gordon Mumma and Robert Ashley. At Mills he has also studied composition with Anthony Braxton. After an internship as Audio Associate at the Banff Centre for the Arts in Canada he returned to Greece in 1991. Since 1994, he has lived in Corfu where he teaches Electroacoustic Music and Recording Techniques at the Music Department of Ionian University. The CD contains five electroacoustic pieces made with his technique of improvising tape using multiple loudspeaker spatialization systems. 'Trane' is a composition made with the idea to create a music project as result of the feelings that another music caused. In this particular piece, the source of inspiration was the music of John Coltrane in its entirety. The capacity, surprise, lyricism and spirituality are some of the parameters of Coltrane's music which are expressed with the alphabet of Music Concrète." - Anastasis Grivas.

M.N.S. "Incredible Noise Guitar" CD $15
NS (Japan) PAL-MNS
two pieces of electric 'noise' guitar, one of which is dedicated to Motoharu Yoshizawa. pure, unrelenting harsh noise from this solo unit that also had a 7" lathe cut released by MSBR Records. the person behind this project, Naoaki Miyamoto, has also collaborated with Kawabata Makoto and released a solo disc on Hitorri.

Moderne Nordeuropäische Dorfmusik "Berlin Symphonie MND 1968-72" 2 x CD $27
Olof Bright (Sweden) OBCD 14-15
previously unreleased historic recordings by this free jazz ensemble lead by drummer Sven-Åke Johansson. the first disc was recorded in Berlin during 1968 at Club Litfass where they had previously filled the piano with newspapers and set it on fire. on the set here, the music is what is on fire in a nonstop 48 minute piece with Norbert Eisbrenner on guitar and alto saxophone and Werner Götz on bass. these three people would make up the trio that is MND, but there are other players on disc two. for their 32 minute "New Nordic Light I" recorded by Swedish Radio in 1970, they are joined by Bengt Nordström on tenor saxophone. Nordström remains best known for producing the very first Albert Ayler recordings way back in 1962. for this session, Eisbrenner drops the sax and instead plays violin along with the guitar. likewise on the 1972 recordings from Club 7 in Oslo that take up the rest of the disc, Eisbrenner makes another secondary choice by providing vocals. also different on this recording is that Peter Dyck plays cello and Werner Götz doesn't appear at all. packaged in a Digipak, this comes with a 16-page booklet of period photos with liner notes by Thomas Millroth and Johansson's recollections of the Litfass incident.

Alfredo Costa Monteiro "Anatomy of Inner Place" CD $13
Monotype Rec. / Astipalea (Poland) mono016 / ast#0029
a micro-noise symphony of drones and buzzes from this Portuguese artist. he often collaborates with Ruth Barberán and Ferran Fages and is a member of Cremaster. "All the sound sources are part of Alfredo Costa Monteiro's domestic environment. Every sound is used here as it was recorded with no electronic effects or processing except for dynamics. Some sounds result from acoustic combinations of other sounds." - label description.

The Montgomery Express "Does 'Party Fever' & other songs of the Montgomery Movement" CD $12
Ikef (U.S.) IKEF06
reissue of Folkways LP. "The music of the Montgomery Express is a buried homegrown funk classic that always pulls in triple bills when original copies pop up on the fanatical circuit of DJs, vinyl freaks and wayward souls looking for the perfect groove. This is all for a damned good reason. This 1973/74 album was cut by a group formed almost overnight in an obscure pocket of Florida called Indiantown. 'Party Fever' is a record of smooth but lackadaisical funk, peppered with sweet soul, tight grooves, shuffle tunes and outright panty dropping music! Highlights include a stunning version of Eddie Floyd's yearning 'Gotta Make a Comeback' that won't leave a dry eye on the checkerboard floor and the deeply soulful tune 'Precious Wings'." - label description

Anthony Moore "Secrets of the Blue Bag" CD $14
Blueprint (U.K.) BP328
minimalism in the style of Riley, Reich, and Glass using only the one hundred and twenty different combinations of the first five notes of the diatonic scale. there are three variations on the piece on this album giving it a thematic unity as a listening experience. though not listed on this reissue, this work is performed by bassoon, cello, two violins, and soprano vocals. all were recorded live at Wümme [Faust's studio] in 1972 with Kurt Graupner at the control and Uwe Nettelbeck producing.

Thurston Moore & Marco Fusinato "TM / MF" CD EP $14
Freewaysound (Australia) FREEWAYSOUND 002
"TM / MF is a collaborative project for an exhibition. Thurston Moore entered the studio and improvised ten tracks w/ guitar, shoving it against an amp, laying it on the floor, sliding a bottle up and down the strings, among other methods of producing sound. Not only were the songs recorded but Moore was also videotaped to display this part of the process as an element of the installation. For his part Fusinato placed a piece of primed masonite on the floor, poured his signature red paint on it, and picked up various implements found in the studio as painting tools (a brush, roller, plastic bag, cheap brushes tied together and a plastic bottle) and created a distinct painting for each track, allowing himself only the duration of each track top cover the surface. the resulting tracks/paintings area tangible testament to attitude. Devoid of decoration and conventional technique they area testament to the simple and direct actions used to produce them. CD features the 10 tracks recorded by Thurston Moore and comes with a 24 page color booklet with track by track images demonstrating the process and wraparound page with installation image." - label description. this was released back in 2000 and only two other releases appeared on the label, one of which was A Handful of Dust's "For Patti Smith". it seems the label disappeared after 2002.

Moth Electret "Tocasen" CD $11
Diophantine Discs (U.S.) n = 19
droning experimental noise ambient. "'Tocasen', Moth Electret's second record, is an engaging and intense hour-long work of experimental ambient music. Landscapes of mysterious worlds are forged from a variety of drones, processed sounds, and other recordings. Within these seven tracks the sounds pulse and flutter through a beautiful and complex metamorphosis. Stig Berg has been recording music since 2000 as R|A|A|N and as a member of Aesthetic Meat Front. His first Moth Electret release came out on Mystery Sea in 2007. Housed in a custom printed color wallet. Edition of 500 copies." packaged in card wallet

m/s "Perturbation Field and the Equilibrium" CD $35
WrK (Japan) WrK002mlt
this was the first really available title from Minoru Sato and the WrK label, the previous release being a DAT in an edition of 10 copies (which was later reissued by Selektion). released in 1995, this came out at a time where there was little new sound art coming out on disc. the sounds are very minimal and static coming from an installation using fluorescent lamps and electro-magnetic field. signed and numbered edition of 300. packaged in card sleeve with original graphic cover and text sheets.

Günter Müller "Buenos Aires Tapes" 2 x CD $18
Monotype Rec. (Poland) mono025
minimal electro-improv with Alan Courtis of Reynols. "The first disc finds Günter Müller in the company of Courtis - on one of his favourite instruments, the 'unstringed' guitar - and samplist [Pablo] Reche. With individual roles impossible to decipher (for this listener anyway), the trio achieve an impressive symbiosis over the course of a single 50 minute piece, maintaining knife-edge control over low-end feedback as if they're fighting to hold down the lid on a pressure cooker. The track finally blows at around the half hour mark, its throbbing, seething assault then receding into a hissing aftermath disturbed by various concrète interjections from sampler and iPod. That the second disc is so different is testament to Müller's versatility. On three involving tracks he adopts a more pointillist approach, interposing discreet dabs of static and distortion between [Sergio] Merce (on empty four-track and WX7 controller) and pianist [Gabriel] Paiuk." - Keith Moliné [The Wire, #307, 09.2009] gatefold card cover.

Günter Müller "Eight Landscapes" CD $12
For 4 Ears Records (Switzerland) CD1445
German born percussionist Müller, who has been living in Switzerland since the age of 12, first came to prominence as a member of Nachtluft and running the label For 4 Ears. very active on the international improvised music scene, Müller has collaborated with a diverse array of talent. most pertinent to this disc though is his collaborations with Voice Crack under the name poire_z. although still credited as playing selected percussion, as well as MDs, iPod, electronics, and processing, this album focuses on subtle shifting timbres of wavering and crackling sounds. meant to evoke eight landscapes seen from the airplane during a flight from Colorado Springs to Chicago, the pieces here are wide open and spacious. this CD is a refined version of what has been heard on his collaborative discs on Erstwhile.

Müller Voice Crack O'Rourke "Table, Chair, and Hatstand" CD $12
For 4 Ears Records (Switzerland) CD 820
the quartet of Günter Müller (drums and electronics), Jim O'Rourke (guitar, piano and electronics), Norbert Möslang and Andy Guhl (both on cracked everyday electronics) met at Zack Studio, St. Gallen, Switzerland in 1996 to record this. in contrast to Müller & O'Rourke's duet recorded two years earlier, this album is much more subtle blending layers of strange sounds, buzzing noises, irregular pulses and distant rumblings into five organic tracks that are a beautiful expansion on the Voice Crack sound. features great track titles like "Fruit Pants" and "Hair Toaster".

Tham Kar Mun / Yandsen / Yeoh Yin Pin "Shàng" CD $12
Xing Wu (Malaysia) XW5002CD
This CD is split between three others who play together together in the group Zai De and are based in the town of Klang. Each of the three presents quite different work beginning with Tham Kar Mun's "Confining In Abstract Zero" for voice and objects in six parts. The suite is mostly very quiet, sounding like Mun is reading to himself. Perhaps we hear the turning of pages and breathing, though two of the sections feature loud rushes of sound. The sounds are very concentrated and fragile for the most part. This feeling continues on in Yandsen's "Lines" for acoustic guitar which is similar to some of Tetuzi Akiyama's minimal recordings. Through its fifteen minutes we hear much silence allowing each note to decay completely. In contrast to this, the final twenty-six minutes are taken up by Yeoh Yin Pin's "Funeral". Based on a field recording of a Chinese-Taoist funeral the music is full of lively cymbals and gongs, voice, drums, crickets and a few other things I can't positively identify which seem subtly phased. Magically dreamy, its my favorite track on this CD. The sounds hazily mix together allowing different instruments and sounds to come to the fore at different moments.
packaged in gatefold sleeve.

Roberto Musci / Chris Cutler / Jon Rose / Claudio Gabbiano "Steel Water Light" CD $16
ReR Megacorp (England) ReR RMGC
"If the Musci/Venosta records were about a wonderful method of integrating ethnic field recordings with live playing, the focus here has shifted to the sounds of the industrialised West, and the formation of an ensemble which performs live music to films. The score straddles genres, running the gamut between composed, improvised, graphic, atmospheric and avant garde movie soundtrack. The films were three silent black and white classics: Joris Iven's De Brug (1928) and Regen (1929), and Paul Strand’s Manhatta (1921). They deal with a level of abstraction that was pioneering for documentary film making at that time. Roberto Musci provides the sample's robot voices, strange looping backwards melodies, crazy voices from innumerable forgotten movies; Jon Rose hits a peak of improv violin virtuosity; Chris Cutler [Art Bears / Henry Cow / Pere Ubu] spatters the textures with electronically processed drums and percussion; and Claudio Gabbiano interjects with restrained electric guitar phrases." - label description

Muslimgauze "Veiled Sisters Remix" CD $12
Soleilmoon Recordings (U.S.) SOL105CD
"Veiled Sisters was first released by Soleilmoon as a double CD in 1993 (SOL 20 CD). It was received with great acclaim at the time, and is still enjoying steady sales nearly ten years later. Bryn Jones, a.k.a. Muslimgauze, recorded a follow-up in 1996, in which he reworked and recycled the materials into another album. It was delivered to Soleilmoon more as an afterthought than something he intended us to issue. 'Veiled Sisters Remix', as the piece was called, was held back from release at Bryn's request, with the reason being given generally that he wanted us to release something else that was 'newer and better', in his words. Now more than three years after his death, and with the continued consent of his family, we are pleased to finally be able to issue this forgotten gem of music. It's typical of its period, a time in which his work was reaching a creative zenith, but it stands out for it's unusual use of a single album as its source. In the time between the original 'Veiled Sisters' and the 'Remix' Bryn acquired and mastered the use of nearly all of the professional studio equipment that was so important to his later works. With this version he felt that he'd finally achieved the true vision of the album that he'd set out to record three years previously. 'Veiled Sisters Remix' was designed by Alexander Baumgardt, the noted German designer who designed 'Hummus'. Both CDs have a similar appearance at first glance, but they are in fact two distinctly different albums." - label description. Digipak.

Mux Trio CD $14
AufRuhr Records (Germany) ART CD 004
Lesley Olson (flutes), Olaf Pyras (drums and short-wave radio) and Michael Vorfeld (percussion and inside piano) present a lively sound with the energy and exploration of free improvisation. they perform "Here and There" by Stuart Saunders Smith and "Ryoanji" by John Cage as well as compositions by themselves and a trio of pieces based on Herbert Brün's "Floating Hierarchies - Trio 16.a.3". recorded in 1996, this release predates some of the better known works by Vorfeld on trente oiseaux, Rossbin, Esquilo, Creative Sources and Non Visual Objects. Olson has appeared on various recordings of works by Harry Partch, Johannes Fritsch, and Herbert Brün.

Kazunao Nagata "The World of Electronic Sound 3" CD $21
Zero Gravity (Japan) ZGV-019
Kazunao is the founder of the label Zero Gravity which releases the new electronic sounds of Crystal Fist, Dub Sonic Roots, Yoshimitsu Ichiraku, I.S.O., Utah Kawasaki, Masaaki Kikuchi, Toshimaru Nakamura, Nerve Net Noise, Strange Garden, Tagomago, Tamaru, Temdendam Suay, and Trio Rakant on CD in the latter half of the 1990's. among the other artists were 4 discs by Nagata himself in "The World of Electronic Sound" series. this third volume features 12 short tracks created with the ARP-2600 and Roland System 100M analog synthesizers created during 1998 and 1999. as a bonus, he has included a longer 13th track recorded in 1985 with the Sequential Circuits Prophet-600 and Korg Poly-800. released in 1998, this disc is long out of print.

Nappe "lp / tic" CD $15
SMI (France) NM 211
glitchy electronic with more vitality than the usual fair as the duo of Christian Malfray and Pierre Faure (later of Sun Stabbed) play with guitar, electronics, turntable and sampler, on two tracks actually improvised directly to DAT. the label is run by Bruno Meillier and has also done releases with Toshimaru Nakamura, Noël Akchoté, and Pierre Bastien. in matte recycled paper sleeve.

Seth Nehil "Tracing the Skins of Clouds" CD $11
Kaon (France) ao98
"The debut release from US sound artist Seth Nehil uses recordings of wood, stone, glass and metal in natural acoustic spaces to create organic tape-compositions. Without the use of effects or electronics, these sounds are layered into complex unfolding explorations of micro-tonalities and the interaction of sound-bodies in spaces. Surfaces are activated through dragging, scraping and rubbing, revealing shifting forms within a turbulence of dynamic darkly-colored sound clouds. Seth Nehil has been working with sound for eight years, for the past four he has been a collaborator with Erg (including MNortham and JGrzinich [who both provided materials collection assistance on this disc]) and Alial Straa in studio and performance work. 'Tracing the Skins of Clouds' is one result of a continuing dialogue within the Orogenetics collective, along with 'The Absurd Evidence' by JGrzinich/MNortham on Bobby J (USA). Seth Nehil currently resides in Austin TX where he also works on paintings and writing and contributes to N D magazine." - label description [1998]. packaged in nice gatefold sleeve.
"A great document of imaginary places never visited" - David Keenan in The Wire, Jan. '99

9! "none (-t)" CD $16
Matchless Recordings (England) MRCD54
"Improvisations with nine musicians in rotating combinations of players, which is represented by the play and re-ordering of each piece's title (anagrammatical plays on the word 'Nonet', a word originally intended to be the project's moniker). Over 73 minutes of complex improvisations, with Nathaniel Catchpole (tenor sax / elk calls), Jamie Coleman (trumpet), Alex James (piano), Ross Lambert (guitar / pocket trumpet / preparations), John Lely (piano), Sebastian Lexer (piano / computer), Marianthi Papalexandri (moving objects), Eddie Prévost (percussion), and Seymour Wright (alto sax)." - Monica.

No-Neck Blues Band "Gitanjali" 10" EP $14
Ri Be Xibalba (U.S.) OQ'EBAL 004
Long delayed, this 10" is one of two vinyl releases from recording sessions at the Chummery late in 2006. The Chummery was the Seattle home to Sun City Girls, Sublime Frequencies, Abduction, and The Sea Donkeys. In fact it was the last residence of Charles Gocher who passed away in there only a few months after this session. Making full use of the Girls' diverse collection of instruments, including an upright piano and Alan Bishop's gamelan, NNCK improvised throughout one day and night, with all proceedings being documented by a custom 16 channel mobile unit assembled by Ri Bi Xibalba. Together with live concerts in Vancouver, BC and Seattle the previous evenings, the recordings total over five hours. Distilled from this are the best of the Chummery recordings split onto two separate releases. The first is this 10", mastered at 45 RPM for the best fidelity, and pressed on 110 gram of vinyl. Using sundry stringed instruments from SCG's world travels as well as their own traveling set of instruments, the music has an air of delicate yet mysterious Javanese court music - a contrast to what SCG did with many of those same instruments. Of particular prominence on this record are the plaintive sounds of the erhu gliding through. Made up of seven members, NNCK's sound is never crowded and comes off like a well oiled machine moving with one group mind. When they put aside their individual selves and enter the music, the result switches over into organic creation.

Arne Nordheim "Epitaffio" CD $16
Aurora (Norway) NCDB4931
reissue of Decca Head LP from 1979. includes "Epitaffio" for orchestra and magnetic tape (1963/1978), "Doria" for tenor and orchestra (1975) and "Greening" for orchestra (1973). performers include Peter Pears (tenor), Peter Lloyd (flute), David Stranger (cello), Royal Philhamonic Orchestra, and Per Dreier (conducutor).

Off Ramp "Off Chance" CD $10
Ramp Records (U.S.) CD-5224
"high energy free improvisations that utilize electric string instruments, analog and digital signal processing, computer controlled synthesizers, digital samplers and original electroacoustic instruments. all recordings were made utilizing stereo miking techniques." the trio consists of Tom Nunn, builder of original musical instruments/sound sculptures with non-linear, random and ambiguous elements; electric cellist Doug Carroll who has studied with Stockhausen, Lou Harrison and Braxton; and Jim Hearson: professor, avid improviser, skilled computer programmer and electric violin player who has played with Craig Nutt a.k.a. Ron 'Pate. the original electroacoustic instruments on this recording are the Crustacean, the Bug, and the Crab.

Julian Oliver & Christian Bishop "Azimuth" CDR $14
Select Parks (Australia) select parks003
"#3 on the Select Parks parks label sees Christian Bishop of FMC and U10CELLS collaborate with Julian Oliver aka Délire. Described as a study of the azimuth (an astronomical term describing relationships between the horizon and a celestial body) these haunted and climbing compositions seem to find a place between the stratosphere and low flying satellites while twisting tides of bass indicate a groundplane below. Blasts of high freq, noise and small machines work like some strange mathematics that produce a kind of polyrhythmical sentience. Nothing like what we'd expect from the post-op death punk of FMC and the kung fu electroacoustics of Délire. Azimuth is melancholic even!" - Mark Harwood. Packaged in clear slim case with attached clear sticker with track listing.

Omenya "The Dark Meditations" CD $15
Tantric-Harmonies (Russia) TANTRA X13
"Eastern-tinged evolving drone from the quiet hills of North Carolina. Mark Davis, the man behind Omenya, creates contemplative circles of hushed beauty. A sometime collaborator with Robin Storey of Zoviet France/Rapoon, Omenya carries on the tradition of thoughtful, gauzy spirals of sound. Limited to 500 copies." - Monica. packaged in full color gatefold cardboard sleeve. this disc was released in 2003 when Russian releases of this sort of music were a new thing. this label was active from 2000 until 2008. they also released discs by Muslimgauze, Bad Sector, Maeror Tri, Daniel Menche, Beequeen, Rapoon and Necrophorus, which should give you an idea of where this CD sits stylistically. the Omenya project has only released three other albums, the first being on Klanggalerie and the last on Soleilmoon Recordings.

- 1348 - "Enthusiasm" CDR $7
Bake Records (Netherlands) BAKE 035
a mainstay of 1980's cassette culture, 1348 was the project of Jeffrey Surak who was also in New Carrollton and now records under the name Violet and in the duo V. 1348 mostly released music on Surak's Watergate Tapes, including a wonderful collaboration with John Hudak, but also had releases on other labels such as Korm Plastics and Sound of Pig, as well as tracks on many compilations. "Enthusiasm" was a C90 on Watergate from 1987 and features great clanking loops and ambient noisescapes. remastered and edited down to 72 minutes, this reissue rescues one of the classics of cassette only noise releases from the 1980's. unfortunately Bake Records has long since disappeared plunging titles like this back into obscurity.

Yui Onodera "Synergetics" 7" $10
Drone Records (Germany) DR-84
"Yui Onodera is a composer and multi-instrumentalist from Tokyo, who runs his own label 'Critical Path' to find 'new ways to listen to sound' and who is also active in organizing concerts, composing soundtracks for experimental films and in designing sounds for contemporary dance & Butoh. On 'Synergetics', he presents two tracks of very minimal and quiet oceanic drones, based on guitar and piano. The music shimmers like light-reflections on water in extreme slow motion, when single recognizable tunes appear. Music for full concentration and contemplation, almost feathery and warm. File under: Silence-Drones. blue-white vinyl. minimally self-made printed covers with inlay." - label description. numbered edition of 300 copies.

Orange Head "Right Into the Sun" CDR $15
Cha-Bashira (Japan) CHAB-CDR 002
Pol Mahlow used 3 to 6 record players with melted, warped and broken records to make this 67 minute disc. the five unedited suites have great titles like "Warped, Twisted and Turning" and "The Cat Licked My Records". they mash up Japanese pop in strange loops with plenty of record noise. packaged in a slimline case with color artwork. seemingly long out of print as this label disappeared a while back.

Organum "Feldzug" 7" $18
Die Stadt / Siren Records / Robot Records (Germany) DS33/SR09/RR28
when this came out in 2001, these were the first new recordings from Organum released in a little while and they recall some of the finer moments on the noisy L.A.Y.L.A.H. releases. limited edition of 333 copies. released in plain white sleeve. black vinyl. first side is 2 minutes 18 seconds; second side ('Stumpf') is 1 minute 12 seconds.

Osaka Bondage "Volume 2" CD $15
Shambala Records (France) shamb 98001
Osaka Bondage was a duo which lasted from 1992 until 2002 formed by Nicolas Marmin (also known as AKA_Bondage) and Arnaud Durand, and supplemented by Hughes Villette in their final years. they played more than 50 concert inside and outside France including collaborations with Michel Bulteau (Mahogany Brain), Voice Crack, Erik M, and Kasper Toeplitz. this 1998 CD sees them alone however using guitar, bass, prepared tapes, radio, and cheap electronics to create an improvised musique concrète that can also appeal to fans of illbient.

°Sone "Passerelle" CD $10
and/OAR (U.S.) and/29
"Documented on this CD is a site-specific sound installation / performance given by °Sone (pronounced 'osone'), a project of Yannick Dauby, Christophe Havard & Hughes Germain. The only sounds used were from within the walls of the building where the event took place, channeled and recorded using large transducers and then mixed and broadcast back into the main space of the building. Below, a (English translation of the French) description of the process is provided until a better one can be obtained. Make of it what you will... - A resonator creating an intense wall oscillation of up to 34 Hz of vibrations was placed at the center of the section refered to as the 'quasi-quiet zone', towards which was pointed a parabola diffusing the acute squealings space was filled of the very serious frequency coming from the wall, except for this point of very localised listening. - Space of the walls covered with glass a series of parabolas diffused sounds overshrill, directing their narrow sound beams towards the walls. The passage in this space implied the crossing of these lines. - Metal chimney, setting in resonance by a vibrator, which diffused the sweeping of a harmonic series these melody textures were conveyed to the stage by the zinc chimney. - Two perpendicular walls were put in vibrations by a pair of vibrators each one during the week, two speakers could at any moment come to diffuse sound elements of their choice on this device. A third adjacent wall closed again forming a 'U', making for a broad zone of listening from where one could not see the sound sources. - The bottom of the center foot bridge, was reserved for the installation of Larsens effect. A microphone directed towards the perpendicular hall and walls, like another directed towards the room with the parabolas, constituted the entry of the device. Its exit consisted of two amplified loudspeakers, directed in the angle of this space the Larsens were controlled using a table of mixing and were modified by means of computer. - The walls of the hall were covered with plates of expanded polystirene, truffées of transducers piézocéramiques. Two groups of plates created a kind of stereophony, very remote, with band-busy limited (800-2000 Hz). - The space of the hall contained suspended balls of polystirene (they also truffées of piézo). Listening was much more localised than the plates described above, and the busy one was shifted towards the acute one. - A low register box was placed against the balcony of the stage, which entirely put the space of the hall in vibration. - A metal plate (at the origin a balance) was activated by a resonator. - A metal curtain of big size, a case of transport out of plywood, and the picture windows of the entry, was available for a pair of vibrator mobiles all the devices of the hall describes above, were used according to desiderata's of the speakers: diffused recordings, installation of automatic or controlled systems, improvisation. - On the floor, in a tiny unlit room painted in black, was an opening for frontal listening: two pairs of plates of polystirene were laid out in the angles of the walls these plates diffused various sound fragments for the occasion which was recorded." - label description. Digipak.

Matthew Ostrowski "Vertebra" CD $11
Pogus Productions (U.S.) P21016-2
wild sound collages. "Former WFMU DJ, denizen of New York's A Mica Bunker scene, former Krackhouse (not head) member, and ARP whiz – now living in The Netherlands, having studied elektronische musik in Utrecht. At last, his long overdue first CD. Matt says: 'My music runs without stopping, and at a vertiginous speed. The architecture is simultaneity. …Not to perceive noise as music, but music as noise. This is a recording of a live performance: one member of a set of possible solutions. Vertebra is a computer program, an environmental construction, a scaffold, in which the activity of making sense and it's suspensions are not merely illustrated, but actually taking place'." - label description.

The Outer Sound Project CD $12
Ecstatic Peace (U.S.) E#86b
"40 minutes of found, encountered, and created music by NYC-based artists Jess Holzworth & Jutta Koether, drifting with handheld tape recorders through the streets of The Big Apple from May to November 1999. The sounds they collected were later processed and edited, becoming sensual, variable tools towards a personal and thoughtful art/action and transcending themselves into the miasma of the beauty of daily life." - label description.
"We as artists know and feel the true identity of sound from existentialism to our immediate surroundings. For us this was a project of triumphant research, exploring movement, sound, and emotion. Movement of our universe, the sound of this movement and the effects of them together. Culture of sound experienced in everyday life, while cruisin' and walking, a futile affair. A sonic field of power, a materialist activity, an instinctual pulsation from which aural pictures of social relations, far and close, emerge. Reaction, interactions, affections of beings and objects. Something that keeps us alive, picked up while walking, creating our songlines, seeking spiritual meaning in material space. Our dance and music, based on a temporary loss of self in chosen surroundings of sound. Those are our songs, ambivalently involved, detached, yet dialogical, interacting with what we found. Our seekers' trips through streets, spots, stores, a kitchen. We are creating some ultimate reality. Everywhere, there is life full of incident. We feel one is one's life. You can hear us working on it. Time's embroidery of blood, music, laces, laughter… and here we go: "walkin' on, leather, leather, leather... wawawa… walkin' on…" - Jess Holzworth & Jutta Koether.

Oval "Ovalcommers" CD $12
Thrill Jockey Records (U.S.) thrill 103
"The 6th full length release from Markus Popp (aka Oval) finds this world renowned digital mastermind extending the concept & musical platform of last year's acclaimed 'Ovalprocess' in every way. Exploring a spectrum of sounds between the abrasive sandblast of neo desktop rock (tracks 1-3) and the alienating, timeless splendor of DSP chamber music. In between there are unique excursions in folk electronica (track 4) and pop inflected wall-of-sound tunes that could only come from the mind of Oval. Popp describes 'Ovalcommers' as a 3D musical obstacle course, a friendly and accessible invitation to complexity. 'Ovalcommers' surprises with poetic and playful elements (organs and layers of guitar feedback), making room for understatement, sophistication and a new, almost absentmindedly casual atmosphere. Haunting emulations of processed brass, string and woodwind sections are carefully added to the otherwise still angular desktop rock. Listeners will leave 'Ovalcommers' with a new perspective on Oval in general, as Popp's strategy becomes clearly visible: A friendly, yet relentless fanaticism to experiment and innovate musically." - label description. Digipak.

Oval "Ovalprocess" CD $13
Thrill Jockey Records (U.S.) thrill 081
"'Ovalprocess' is a flowing, textured manuscript that utilizes sublime low end rhythm and directive pulsation in a manner that eases the listener into a soft and pillowy world dominated by electronic bleeps, glitches and moans. 'Ovalprocess' equally represents an innovative music software application, designed by Popp, as much as it serves as the core engine to an innovative Oval sound installation. The installation is centered around one or several publicly accessible sound terminals running the Ovalprocess application, rendering the exhibit a customizable, collaborative workspace. Making the installation accessible in a public space is the ideal aesthetic that Popp craves-he feels it is far more effective than offering a CD-ROM or another option that would make the application available on a more individual basis. The 'Ovalprocess' installation allows the public to use sounds that are found on the album to produce their own Oval-like music." - label description. Digipak.

Adam Pacione "Dobranoc" LP $18
Elevator Bath (U.S.) eeaoa29
"Dobranoc' contains more than 40 minutes of new music utilizing field recordings, guitars, shortwave radio, analog keyboards & Moog filters. Haunting and yet serene, overflowing with contemplative and melodic tones, these are mostly long-form pieces: 'Always' builds slowly into a monolithic block of sound, while in the title track, layer after layer of warm atmosphere appears and then unravels into a sea of tranquility. This is three-dimensional music, strikingly elegant, from a modern master of the art. This picture disc LP is adorned with Pacione's lovely full-color macro photography circa 1995. The colorful sounds and images are bound together into a unified abstraction, dreamlike in its beauty. This picture disc LP has been released in an edition of 268 copies." - label description

Nick Parkin "Entropolis" CD $12
Soleilmoon Recordings (U.S.) SOL112CD
"'Entropolis' explores themes of entropy in the city. It evokes a ravaged apocalyptic architecture of decaying machinery and metallic residues. 'Entropolis' is an imaginary city subjected to the uncontrollable forces of nature in which energy existing in the internal motion of molecules undergoes chemical and alchemical processes of transformation, corrosion and implosion. Since 1985 Parkin, who lives and works in Great Britain, has created works embracing painting, live performance, film and sound. Much of his work has centered on his ongoing investigation of land, and the elemental forces that shape it. He has created works as a performance artist for site-specific locations and theaters in Spain, Italy, Wales and Switzerland. Since 1993 he has worked exclusively as a composer / musician, creating more than ten releases on CD, as well as undertaking numerous commissions for major dance and theater companies. He recently completed an MA in electroacoustic music at University of East Anglia, and in 2001 he was awarded the prestigious first prize at Bourges' international electroacoustic music competition for his composition 'Magmas'. 'Entropolis' is being issued simultaneously with 'Geomorphic Resonance'. Both releases are strictly limited to 500 copies." - label description. Nick has also collaborated with Alio Die, Tuu and Z'ev and was in Stillpoint with Eddy Sayer.

Gérard Patris & Luc Ferrari "Les Grandes Répétitions" 2 x DVD $55
K Films / INA (France) dvd163
for a long time denied to exist by the INA [French television and radio], these lost films have finally been recovered and made available. created between 1965 and 1967, each of the five films focuses on a different artist: Olivier Messiaen, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Edgar Varèse, Hermann Scherchen, and Cecil Taylor. Stockhausen is caught in rehearsal with "Momente", a piece I never really appreciated until I saw this film. Cecil Taylor appears improvising with Alan Silva, Jimmy Lyons and Andrew Cyrille. the Varèse program is unfortunately only a tribute as Ferrari was ready to fly on the plane to meet with him when he received the news of his passing. but what a tribute! he got to talk to Marcel Duchamp, Iannis Xenakis, Pierre Schaeffer, Pierre Boulez and others, plus captured Bruno Maderna conducting "Désert". the spoken sections of all films are only in French with no subtitles, with the exception of Cecil Taylor which is English with French subtitles. the Taylor film is also different in that it is the only film in this collection in color. each film is between 44 and 66 minutes. European PAL format only.

Ben Patterson "Tells Fluxus Stories (from 1962 to 2002)" CD $24
? Records (Germany) ?07
the only black member of the Fluxus group interviewed in his kitchen by Sabine Felker and Gerhard Westerrath on 3/14/02. as a member of Fluxus from the early 1960's, his explainations and recollection of the movement are very pertinent. not one to leave things alone though, Patterson has added "Ein Heldenleben" by Richard Strauss to the tape as background music to make this more of a piece in itself. however, the music doesn't distract from the comprension of his speech (or his crumpling of paper as an example in one place...) at all, and despite 40 years living in Germany speaks very clear English (his interviewers of course have nice German accents). limited edition of 400 copies.

PBK "Life-Sense Revoked" CD $11
Lunhare (Italy) LIFE? 3
"The link between ambient and noise. Abstract turntable experiments, ambient textures, noise and song-form structures. Some tracks feature collaborations with AMK, Hands To, Brian Ladd [Psyclones], Jarboe, and Deaf Lions." packaged in full color folder sleeve.

PBK "Macrophage / The Toil and the Reap" CD $11
N D (U.S.) NDCD01
two sets of work showing hard and soft use of noise. features a guest appearance by Vidna Obmana on one track. recorded during 1991 and 1992. in embossed sleeve.

Nicolas Perrillat "Veillà d'hivé" CD $14
Collectif & Cie (France) mts 03
"The theme set up by Alain Savouret (a French electroacoustic composer) for two years in our studio of creation and research in electroacoustic music, deals with oral tradition and the handing down of the sensitive memory of a place (Savoie is a French area of the Alps). Perrillat invites the listener to discover the 'sound landscape' of Savoie. Through a succession of musical paintings, the evening (la veillà), the works of wood, the cutters of stone and the Alp pastures rise from our recollections. The sounds mix 'ancient' and 'modern', and change according to our own invention. We can also hear true, forgotten, transformed, reinvented stories told by old savoyards." - label description. third in the 'Musiques Tracées de Savole' series. 51 minutes.

Points of Friction "Sackcloth and Ashes" CD $12
Anomalous Records (U.S.) NOM10
"Points of Friction scrapes together a mind-bending menagerie of sound from the panorama of objects and equipment they work with. Their process-oriented artistry invokes apparitions of the ear, with multi-dimensional sonic textures that span from quirky, seductive lullabies to revolting sensual assaults. Points of Friction made contact in the extremely beige but earthquake famous San Fernando Valley, a suburb of Los Angeles and home also to the infamous Manson Family. Tim Alexander and Kenny Ryman (Paper Bag) served together as psychedelic altar boys at the age of nine. Kenny was from a musical family, so he had developed a set of ears from an early age. Damian Bisciglia (Agog) and Tim became acquainted in Cub Scouts around eight years old. Becoming reacquainted among a few self-described social outcasts at Los Angeles Pierce College around 1980, they gravitated to the art department where they encountered a cast of characters. Among these were the profoundly talented Jeannie Cohen (Sprout Mountain) and the profusely bizarre Joseph Hammer (Dinosaurs with Horns, Swan Trove, Solid Eye). Relieved and excited to discover other freaks, they soon evolved an excuse for converging: making noise. Originally inclusive and spontaneous, their noise was extracted from everyday objects, and recorded with built-in condenser mics on primitive equipment. They soon adopted some recording gear and musical instruments but no musical training. When Kenny replaced Jeannie, POF was born. Inspired by free musics from Beefheart to Harmonia, they met in Joe's or Kenny's bedroom to exchange sound and interact in private naïve noise/rock ecstasy. Originally released by the LAFMS offshoot label Solid Eye [who were also responsible for releases by Doo-Dooettes, The Romans, Tom Recchion, Dinosaurs with Horns, and Fredrick Nilsen] on cassette in 1984, Sackcloth and Ashes is the most electronic and perhaps most polished incarnation of this multimedia collective. The unorthodox exploration of keyboards, guitars, toy instruments, the assemblage of field recordings, noise improvisations, and tape loops tantalize the senses with arousing emotive power. The opus title track is a compendium of improvisational soundings and field recordings that include a chorus of squeaky swings, a cat's purring, snapping shrimp, a diseased lung, and cacophony on a yard sale card rack. Exquisitely abrasive and haunting tracks 1 through 6 yield to the perfumed machinery and melodious hypnosis of the remaining tracks. All were originally performed under cover of live film and slide projections with optical manipulations at alternative music venues in and around Los Angeles including Al's Bar, the Anti-club, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions(LACE), etc., and aboard the U.S.S. Cormerant ("Noise at Sea"), with bands such as the Minutemen, the Meat Puppets, Whitehouse, and the Monique Experience in the mid-1980's. Every piece on this album has such (currently archived) visual underscoring. Re-released on CD, the disc is lavishly packaged in beautiful silver and black in an eye-rattling multi-paneled silk-screened die-cut cover that undermines perception in the friction manner. The low-key intensity of Points of Friction may affect heart rates and breathing patterns. It is probably best listened to in a darkened room."

R.Y.N. "Whistle and I'll Come to You" 7" $10
Drone Records (Germany) DR-80
“RYN is a quite new British duo (with members also active as Marzuraan) and this is after few CDR-outputs their first vinyl release. Their drone-style could be described as 'power-drone', using solely field recordings (here: electric shaver vibration on bits of metal & refrigerator hum) for these two pieces presented here. These energetic sound-sources build masses of heavy clouds in movement that flood your mind away, pure metallic flood-noises that brings a most welcomed VOID into your head. Filed under: Power-Void-Drones. purple vinyl. hand-printed full-colour art sheets & silkscreened covers” - label description. limited edition of 300 copies.

Hal Rammel, John Corbett & Terri Kapsalis "Van's Peppy Syncopators" CD $10
Penumbra Music (U.S.) PEN CD003
abstract dialogues of acoustic improvisation with guitar, violin, voice, triolin, single-string snath, musical saw and percussion recorded in 1994 and 1995. it is nice to see dedications to George Herriman and his creations Ignatz and Krazy Kat, as well as Surrealist Méret Oppenheim.
Van's Peppy Syncopators' features the acoustic improvisations of violinist Terri Kapsalis [a past collaborator with Tony Conrad and Gastr Del Sol], guitarist John Corbett [an important force behind Atavistic's Unheard Music Series series] and multi-instrumentalist Hal Rammel [a member of Raccoons with Joe Mueller and Chris Rosenau]. Terri Kapsalis joined the freely improvising duo of Corbett and Rammel (heard on 'The Devil's in the Details') in 1992, bringing to the trio her abilities as a writer and experience in theater performance. Five of the fourteen improvisations on this disc include texts written and read by Terri Kapsalis, scripted words which interact with the instrumental improvisations in a multitude of ways." - label description.
"Scripted words and improvisation. As two distinct concepts they appear to be antithetical. The first - hard and fast, static, unchanging. The second - free and easy, limitless. Perhaps scripted words may be better aligned with the musical instrument itself - both are material (black and white, wood and strings), containing an alphabet of potential meanings and sounds, the hollow chamber of the letter 'o; or a violin's belly. Written words can lead to a second pairing - spoken words and sound improvisation. Through the improvised enunciation of sound and word, new discoveries are continually made about the instrument/language's potential. Conjoining these two and performing them for audiences, John Corbett, Hal Rammel and I experiment with scripted word/sound improvisations in addition to our purely instrumental endeavors." - Terri Kapsalis.

Hal Rammel and Lou Mallozzi "Whole or By the Slice" CD $12
Penumbra Music (U.S.) PEN CD004
"'Whole or By the Slice' collects eight electroacoustic compositions created by instrument inventor and improvisor Hal Rammel and audio artist Lou Mallozzi [who appears on Hat Hut recordings of Cornelius Cardew and Guillermo Gregorio], the culmination of a two-year studio collaboration. Rammel is known for his subtle and evocative improvisations primarily focusing on unusual instruments of his own design [such as the amplified painter's palette]; Mallozzi is known for his carefully constructed studio pieces dismembering language in its many guises. Their resulting collaboration is a journey with many facets - the resuscitation of old technologies, the playful immediacy of instrumental improvisation, the meticulous care of studiophonic construction, and the more-than-occasional sublime monkey-wrenching. The eight compositions on this disc file and fold, spindle and mutate everything from old 78s and tin can telephones, to lo-fi radio and dismembered pianos. From 'Pythagorus' (with Lou Mallozzi's text narrated by Nina Mallozzi) to 'Slice and Anti-slice' (with solo violin by Terri Kapsalis) this CD double-mindedly melds the improvised and the deliberate. Liner notes by John Corbett; cover photo by Hal Rammel." - label description.

Random Industries "Selected Random Works" CD $12
Ritornell (Germany) RIT 15
one of the last remaining titles from Mille Plateaux's side label that ran from 1999 to 2003. due to the impressive roster of artists working in the experimental electronica fields, this label was quite popular at the time. among those with releases on the label are Achim Wollscheid, Akira Rabelais, Kim Cascone, Stillupsteypa, Autopoieses, Dean Roberts, Taylor Deupree, Asmus Tietchens, Christophe Charles, Oren Amabarchi, Fennesz, Pimmon, Peter Rehberg, Keith Rowe, Stephan Mathieu, and Freiband. Random Industries was one of the more obscure names in the series, but also released another disc in the series under the name Random_Inc. and had a track on Raster-Noton's "Frequencies [Hz]" compilation. behind the Random monikers is Sebastian Meissner who has also recorded under the names aUTOkoNTRasT, Bizz Circuits, and Klimek as well being half of Autopoieses.
"Composition by means of hardware for musical playback (here: CD player). Parallels should be drawn to the stochastic music of John Cage and Iannis Xenakis. The idea of Random Industries (selected random works) is as well to combine analogue ways of working/aesthetics with digital ones and to find intersections between the two. The analogue is modeled on works of pioneers of early electronic music such as Steve Reich, Jean Claude Risset, James Tenney and Max Mathews, but also on movie soundtracks on the late seventies. The digital continues the work with non-sequentially composed music which had begun with Autopoieses. As a data medium, selected random works by Random Industries works on two levels. First, the 99 digital tones which are on the CD as the actual tracks, are given special emphasis. They can be played on the random/shuffle position of the CD player by which an approximately 8 minute track (single mode) or an endlessly continuing track (continuous mode) can be heard. In the index of each individual tone track which has the classical length of 3 seconds and serves as a break, can be found 98 compositions which are confronted with the tones. These can be heard only when the random/shuffle position of the CD player is deactivated. The acoustic micro structure of the 99 five-second compositions are digital tones which are the result of an intervention in any kind of software which normally is opened visually. By its dissection into its still existing acoustic components, the hard disc opens up a purely digital organism. Random Industries is an acoustic experiment of the extremes which fully enjoys the limits of what is technically possible and yet develops an extremely audible synthesis. The marginal zones of the acoustic frequency fields which are just perceptible for the human ear seem to be defining themselves anew. The concept of Random Industries will be presented live as well." - label description.
packaged in gatefold card sleeve with liner notes by Kim Cascone.

Vic Rawlings, Howard Stelzer & Jason Talbot / Anastasis Grivas, Theodore Zioutos & Nicolas Malevitsis CDR $9
editions_zero (Greece) e_z#2
a split CDR with two improvising trios on two continents playing with live electronics and scraping textural sounds. representing North America are Vic Rawlings (cello & circuit bent electronics), Jason Talbot (turntable) and Howard Stelzer (tapes) recorded live at the Berwick Research Institute in Roxbury, Massachusetts in September 2000. this is followed by the European trio of Anastasis Grivas (prepared bowed guitar), Theodore Zioutos (live electronics) and Nicolas Malevitsis (amplified objects) recorded at Small Music Theatre in Athens, Greece on the occasion of their first meeting as a trio (the members have apparently played together in other groupings), which was November 30, 2001. both groups share a similar aesthetic and are well matched to share a disc. they take improvised music and push it into the further realms of experimental music as they explore pure sound. packaged in a heavy card folder sleeve and released in a hand numbered edition of 140 copies on this label related to Nicolas' Absurd. released in 2002, this long out of print.

Dana Reason "Primal Identity" CD $11
Deep Listening Publications (U.S.) DL 6-1996 CD
solo piano pieces with Philip Gelb playing shakuhachi on two tracks. Reason and Gelb also play together in the trio The Space Between with Pauline Oliveros, whose label released this. "Reason's music, with its unusually well-articulated sense of form, demonstrates that in improvised music, form has a purpose, a reason to exist besides simply being the way things always have been. Improvisative works do not exhibit fixed formal potentials, but serve as enabling environments that invite growth, change, discovery and expressivity. In Reason's compositions, the combination of emergent form with overall global form produces perceptions of both particularity and wholeness, without any trace of kind of the kind of rigid, academicized formal articulation that only serves to hold the creator hostage to ego satisfaction. Traditional methods of musical analysis are only partly useful in illuminating how this kind of complex emergent form creates meaning. Perhaps Dana Reason's own words can provide a clue. She describes her work in 'Primal Identity' as 'searching for your sound and accepting and embracing it with openness and honesty...It is when we take a closer look and closer listen to these recurring elements that we begin to understand our own musical story.' The notions of 'sound' and 'story' advanced by Reason here are strongly reminiscent of traditional practices in African-American musical practice. The articulation of personal narrative, for example, is well described by pianist Erroll Garner: 'If you take up an instrument, I don't care how much you love somebody, how much you would like to pattern yourself after them, you should still give yourself a chance to find out what you've got and let that out'." from the liner notes by George Lewis. additional liner notes are provided by Alvin Curran.

Tom Recchion "Proscenium" LP + 7" $22
Elevator Bath (U.S.) eeaoa37
"Proscenium is a subtle and remarkably controlled collection of atmospheres. The air of mystery, deliberate pacing, the deep tones and unidentified sounds of Recchion's 2006 album 'Sweetly Doing Nothing' have been explored even further here. It's a logical development but the results are unexpected and strikingly original, sounding wholly unfamiliar and yet like no one's but Tom Recchion's. Tom has been a sound and visual artist/composer/art director and graphic designer in California since the 1970s. He is the co-creator of the Los Angeles Free Music Society (LAFMS) and has collaborated with David Toop, Christian Marclay, Oren Ambarchi, Keiji Haino, and Max Eastley, among others. Proscenium consists of a 180-gram virgin vinyl LP inside a black poly-lined sleeve, plus 7" record, each with 5 color labels, housed in a full-color gatefold jacket." - label description

Pablo Reche "Gira" CD $11
Gracia Territori Sonor (Spain) K100043
great fields of shortwave noise. "This young Argentinean artist has presented this first album at the Sonar festival 2000: an exploration of electronic fields that shift between different planes and explode freely amid seas of silence. An introspective but healthy work, full of dynamics and intensities in constant variation, that collects his last two years recordings. The music of Pablo Reche manages to move heart and soul without the need of exploiting the old 'noise' tricks. An astonishing opera prima." - label description. since these debut recordings made in 1999, Reche has gone on to release music via large number of international labels and collaborated with Anla Courtis, Christof Kurzmann, Zbigniew Karkowski, and Billy Bao. among his influences he cites Luigi Russolo, John Cage, Brian Eno, Adolfo Marin, Oval, AMM, SPK, Francisco Lopez, Labradford, Andreas Berthling, Asmus Tietchens, Panasonic, Tangerine Dream's "Zeit", Arcane Device, Fennesz, Daniel Melero, and Spectrum.

Recto Verso "Parcours Scénographique" CD $12
Obscure (Canada) OBZ 007
if you like your experimental down right weird, this is a good one for you. this is an experimental theater project from 1997 created by Gilles Arteau, Émile Morin, and John Oswald. the 60 minute pieces mixes radio and telephone sounds with several bizarre French voices. "This 'Objet Audio' is the result of an original idea and creative process conceived by Émile Morin. Originally a long trail of images of areas taken during a voyage from Quebec to New York, Morin added the talents of composer John Oswald and writer Gilles Arteau to his 'Parcours scénographique.' On their own, without any form of contact with Recto-Verso and respecting only basic referential restraints, they supplemented, respectively, a sonic envelope and text. This is the origin of what you are about to hear. We conceived this recording like an oeuvre... autonomous yet distinct. Its strata are like successive layers that superimpose each other while following measured doses. We've strived to recreate spaces visible to the ear. Words are but vocalized sonic material. We believe that amongst these tracks lies a hidden trail.' - label description. neat package with two 6-panel inserts, one printed on translucent vellum.

Rick Reed "The Way Things Go" 2 x LP $24
Elevator Bath (U.S.) eeaoa35
"Two black vinyl LPs, pressed on 180-gram virgin vinyl, with full-color labels, inside black poly-lined sleeves, housed in a matte-finish full-color gatefold jacket adorned with Reed's vibrant and fantastically evocative paintings. Included with each copy of this set is a full-color download card featuring access to high-quality MP3s of the complete contents of the vinyl records. This package has been issued in an edition of 500 copies. … His music is sometimes noisy, sometimes tranquil. Harsh frequencies give way to beautifully sustained tones. Jarring textures and lilting melodies are both to be found in this sphere. Above all, though, Rick Reed's work is challenging. There is no easy classification for music of this complexity. The curious listener is best advised to investigate personally." - label description

Rick Reed | Keith Rowe | Bill Thompson "Shifting Currents" 2 x CD $15
Mikroton Recordings (Russia) mikroton cd 17 | 18
"Commissioned in partnership with Le Weekend festival in Stirling and Aberdeen’s sound festival, Shifting Currents features electromagnetic recordings of distinctive and atmospheric places from each of the three locations, alongside improvised responses from Thompson, Keith Rowe and Rick Reed.
Shifting Currents explores the unstable, unpredictable realm of electricity as a metaphor for the way in which music flows and changes around us. In keeping with the found sound aesthetic of his previous work, Aberdeen-based Thompson has used a stick-on telephone microphone to capture electromagnetic signals and interference, transforming the inaudible waveforms into delicate and harsh sonic textures. He recorded in Stirling’s historic Church of the Holy Rude, where the infant James VI was crowned, and in Fraserburgh Lighthouse on the windswept Aberdeenshire coast. In Huddersfield he found inspiration in the university’s engineering department." - label description
limited edition of 300 copies. packaged in a tri-fold cardboard sleeve.

Jason Reinier "Day of Sound" CD $9
Earth Ear (U.S.) ee1042
budget priced field recording collection. "First in an ongoing series of sound documentaries focusing on the perhaps overlooked sounds of the world around us. This particular CD focuses on the sounds of an 'average day' (snippets from 24 full hours of sound, with examples such as sleet on a window, wave organ, birdsong, and a tunnelsinger). Jason Reinier, the producer, describes his intentions: 'On any given day, the vast majority of sounds we encounter pass by unnoticed; yet the sounds around us profoundly affect who we are. 'The Day of Sound' project is about appreciating all sounds and creating frameworks for presenting them to listeners.' Contributors to this collection include: W. Jonathan Hewat, Amy Hunter, Catherine Girardeau, Clay Reeves, Susan Sanford, John Hudak, Kit Rollings, Tony Ferro, Mike Perko, Paul Matzner, Roberto Cagnoli, Charles Amirkhanian, Eleanor Pugh, Richard L. Thorn, Jim Metzner, Paul Feyling, Peter Rantasa, Aiden McIntyre, Scott Dorsey, Bob Boster, Thomas Gerwin, Douglas Quin, Tamia Anderson, Tom Cox (tac), Maria Gilardin, Pamela Winfrey, Frank E. Henrickson, Joachim Rusenberg, Michael Northam, Yuko Nexus6, Kevin Collins, and Arthur Bukholz." - Monica. gatefold card sleeve.

Resound "Resoundings +" CD $16
Matchless Recordings (England) MRCD08
the sole album by this post-bop free jazz trio featuring Peter McPhail (David Cross and Barry Guy collaborator) on alto and sopranino saxophones and flute; Tony Moore (Steve Miller Trio and Kiln) on double bass, and Eddie Prévost (AMM, Sakada, etc.) on drums. originally issued on LP in 1986, this 2000 CD reissue follows the pattern of other Matchless reissues by adding 23 minutes of previously unreleased material from the same time - in this case from a concert given at The Fire Station Arts Centre, Oxford on 21st March 1986. from Prévost's original notes: "'Resoundings' are freely improvised works drawing entirely upon the enlivening spirit and method of spontaneous collective composition. This process has all but been lost to western music - classical, folk and popular. Its revival is owed to those jazz and progressive rock forms which have thrown off the old skins of times past. Such musics are made by the irrepressibly vibrant, if alienated, cultures arising from the industrial world - both east and west and, in their many manifestations reflect the new experiences and aspirations of modern man."

Revenant "Topolò" CD $13
Prele (France) prl 005
participation in this action: Yannick Dauby (Entrelacs), Olivier Feraud, John Grzinich (Alial Straa), Hitoshi Kojo (Spiracle), and Patrick McGinley (Murmer). "Revenant is an ongoing project with open membership that focuses on site-specific acoustic actions, or activated environments. Each action is a document of a specific moment in time in a specific location. Huge pines, chestnuts, beeches, and a few oaks. A vague border. On one side a Slovenian village, on the other an Italian one, which our maps locate at the end of a cul de sac. En route for this Slovenian village, on this ageless path, having begun in the village of Topolò, bags full of bits and pieces: a few biscuits, a recorder, some chocolate, several worn out old violin bows. The path becomes ever steeper and more tortuous, sometimes blocked by fallen logs, sometimes aided by stone steps barely showing. The trees try to tempt us off the path; then one or two of us give in to the call of a huge pine standing proudly to one side. With the first light touch the tree speaks: a strangled sound pierced through by a note both muffled and sharp, a pluck of another twig, a bowing of a third, a held frequency, a slight pressure on another until it breaks. Each dried branch of this sound-tree gives rise to stammers, murmurs, cries or whispers, linguistic trial…" packaged in digifile cover with 12 page booklet containing liner notes in French and English.

Roger Reynolds "Whispers Out of Time / Transfigured Wind II" CD $13
New World Records (U.S.) 80401-2
avant-garde compositions for instruments and tape by one of the founders of the ONCE Group. "If composers born in the 1920s deconstructed the classical tradition and destroyed the foundations of 'normal' musical practice, it was left to the '30s generation to build a new universe amid the rubble. No one has participated more assiduously in that venture than Roger Reynolds (b. 1934). He has infused into avant-garde music a perspective cognizant of the extra-musical world. It seemed surprising, yet fitting, that in 1989, Reynolds nabbed the usually sedate Pulitzer Prize for music; he was the first experimentalist sufficiently recognized by the establishment to do so since Charles Ives in 1947. 'Whispers Out of Time' is the prize-winning work. The title is the last phrase of John Ashbery's long poem 'Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror', and Reynolds uses a string orchestra to reflect the poem's changing images, as the poem itself reflects a sixteenth-century painting by Parmigianino. 'Transfigured Wind II' (1983) is an example of Reynolds's most quintessential style. It could be said that the central challenge of both his music and his writings has been the subjective response to new technology, how to absorb new sensibilities into music without allowing the technology to defeat or subvert artistic expression. 'Transfigured Wind II' (1983) relies on techniques that Reynolds pioneered in 'Archipelago', a major work he produced in 1983 at IRCAM: He recorded the piece's four flute solos and used a computer to capture, analyze, and transform the nuances of pitch, tempo, and dynamics that the performer intuitively added to the notation. The transformations then appeared on tape, and also became the material for the orchestral writing." - label description. performed by János Négyesy (violin), Yun-Jie Liu (viola), Peter Farrell (cello), Bertram Turetzky (contrabass), The San Diego Symphony Ensemble with conductor Harvey Sollberger (who also supplied flute source material for computer-generated tape), and John Fonville (flute). this is a different recording of "Whispers Out of Time" than on the later Mode CD. cover art by Jasper Johns.

Terry Riley & Stefano Scodanibbio "Lazy Afternoon Among the Crocodiles" CD EP $18
AI (Italy) AIAI 008
lazy Indian influenced improvisations on Ensoniq TS 12 synthesizer and contrabass recorded at Sri Moonshine Ranch in 1994 and 1995. this is more low key and slowed down than Riley's recent keyboard works and is easy to float away on. overall it seems the late Scodanibbio was the one guiding the direction, although there are elements of classical Indian raga shaping what basic melody there is. "I was very impressed with the fact that he played his Bass very similarly to the North Indian Sarangi (a bowed string instrument with many sympathetic strings that is played by gliding the fingernail along the side of the string instead of depressing it on the fingerboard). Due to my background as a singer of North Indian Raga, in which the Sarangi is used, I found it very exciting to sing and play with the interactive parts Stefano provided that had a similar character to the Sarangi. Stefano also employed a unique percussive technique that makes the Bass sound like a Tabla Tarang (a set of tuned hand drums all tuned to a different pitch). He also played mainly on the harmonics which are pure tones sounding on the various nodes of the string." - from the liner notes by Terry Riley. 26 minutes.

RLW "Views" CD $12
Anomalous Records (U.S.) NOM27
In the 25th year of Ralf Wehowsky's recording career, Anomalous Records presents his first truly solo release featuring four new compositions based on instrumental improvisations. Using simple devices (tone-generators, percussion toys, music boxes, an electric toothbrush and an electric guitar) played in unusual ways, he builds up layers of each sound to create a suite of textural pieces. Each of the four tracks takes on an identity unique from the others, as the first three each focus on one of the sound sources while the last combines elements from the previous three to make something else. The disc opens with a 21-minute piece of mysterious and drifting electronic tones. Other tracks highlight very tactile sounds and bring a much more 'live' element to his work, while retaining his skillful use of dynamics and placement of silence which have gained him so many fans. Previous releases by RLW have seen him collaborate with such diverse artists as Achim Wollscheid, bernhard günter, Andrew Chalk, David Grubbs, Jim O'Rourke, Kevin Drumm, and Bruce Russell. He is the founder of the now defunct group P16.D4 and the still active label Selektion. Other releases of his work have appeared on Table of the Elements, trente oiseaux, Streamline, Perdition Plastics, Swill Radio, Meeuw Muzak, and Metamkine.
Spontaneous event and reconstruction shadow each other closely here. Four self-programming occillators, controlled by wheels rather than a keyboard, interact to create a densely striated corridor or sound on the protracted opening composition. Shorter, more understated but no less arresting, the next two pieces have the feel of secret rituals conducted in private. On the first, four spontaneous musical actions, mostly involving Orff percussion instruments designed for children, are reworked into a profoundly meditative sequence, marked by the chiming of bells. The second, in which two music boxes are manipulated, squeezed and muted, transforms the mechanistic renderings of half-forgotten tunes into a series of encrypted memories. Coming in on a single thin line of feedback, the fourth and final composition combines elements of the previous three, plus recordings of electric guitar run backwards and forwards into an uncluttered but complex series of structures and interactions.
Serious minded yet subtle, unhurried and unforced, Views is a work of deep coherence, vitality of content and unquestionable richness.

Ken Hollings in The Wire issue 243 May 2004

Jocelyn Robert "Canned Gods: A Typical Afternoon in the Backyard in Phoenix, Arizona" CD $12
Avatar / Ohm Éditions (Canada) AVTR 014
found sound collage, strange music, messed with audio. "'Canned Gods' began with this observation: sound effects libraries on compact discs, the ones used in the movie industry or for radio plays, double up as cultural dictionaries. Each sound library presents the most important sounds for the culture that chose them. An example: one of the American sound library offers a huge number of car sounds, while the BBC's has maybe a dozen of them, while the latter has a number of field recordings from foreign colonies which do not appear on the American sound effects CDs…even the form of presentation of these sounds (their length, order, etc.…) is different. When considering these collections globally, one gets the feeling that they are some sort of an audio picture box or an audio picture book that presents a culture or a country. Thus, my idea has been to take one of these audio libraries and to use these sounds to trace a portrait of the culture from its own material. 'Canned Gods: a typical afternoon in the backyard in Phoenix, Arizona' is the result of a first attempt with this approach applied to the United States." - label description. minimally packaged in a jewel case with only one half of a tray card.

Jocelyn Robert "La Théorie Des Nerfs Creux" CD $12
Avatar / Ohm Éditions (Canada) AVTR 003
surrealistic mixture of electro-manipulated sounds which simulate the random nature of our own nervous system. curiously bent, strange. souvenirs through the electrified channels of organic memory. "Audio-numerical is the closest metaphor to the active conscience. We create sound ideas by choosing among thousands of samples per second, and we make up ideas of ideas by choosing among a few more information units piped into our nerve canals. However, the process is not so marked. An idea is nothing more than the perimeter of a wave on a sea of electrostatic discharge… Thinking makes noise. This is the leitmotiv of 'La Théorie des Nerfs Creux': making the flow of memories audible in the electrified canals of organic memory." - label description. a nice release for those into the work coming out of INA-GRM.

Jocelyn Robert "Le Piano Flou" 2 x CD $14
Obscure / Ohm Éditions (Canada) OBZ 003/004
solo piano in the mood of the New York School (Cage, Brown, Feldman, Wolff). "Le piano flou arose out of a series of musical experiments for Disklavier and pianist aimed at putting into sound the act of playing itself, with all its tremors, silences, fumblings, and doubts. In it, error served up the raw material for improvised music that was neither quite human nor entirely machine. Thus, all the pieces in Le piano flou are made of errors. Special Disklavier software tracked the hesitations and inaccuracies of piano technique, then amplified them into the finished compositions on this recording." - label description . packaged in slim double case.

Claudio Rocchetti "But Speak Fair Words" CDR EP $13
S'agita Recordings (Italy) s'agita 018
an early and now quite rare (as the label as long since stopped being) solo album by 3/4HadBeenEliminated member. "Composed and structured by Claudio Rocchetti, made with electric and acoustic guitars, hands and laptop. The second part of the track 'Tired Nervina' is an emotional cover of a Robin-Proper Sheppard song. Recorded during the Autumn of 2002." - label description. droney and creaky, this could be compared to other artists on the label such as Loren Chasse, Murmer, MNortham, Dale Lloyd, Aidan Baker, and Andrea Belfi although it has some musical moments which might draw a comparison with the similarly named Claudio Rocchi' "Suoni Di Frontiera" album. limited edition of 100 copies. packaged with two card stock cover inserts in a PVC sleeve.

Steve Roden "Three Roots Carved To Look Like Stones" CD $14
Sonoris (France) SNS-01
"this work was originally an installation presented at INMO Gallery, in Chinatown/Los Angeles, December 2000. the work was created using 3 objects purchased at Chinatown giftshops: a toy wooden flute, a small aluminum wind chime, a small paper accordion. each track was created using one of these objects as the only sound source. some of the sounds have been processed electronically. the installation was created in response to: the generic sounding 'muzak' playing in most of the public spaces of Chinatown; the private landscape of Chinatown lingering unnoticed in alleys and second floor windows; and, a book on the history of Chinese philosopher's stones. the audio was installed in front of a large picture window facing the Chinatown pedestrian area." - Steve Roden. limited edition of 500 copies.

Frank Rothkamm "Moers Works 1982 - 1984" CD $13
Monochrome Vision (Russia) mv10
"Frank Rothkamm is the one of most interesting musicians of today, contemporary of industrial culture. He is a true underground figure, the fighter of invisible front, who realized a number of projects, produced great records for his own Flux Records label. Being a professionally trained musician, he was shifting freely from tape collages in his teens, and going through different forms including chamber music and pop arrangements. 'Moers Works' is his first experiments, discovered and unearthed by me incidentally. Archive materials recorded back in 1982-84 and released after quarter of century! The electronic music system consisted solely of a turntable, a shortwave radio, a phaser, an EQ, a cassette recorder and an UHER reel-to-reel tape recorder." - label description. limited edition of 500 copies.

Bruce Russell "Los Desastres de las Guerras" CD $12
w.m.o/r (U.K.) w.m.o/r 11
minimal solo guitar from Dead C. and A Handful of Dust guy. "The danger implicit in the concept of duende - the noun is untranslatable, combining the notions of evil spirit and inspiration - has long been a central element of Russell's work both as a solo performer and with The Dead C. 'The duende resides in the guitar, in the electrical circuitry, in the exigencies of the performance itself. All these variables can conspire to seek to overcome me. [T]he performance is in a real sense a wrestling bout with an implacable foe.' As foes go, there are few more implacable than Mattin himself, unleashing a torrent of terrifying feedback from behind his computer without batting an eyelid. On the album's title track, a thirty-minute duo recorded in Christchurch's Physics Room, Russell's mournful strums are suffocated by clouds of howling feedback in a slow-building electrical storm of hums and buzzes that might have a made a fitting epitaph to the bombings had it not been recorded a fortnight before they occurred." —Dan Warburton. packaged in 20-page booklet with liner notes by Bruce Russell, Matthew Hyland and Mattin, plus small reproductions of two etchings, which I believe are by Goya.

Patrick Rutgé "Eaux fortes" CD EP $14
Collectif & Cie (France) mts 02
"…plays on a more naturalistic level: it's a sound recollection of our town Annecy, an invitation for a stroll in its little streets and channels." the first half explores inside and outside around the town, while half way through the subtle beginnings of running water build up slowly into a climax of cacophonous traffic noise with the chaos of car horns and crowd noise from where it then again slips into the calmer, yet still lively, sounds of walking outdoors around town. at the very end a very short poem by Dominique Démolis is whispered. 21 minutes. released in 1999 as the second CD in the 'Musiques Tracées de Savole' series curated by Alain Savouret.

Robert Rutman "1939" CD $11
Pogus Productions (U.S.) P21017-2
"This release reissues Robert Rutman's Pogus LP (P201-1) and includes an additional [20 minute] track. Rutman (b. 1930) has been building and performing on his homemade metallic instruments for many years. This recording features his buzz chime, steel cello, and bow chime, along with tabla, Tibetan horn, and Rutman's vocal chants. Rutman caresses the metal, drawing out eerie drones and overtones that buzz and trumpet. The music in turn can be as fragile as glass or reach the depths of resonance, as if one has just come upon singing whales at sea. Beautiful music and long overdue on CD." - label description.

Doron Sadja "A Piece of String, A Sunset" CD $11
12k (U.S.) 12K1023
"Doron Sadja's debut release, A Piece Of String, A Sunset, is a five movement CD exploring the subtle fluctuations in tone and amplitude created by the combination of sinewaves nearly identical in pitch. Utilizing a 144 note per octave scale, A Piece Of String, A Sunset is made up of chords containing notes 1/12 a semitone apart, with a heavy emphasis on pitches near the threshold of human audibility. These extreme frequencies are combined with the randomatomization of data/sound files, the sparse pulse of rhythmic static, and the continuously present expressive meandering of a sol pont Violin (played by Amie Weiss) and loops of manipulated guitar (played by John Anderson) forming a highly synthetic yet still organic body of music. Doron has collaborated with 12k's Motion, during a recent extended stay in London (a portion of which will be released on the 12k/LINE double CD compilation in autumn 2003), as well as Pony (Matt Mehlan, Seve Martinez, and Anthony Lowe), John Anderson, Climax, and dancer Jean Copeland. His live shows include laptop, homemade electronics, accordion, and/or cassette loop and mixerloop manipulation. Doron is currently studying Technology in Music and Related Arts at the Oberlin Conservatory of Music in Ohio and is also the co-founder of the electronic music label Shinkoyo." - label description. limited edition of 1000. Digipak.

Philip Sanderson "Reprint" CD $12
Anomalous Records (U.S.) NOM23
Reprint was originally released on cassette by Snatch Tapes in 1980 and was credited to an unknown duo called Claire Thomas & Susan Vezey.  A press release accompanying the cassette painted a picture of two pre-Raphaelite synthesizer knob-twiddlers who in between repatching their VCS3's went for long walks in flowing robes on Blackheath. Intrigued, the record label Cherry Red included the duo on their compilation LP "Perspectives and Distortion" alongside such luminaries as Matt Johnson, Virgin Prunes, Lol Coxhill, Lemon Kittens, Eyeless in Gaza, Mark Perry, Ben Watt, Thomas Leer, Morgan-Fisher, Robert Fripp, and David Jackman. Cherry Red furthermore wanted to release an LP by Thomas & Vezey.  Until they realized that all was not as it seemed. Claire and Susan were in fact a figment of Snatch Tapes founder Philip Sanderson's imagination.  In addition to running the label, Philip was one half of the DIY electronic group Storm Bugs, and regularly collaborator with a then unknown musician by the name of David Jackman (one of these tracks they did together was recent issued on a 10" by Die Stadt).  "Reprint" was in effect one of his few solo recordings. The first track Bright Waves ( an earlier version of the track on the Cherry red LP) with its fragile wispy vocals that blow in and out on a tape delay breeze certainly adds credence to the Claire and Susan subterfuge. However the rest of the music on the CD suggest that this was more than a Situationist prank. The description on the sleeve of the music as  "a study in repetition and change using two different sources and two different treatments..." was a nod towards the materialist approaches being used during the 70's in most (fine) art forms. "Reprint One" and "Reprint Two" use the loop formed by a tape delay to build up busy percussive patterns. Recorded live, the VCS3 triggered by a sequencer feeds in a set of constantly chattering rhythms. As the loops pass repeatedly over the tape heads the sound gradually degrades turning eventually into pure white noise. What starts out as a polyrhythmic perversity, somewhat akin to electronic tap dancing, builds into a wall of sound. Also here is the piece "Under Press of Sail" (which was featured on the compilation "Snatch 3" and the "0° North" tape by David Jackman and Philip Sanderson), and the secret bonus track "Nein Nein Nein", which was only included a few copies of the original tape release of "Reprint".  Unlike the other tracks, this was done in collaboration with fellow Storm Bug Steven Ball.  Using a low-tech five-minute answer-phone cassette loop with the erase head disabled, the two built up a montage of sounds which were fed through a home-made ring modulator. The music of Reprint is a peculiar combination of academic rigor married to an inverted pop art aesthetic. For whereas pop art incorporated the cheap intoxication's of consumer culture into the supposed lofty rooms of high art, here was an attempt to incorporate the form or perhaps just the smell high art into the low brutality of DIY electronics.

Schams "Erres" CD $15
Shambala Records (France) shamb 99002
"a cross between extreme free-jazz (God, Naked City, Peter Brötzmann) and ambient (Z'ev), Schams (meaning 'sun' in Arabic) fuses traditional and acoustic instruments with electronic effects. the band's expansive membership has, as its nucleus, Jean-Luc Guionnet (sax, bagpipes, harmonium), Eric Cordier (hurdy-gurdy) and Eric Brulebois (drums). Schams proliferates numerous genres, from live improvs with Erik M, Dominique Repecaud or Pascal Battus (Pheromne) to electroacoustic performances with Eric La Casa (Afflux). attracted by their forcibleness, they were invited to play first attraction at Keiji Haino's last Paris concert." - label description. mastered by Eric La Casa. Shambala Records existed from 1998 to 2002 and published 10 CD titles, the best known probably being Keiji Haino's collaboration with Jean-François Pauvros and François Causse. "The trio's music is hard to pin down stylistically, owing as much in influence to non-European sources as it does to 'standard' free improvisation. It's certainly without precedent in French improvised music, though to appreciate that fact the listener has to move way beyond the fast and furious pace of the opening 'L'Amble' into the swirling psychedelia of the title track and the gothic horror of the final 'Arpents' (recorded live at La Malterie in Lille). Throughout Guionnet delights in getting himself into and out of difficult situations, and Cordier's hurdy-gurdy navigates the middle ground between static drone and dynamic melody instrument with aplomb. Depending on your point of view, Brulebois' somewhat exotic percussion flourishes in the 18-minute title track provide much-needed touches of color or unwelcome distraction; elsewhere his rather busy drumming sometimes detracts from the effect, especially on the slower cuts, but never poses a serious problem to the complicity between Guionnet and Cordier." - Dan Warburton, All Music Guide.

Scheyder - Schwarz - Teruggi "Transe" CD $15
INA-GRM / Celia Records (France) CL 9717
piano improvisation by Patrick Scheyder, sound creation on tape by Jean Schwarz, and real-time transformations by Daniel Teruggi (director of INA-GRM) exploring intersections and time. "The sources are various: the piano, proposing and reacting to sounds or sequences already prepared on tape as well as synthetic sounds. Their modification comes next through transformations allowing an expansion of improvisation and integrating the concept of improvisation to the modification of sound matter. The amplified mixing of all the elements brings the final configuration of the Trio, in an experimental attitude toward Acoustmatic creation, characteristic of Jean Schwarz and Daniel Teruggi completed by the work of Patrick Scheyder and his mastership of improvised creation on keyboards. Complicity and listening are the result of 'Transe' and create the undissolving bond of the music for three, in three dimensions." - from the liner notes. Jean Schwarz was a member of the GRM from 1969 to 1999 and has done music for films by Godard, Resnais, Moati, Ionesco and others.

Steffen Schleiermacher "Music at the Bauhaus" CD $15
Musikproduktion Dabringhaus und Grimm / MDG Scene (Germany) MDG 6130878
piano works by Stefan Wolpe, Josef Matthias Hauer, Wladimir Vogel, George Antheil, and Hans Heinz Stuckenschmidt composed from 1913 to 1927 with one Hauer piece dated and one Vogel piece revised in 1968. "During its initial years the Bauhaus, founded by Walter Gropius in Weimar in 1919, was anything but a uniform school with a clear set of goals. Ideas of the most different kinds collided in Weimar and produced stimulating dialogue. As the Bauhaus director, Gropius had the talent for getting the most interesting as well as the most different artists to serve as 'masters' so that he could try out utopia together there with them. Here we would have to mention Vassily Kandinsky, Oskar Schlemmer, Johannes Itten, Paul Klee, Lyonel Feininger, and László Moholy-Nagy." - from the liner notes.

Steffen Schleiermacher "Soviet Avant-Garde 2" CD $17
Hat Hut Records Ltd. (Switzerland) hat(now)ART 115
works by Alexander Mossolov, Arthur Lourié, Nikolai Roslavetz, and Leonid Polovinkin composed from 1912 to 1938 and performed on piano by Steffen Schleiermacher. "That at the beginning of this century many an impulse for the development of fine arts, as well as literature, came from the Russian Empire—soon the Soviet Union—is no longer a mystery. And that there were in Moscow and St. Petersburg such developments, inventions, and ideas as far as music was concerned has also become common knowledge in recent years—and equally known is how most of these Russian/Soviet protagonists of a new art had to suffer for their ideas. These composers believed their new art was to meet the ideals of a new society." - Steffen Schleiermacher. edition of 3000. packaged in Digisleeve.

Urs Peter Schneider "Zeitgehöft / Sternstunde" CD $12
Edition Wandelweiser Records (Germany) EWR 0101
"Performers: Erika Radermacher, Urs Peter Schneider, Niklaus Tüller, Luise Gaugler, Norbert Klassen, Michael Bühlmann. 'Zeitgehöft' (1976), concept for two pianos, is a mourning music. Here Schneider writes twenty-two stanzas of temporally and spatially carefully approached sounds, each flowing into considerable resonances. The work, commissioned by the Bernische Musikhochschule, is defined as a set of rules and algorithms and allows for numerable possible performance versions. It is dedicated to music author Thomas Meyer and was inspired by the twenty-two words in thirty-three syllables of one latest poem from Paul Celan's estate ('An die Haltlosigkeiten/sich schmiegen'). 'Sternstunde' (1985-86), opera in six images, applies imperceptible cyclical changes, simultaneously related to singing voices, speaking voices, toys and percussion, as its sole, homogeneously treated material. Besides his work in pure and rigid composition, especially in the surroundings of chamber music, Schneider always has been involved with theater, language and staging, before realizing his first and probably last opera, commissioned by the Swiss Radio Corporation, for the present as a contribution to the, as it seems, forgotten genre of radio opera. Reinterpreting the underlying text, this opera, thematically, is a conversation about the world between the two beings Ahriman in the odd stanzas and Lucifer in the even stanzas, while the two protagonists are not human beings, but spiritual powers. After the purely musical first broadcast (as a radio opera, in fact), Norbert Klassen and Janet Haufler, with whom Schneider has been collaborating ever since his first theatrical walking attempts, worked out an adequate stage version, a mobile opera project to a certain extent, that can be presented with very little means. It is dedicated to all the few and uses as its text solely a theater fragment from the estate of Friedrich Hebbel." - label description. despite being called an opera this is more of a field of sound with repetive voices blending together. Schneider was born in 1939 at Bern, Switzerland. he studied with Walter Lang, Bruno Seidhofer, Sandor Veress and Karlheinz Stockhausen.

Barry Schrader "EAM" CD $12
innova recordings (U.S.) innova 575
"Barry Schrader, founder of SEAMUS (Society Electro Acoustic Music United States) transports alien otherworlds into your listening zone on E.A.M. (Electro Acoustic Music). It’s a mystic convergence of smooth, spacebound electronics, dreamy rhythms, drifting textures, and environmental arrangements that make for a captivating listen. From Bachian roots a la Wendy Carlos, to musique concrete a la Pierre Schaeffer, right up to new abstract synthetic worlds, Barry Schrader shows he is a master at the dials. Electronica not just for egg-heads." - label description.

Domenico Sciajno & Gert-Jan Prins "The D&B Album Featuring: Do Shine'o & Prinsjan" CD $15
Bowindo (Italy) Bowindo 04
"This is the first re-drum & re-bass album from the electronic duo of Domenico Sciajno and Gert-Jan Prins. They are both well known in the world of experimental electronic music, with releases on Erstwhile, Fringes, and Grob. On this album Prins' analog shake-pulses and sweeps are directly plugged into Sciajno's specific Powerbook aesthetics and vice versa. As a whole, the five pieces on this adventurous CD form a precision-combination of sharp computer-energy, rocking self-made electronics, and fluid music recombination-technics creating a grinding-spatial-musical concept, which at times reminds of Shine'o's & Prinsjan's rhythmic - and play technical backgrounds on drums and double bass." - label description. out of print.
Sciajno has also worked with Giuseppe Ielasi, Gino Robair, Alvin Curran, Ralf Wehowsky, Kim Cascone, Lawrence English, Mark O'Leary, and Tim Hodgkinson.

The Sealed Knot "And We Disappear" CD $12
Another Timbre (U.K.) at23
thirty eight minutes by the trio of Burkhard Beins (percussion and objects), Rhodri Davies (pedal harp and ebow), and Mark Wastell (double bass, bow and beaters) which approach the sound exploration of AMM. recorded February 2nd 2007 at the Ear We Are Festival, Biel, Switzerland.

Colin Andrew Sheffield "First Thus" CD $10
Elevator Bath (U.S.) eeaoa20
"The recordings on this disc were entirely composed using other commercially available recordings. The goal was to distill the essential qualities of these works and then utilize that essence for new recordings. Only very brief sections of the original works were selected. These raw components were then contracted, expanded, layered, and/or otherwise processed until something new was forged. The result is gorgeous ambient music that gradually shifts and unfolds, offering subtle nuance and quiet restraint. In a sense, it is a collection of other people's work, but this music appears here for the first time in a new setting or, if you will, a new translation. Packaged inside two elegant printed sleeves of 100% recycled paper, this compact disc has been issued in an edition of 330 copies." - label description.

Eric C. Shoaf "William S. Burroughs A Collector's Guide" book $12
Inkblot (U.S.) 978-0934301657
"For decades collectors have marveled and admired the works of William S. Burroughs. The sheer number and variety of publications, whether books, pamphlets, limited editions, signed editions, magazine or journal contributions, contributions to the works of other authors, or simply books and other printed biographical material about Burroughs is well over a thousand different items. The purpose of this Collector’s Guide is to provide a gathering of Burroughs material which was available in the published world through 2008." paperback, 212 pages, approximately 8" by 5".

Matt Shoemaker "Soundtrack for Dislocation" CD $10
Elevator Bath (U.S.) eeaoa34
"For those unfamiliar with Matt Shoemaker's work, Soundtrack for Dislocation is absolutely the ideal place to start as it is arguably the most fully-realized project in his catalog. All the necessary elements are present: The enigmatic cover and interior images, the cryptic track titles, and of course the recordings themselves - densely packed and elaborately evolved aberrancies. Shoemaker seems to have provided more than enough clues to the puzzles he offers in his works but, like the most effective tales, these subtle indications cannot quite account for all that happens. The rest is up to the astute listener who accepts this very inscrutability as the reward.
Packaged inside an extra thick, full-color, matte finish, 6-panel Digipak featuring Shoemaker's beautiful photography, this compact disc has been issued in an edition of 509 copies." - label description

Shrine "Distorted Legends, Pt. 1" 7" $10
Drone Records (Germany) DR-89
daring experimental drones from Bulgaria, ltd 300
"Behind Shrine we find a fresh experimental drone project from Bulgaria (currently residing in England) combining the melancholia of distorted synths with odd micro noises & effects. The fusion of rough and thunderous drones with hidden melodies evokes a strong emotional impact, like the feeling of being stuck in a confusing dream. Shrine's philosophy shows a way to realize that what we call 'reality' is to be mistrusted based upon our usual perceptions. The distortion of this reality opens up a chance to better understand its true essence and confront the things that lie behind the surface. Filed under: dream & distortion drones black vinyl. oversized full-colour gatefold sleeve" - label description. limited edition of 300 copies.

Aaron Siegel "The Cabinet" CD $12
Longbox Recordings (U.S.) LBT038
"The formula is deceptively simple: 'The Cabinet' consists of 21 tracks of solo percussion, each clocking in at precisely 2 minutes. From these simple, elegant building blocks, Siegel constructs a dense mosaic of textures, intensities, and timbres that proceeds with inexorable logic. What he provides is nothing short of an encyclopedia of percussive techniques, materials, and approaches; each is taken up in its turn, probed, explored, and elaborated upon in a series of innovative and virtuosic performances." Siegel has performed on over 2 dozen releases by Anthony Braxton.
limited edition of 500 copies.

Skullflower "Draconis" 2 x CD $20
Cold Spring (U.K.) CSR190CD
"Synapse scorching occult industrial prog noise folk from the strings of Matthew Bower and Samantha Davies. Churning mantras and drukpa elegies for two erased darkside tree limbs: that of the Draconian in Khem, and of Drax Priory in West Yorkshire, which together with Bhutan are the Dragon Lands. The twilight language of flowers is spoken and wolves are raised, finally, Kali dances. For fans of Bathory and Popul Vuh. Comes in a deluxe 6-panel outsized double-digipak with a 16-page booklet." - label description

Skullflower "Fucked On A Pile Of Corpses" CD $13
Cold Spring (U.K.) CSR151CD
"The most remorseless, brutal Skullflower ever. Alternating between granular lo-fi primitive rock and granular lo-fi primitive power electronics, this taut disc is a chain mail glove of hate to any lazy minds who've tainted the air with describing Skullflower as 'psychedelic.' But that's not to say this is an all-out total assault. There are also moments of tender acoustic balladry, it's just that they don't exist. The remorseless brutal sound is primitive, but as detailed and rich as a blood-soaked medieval canvas, somewhere betwixt The Rita and Clandestine Blaze, but more brutal! Long live the New Flesh! Kether is in Malkuth, Malkuth is in Kether, but in a different way." - label description

Skullflower "The Spirals Of Great Harm" 2 x CD $15
Cold Spring (U.K.) CSR225CD
"The new sprawling double disc from black noise classicists Skullflower – referencing Inferno 17, Dante and Virgil's spiralling descent into the abyss on demon Geryon. Full of harsh beauty and hymns for lost Albions, battle songs against the homogenisation of modern 'lyfe'– f**k the new estate! 'Hedgerows, tapestries, dream woods, dragon lands. After 'Draconis', we have been released to roam through the multiverse, fashioning trinkets and ornaments from jewelled sounds, and leaving them as waymarkers on our astral travels. We seem to be circling, encountering familiar territories, yet always changed, because these circles, from a true perspective; are all part of a great averse spiral, our pattern, our map, which is the terrain itself. You will hear hints and echoes of native keening, lush prog romanticism, and the charcoal textures of noise, but all subsumed within our alchemy, the unmistakable wellspring of sound that is SF'. 6-panel digipak." - label description

Sonic Catering Band "Live from the Canteens of Atlantis" 2 x CD $14
Absurd (Greece) absurd cd#30
"Spanning their very brief live career from 1998 - 2001, the two CDs convey all that was exciting, frustrating, ridiculous and ultimately nourishing about an Sonic Catering performance. CD 1 begins at the beginning: w/ the first carrot chop at London's 333 nightclub, 27th September 1998 and ends at the end: Geneva's Moloko restaurant, 9th November 2001. In between lies a lean collage mix of culinary overdrive, assembled from every gig the project did capturing the various moods & atmospheres that were created during their live sets. Extracts of their 5 hour shift at The Moloko are manipulated and included between tracks 1, 3, 5 and capture/present a dense atmosphere at the restaurant. A CD giving you a great example of their sound, showing nearly all of the project's sides, full of various & bizarre moods & atmospheres, sometimes a bit rhythmic or others harsh or obscure. CD 2 is the documentation of their last proper performance at Geneva's Forde Gallery. An hour's recording full of meditative, abstract, spacious soundscapes. This is Sonic Catering Band's definitive live document, minus the food of course. The CDs come in a gatefold package with a reminisce by the band and a list of our live dates/venues." limited edition of 477 copies in gatefold card sleeve.

D. Charles Speer "Past or Beyond" 7" $5
Sound @ One (U.S.) S@1 #83
country rock jams with members of No-Neck Blues Band and Sunburned Hand of the Man. "Seeking refuge in songcraft, D. Charles Speer and the Helix spin tales of mental instability and institutional exploitation into a thick, heady, groove laden brew. The professorial attack of the ivories, the sear of the strings, the pounding of drum skins amass into a righteous storm bound to overwhelm those unconverted. This is an unholy mix of heart ripped vocal, Longhair piano, and guitar work drawing from both Mike Bloomfield and Norman Westberg. Featuring silk screened covers and hand stamped interiors, these retro-radicals propose the final alignment of Khnum with the phoenix."

Spiderwebs / Mike Tamburo & Matthew McDowell / Keenan Lawler "Strands Formerly Braided" CD $12
Music Fellowship (U.S.) MF 015
dreamy guitar based strangeness. "Another installment in the Music Fellowship’s Triptych series features Spiderwebs—Tom Carter (Charalambides) and Sandy Ewen—Mike Tamburo (Meisha, Arco Flute Foundation), and R. Keenan Lawler. The act of braiding the strands together affects the structure and fibers of hair, taking days or even weeks for the hair to relax back into its natural position. This relationship between strands in a braid is similar to relationships between people. Each interaction, especially ones with close friends, affects and influences the interactions you have later on. Thus, 'Strands Formerly Braided' is a fitting title for this edition of the Triptych series because the three featured artists have a long history of improvisation and collaboration.”

Mikael Stavöstrand "De|gene|ra|ton" CD $8
Korm Plastics (Netherlands) KIP 018
"Mikael Stavöstrand, in another lifetime recording as Inanna and Archon Satani, returns to the music scene with a most serious electronic work. 'De|gene|ra|ton' spans 38 tracks (8 of which contain silence), and should regarded as one piece. The listener should decide to play this from 1-38, or reprogram or shuffle his CD player. This CD marks an important step forward for Stavöstrand. Rather then losing himself in dark gothic rituals, he concentrates purely on the tones. He takes his inspiration from modern dance music and Japanese noise music. It's both a deconstruction of electro-acoustic, musique concrete and techno music. Ikeda meets Pan Sonic having dinner with Merzbow." - label description.
this disc is part of the Korm Plastics Introductionary Paperbacks series which included releases by Maeror Tri, Brume, Osso Exotico, Stilluppsteypa, and Jonathan Coleclough.

Carl Stone "Four Pieces" CD $14
Electro-Acoustic Music (U.S.) EAM201
"Carl Stone builds his electronic music from natural sounds and acoustic instruments, sometimes using fragments of familiar musical pieces, electronically reproduced. He is a sonic purist who rarely introduces distortion or otherwise tampers with the sound, but relies on transformations to create what Mark Swed of the Los Angeles Herald Examiner calls 'Stunning cathedrals of contrapuntal synthesized sounds,' entirely new and never heard before, the aural equivalent of an Escher etching. Stone and his Macintosh computer operate the musical equipment in performances that are as fun to watch as to hear." - from the back cover. in addition to computer, Stone uses Prophet 2002 and Yamaha TX816 synth in these recordings from 1986-89.

Sun Stabbed 7" $10
Doubtful Sounds (France) doubt 01
an obvious homage to The Dead C., this French duo really channels the New Zealand lo-fi clatter and drone sound. playing at 33 RPM, the two sides add up to a little over 10 minutes. limited to 300 copies, this comes packaged in a nice two color silkscreened cover with a small insert of details. "Two different live cuts from 2006 of the guitar duo Sun Stabbed. One was recorded in an empty big space, playing for an exhibition at St Etienne. The live was recorded out of the room by Christian Malfray of Nappe, while he was drinking a beer. So the music is made of guitars and ambiant noise with people, animals and cars. An ambiant drony shit track made with guitar feedback and effects. The other selection, was directly taken from the mixing board of the Sonic at Lyon. Here, it was more nervous, noisier and lo-fi."

Akio Suzuki "Résonances : Akio Suzuki - Ossip Zadkine" book + CD $22
Paris-Musées (France) ISBN 2-87900-875-1
a nice little book documenting Suzuki's exhibition at Musée Zadkine in Paris from June to October of 2004. the book is 48 pages and features many full color photographs plus texts by Noëlle Chabert, Catherine Lanson and Catherine Grout in French and English. the 67 minute CD is probably the draw for most people however and is a wonderful collection of all things that Suzuki works with currently. so in fresh new recordings made by Eric La Casa, we hear Suzuki performing solos on his stone flutes, stones, Analapos, and Suzuki type Glass Harmonica, plus 39 short field recording made were Suzuki has left his oto-date marking. oto-date is a recent project wherein Suzuki used a stencil to mark the ground (often a sidewalk) with an icon combining ears and feet which indicate the place and direction where someone should listen. an outstanding little document. these are the last copies that were available and show ring wear from the disc on the back cover.

Lois Svard "Other Places" CD $12
Lovely Music, Ltd. (U.S.) LCD 3052
"'Other Places' is an exploration of Svard's interest in new concepts and ideas in music. This disc features works written for her by composers Elodie Lauten, Jerry Hunt and Kyle Gann. Lois Svard has received enthusiastic acclaim internationally for her performances of contemporary piano music. Critics have praised her for her 'lucid interpretations of unusual and seldom-heard repertoire,' and for the 'extraordinary musicianship' of her playing. She has performed extensively throughout the United States and Europe, commissioning and premiering several works by such American composers as Robert Ashley, William Duckworth, Annea Lockwood, Alvin Lucier, 'Blue' Gene Tyranny, Stephen Scott, Kirk Nurock and David First. The three works on 'Other Places' share the ability to expand the performer's and listener's musical parameters in unique ways. Elodie Lauten's 'Variations on the Orange Cycle' is a richly-textured combination of transcribed improvisation and intentional notation that creates lush, ever-changing tapestries of sound. Jerry Hunt's 'Trapani (stream)' is a contemplative work exploring different facets of sound through a progression of tremolo chords played with a variety of voicings, dynamics and pedalings. 'Trapani's' slowly-changing harmonies are serene in their simplicity, yet mesmerizing in their unfolding. Kyle Gann's 'Desert Sonata' is based on his unique rhythmic language developed from the multi-tempo structures of Conlon Nancarrow and the dances of the Hopi, Zuni and other Pueblo Indians. Gann's juxtaposition of widely divergent musical ideas creates an atmosphere that is both compelling and enchanting." - label description.

Mike Svoboda "Alphorn in Manhattan: The Complete Alphorn - part two" CD $16
d'c records (Germany) d'c9
a collection of alphorn performances recorded in June 1997 in Manhattan at various locations: Times Square, Subway Station at 81st, Central Park, Under the Brooklyn Bridge, Coffee Shop Excelsior, Subway Station at 34th, on top of World Trade Center, Clock Tower roof, Hotel Lobby Excelsior, Rotunde Guggenheim Museum, Loft Party at 22 Center Street, Swiss Institute on Broadway and Manhattan Subway Network. for good measure, garden hose and conch shell were also played on two tracks. "Like its predecessor this second album of our d'c Alphorn Trilogy 'The Complete Alphorn' is much more than an entertaining, 'tongue-in-ear homage to the complex simplicity in our simply complicated world,' for the fascinating recordings produced for this CD - here made accessible to a non-scientific public for the first time - form part of the extensive research into a question of fundamental importance which has been the focus of serious investigation by the Bremen siDCo (Sonographic Institute of the d'c records company) ever since the mid-1990's under the direction of Professore Gino el Mash. The sound recordings for the present CD d'c 9 evolved in the early summer months of 1997 during a siDCo expedition led by Mike Svoboda, the Professore and myself into the bizarre mountain area of Manhattan." - label description. Digipak with 20-page booklet.

Syllyk / Alain Basso "Le temps des soupirs / Entraves évanescentes" CD EP $7
Dedali Opera (France) CD OPUS 03
two ten minute pieces based around the electroacoustic processing of field recordings. the first, by Eric La Casa's Syllyk project, presents a building swell of noise and sound like a heavy wind or waterfall with clattering and shaking objects. the second is an electroacoustic treatment (mutation) of outdoor sounds, doors and distant voices. Alain Basso played bass and violin in the group Denier du Culte from 1982 to 1986 [several cassette releases and collaborative LP with Pacific 231], and in 1987 founded the band Phaeton Dernière Danse [see collaborative CD with Le Syndicat on Pure]. In 1989, he started his label Dedali Opera. In 1985, he become a student in electroacoustic courses at Collectif et cie, where he has recorded the track on this release. In his solo work, he tries to create a sonorous paste with manifold thickness which gets out of shape and tears roughly. This step accentuates toward two antagonistic tendencies: the first imposing broken rhythms or melodies breaking in nervous waves, the second putting in obviousness some vibrant masses in which oscillations superimpose themselves until the final explosion.

Pierre Tanguay "La musique de mon disque" CD $12
Ambiances Magnétiques (Canada) AM 079 CD
"This is 'dark ambient' background music for all occasions that is both minimalist and striking, played on invented instruments and recycled objects by a folklorist of the imagination." - label description. out of print.

Tarkatak "Skärva / Oroa" 7" $9
Drone Records (Germany) DR-34
atmospheric deep drones using synths and other electronic devices. the music is slow, non-impulsive and dream-like. very low rumblings, dark harmonies, some subliminal and dense backwards effects, comparable to old :zoviet-france:. second edition with new cover, pressed on blue vinyl. limited edition of 300 copies.

Television Power Electric "2" CD $12
Kuro Neko Music (U.S.) KN02
minimal experimental with Todd A. Carter, Michael Hartman, Boris Hauf, Ernst Karel, and Toshimaru Nakamura. "Members of TV Pow, EKG, Efzeg, and Tokyo's 'Onkyo' scene join for electronic improvisations remixed by Brent Gutzeit and Michael Hartman in the spirit of 1999's first Television Power Electric release. Real and virtual synthesizers, no-input mixing boards, empty and full samplers emit a distant field recording, an oscillating oscillator, pulsing crystal highs, deep solid lows, and a lone bass drum hit. The musicians' egoless multi-individualism and symbiotic aesthetic help to further explore the recently developed genre of future-electronics. Wrapped in the finest tree-safe elephant and giraffe dung papers." - label description. packaged in handmade paper with a translucent insert and felt square to protect the disc from scratches, all held together by a colorful obi.

Martin Tétreault, René Lussier & Michel F. Côté "Des pas et des mois" CD $12
Ambiances Magnétiques (Canada) AM 017 CD
"Martin Tétreault is not a standard musician: his instruments are turntables. A specialist of reduction and trafficking, he has been fascinated by vinyl for several years: cutting up, scratching, scraping and even sanding the grooves. He will even go as far as ironing his victims to extract unheard sonorities! His first album, 'Des pas et des mois' has been conceived with the company of René Lussier, Michel F Côté, Jean Derome and Robert Marcel Lepage. Unwoven rhythms, twisted steps and social dance: Martin Tétreault plays like a mad scientist at mixing genres, creating a narrative music with his recorded samplings and his carefully dosed feedbacks.Audacious, different, new, this music is related to rock by its humorous energy, and touches the inner rhythms of the modern world." - label description. 2nd edition with greenish cover.

Textu Rizer CD $15
Antifrost (Greece / Spain) afro 2018
four drone pieces. "Texturizer: Athens based duo of Nikos Veliotis and Coti K. An experienced improviser of the European scene, armed with his cello, and electronics guru Coti (recently appearing on Antifrost's 'Suffer / Enjoy' compilaton project) are long term collaborators [Coti has also worked with Blaine Reininger of Tuxedomoon]. The different directions that each of them has chosen for their solo work, perfectly converge in Texturizer. Texturizer, spent a day at the Agios Georgios church in a suburb of Athens creating a tense volume, a magnetic state of captivating layers of acoustic sounds, field recordings and electronic drones full of subtleties." - label description. edition of 400 copies, gatefold card cover.

Jean-Luc Therminarias "Un cirque horrifique - Le poème vorace" CD $13
GMEM - Effects Input (France) EI 09
"Un Cirque Horrifique and Le Poème Vorace comprise a diptych inspired by Rabelais's writings, as well as by similar sound material treated and organized differently." - from the liner notes. the first suite of pieces mixes voice, piano, guitar and electronics creating a work much in the traditional of French electroacoustic music. the second pairs electric guitar with heavy effects and electronics and vears more into the territory of psychedelic guitar solos and improvisation. both pieces feature Jean-Louis Clot on guitar. the first also has Bénédicte Bebilly (voice) and Hugues de Nolly (piano).

Thuunderboy! CD $14
Table of the Elements (U.S.) 76 Os
in 1973, Tony Conrad let loose his son with a turntable and decided to record it. it's probably what you would expect, very abused records being played at the wrong speed, with plenty of skips and scratches. four of the selections see the little guy on two turntables, and at various times throughout a little bit of baby talk does come through. contains liner notes by Steve Dollar which try to make this seem to be an early example of turntablism, as if the kid had any care what art was at the age of 2.

Toy Bizarre "KDI DCTB 116" CDR $12
Absurd (Greece) absurd cdr#13
numbered edition of 150 in 6" circular trifold sleeve. "KDI DCTB#116 is an audio piece made up of recordings made in Dom Ruiz's garden, in Saint Aulaire, Correze, and is intended to accompany the video projection of still shots of the garden (taken every fifteen days from a tower built for this purpose), and of arbitrary close-up shots of vegetables and flowers taken by Dom and Jean-Paul Ruiz between spring 1999 and autumn / fall 2000. The perspective of KDI DCTB#116 is one of sound cartography; but it is not a faithful restitution of reality, rather an interpretation of the different elements which are gathered, then sculpted in the studio. The composition accompanies still video shots, and reconstructs a possible sound space around the vegetable garden. The sound space is made up of four main elements: - wire fencing around two sides of the garden, which produces long resonances and oscillatory movements when the wind blows, these elements also delimit the depth of field; - two 'blocks' of vegetables which frame the fixed shot, and whose size and thickness vary with the seasons and, with the wind, produce more or less pronounced whispers; - the 'ground' elements, including the movement of earth worms in the earth, or the movement of earth with tools; - insects, birds and sounds of human origin."

Traw & Rhodri Davies "Cwymp y Dwr ar Ganol Dydd" CD $10
Confront (England) CCS6
minimal, subtle, low key, beautifully restrained.
"The Cardiff-based trio of improvising laptoppers, Traw, have only one previous recording to their name. A celebrated harpist perhaps best known for his work in free improvisation, Davies also commissions and performs works by Fluxus artists Yasunao Tone and Mieko Shiomi, and he’s an occasional member of Anton Lukoszevieze’s new music ensemble Apartment House. In making 'Cwymp y Dwr ar Ganol Dydd', each member of Traw took away a selection of Davies’ harp + electronics material and processed them according to his own lights. In July 2005, when the group reconvened in the company of Davies, they improvised with this de- or re-personalised material to make new sound configurations. Davies too was improvising, in this case with his own transmogrified self, and a live feed of his playing was also available to Traw for further manipulation. It’s as though Davies had stepped into a sonic hall of mirrors."
packaged in clamshell case.

Troum "Ryna" CD $16
Transgredient Records (Germany) TR-04
yearning ambient from Germany. re-release of Troum's first album from 1998 with new artwork by Tilmann Benninghaus. Digipack.

Troum "Tjukurrpa (Part One: Harmonies)" CD $14
Transgredient Records (Germany) TR-01
"This is the first release on Troum's new label Transgredient and also the first part of the 'Tjukurrpa'-trilogy, aiming to show the different sides of Troum's organic & archaic dreamscapes. This part one is dedicated to 'harmonies', containing seven yearnful & atmospheric tracks made by guitar, bass, accordion, voices and effects. The aboriginal word 'Tjukurrpa', translated as 'dreamtime', should symbolize the aim to build music that creates a dreamy state of mind, music of yearning, meditation and inner movement. The 'Tjukurrpa'-trilogy shows the three basic musical spheres of Troum, 'harmonies', 'drones' and 'pulsations': This first part presents the harmonic, slow & sad beauty-side of Troum. First edition of 500 copies in a special full-colour circle-cover!" - label description. this has since been repressed once or twice, but these are copies from the first pressing. all editions are now sold out from the label.

Troum "Tjukurrpa (Part Two: Drones)" CD $14
Transgredient Records (Germany) TR-02
"This is the second release on Troum's new label Transgredient and also the second part of the 'Tjukurrpa'-trilogy, aiming to show the different sides of Troum's organic & archaic dreamscapes. This part two is dedicated to drones; presenting five highly atmospheric and droning tracks ranging from minimal to monumental sounds, from dark ambient to more ritualistic areas: these are drones to loose your rational mind in and reach boundless spheres of mind. The music on 'Tjukurrpa II' is made by loops based on metal-sounds, percussion & other more obscure sources, as well as mouth-organ, choirs, guitars, and effects. The aboriginal word Tjukurrpa translated as 'dreamtime', should symbolize the aim to build music that creates a dreamy state of mind, music of yearning, meditation and inner movement. The 'Tjukurrpa'-trilogy shows the three basic musical spheres of Troum, harmonies, drones and pulsations/rhythms. This second part presents the dark, droney & minimal side of Troum. Comes in a special full-colour circle-cover! Troum is 2/3 of Maeror Tri, creating submospheric music for the deeper mind!" - label description.

TV Pow "We're Almost To Your House" CDR $10
BOXmedia (U.S.) BOXCDR001
Todd Carter, Brent Gutzeit, and Michael Hartman recorded live at the Nervous Center in Chicago September 26, 1998. "electro-acoustic music that will make your cat scream." it certainly does have extremely high frequencies, but it isn't an intense noise terror fest. what appears here is done with restraint and a sense of composition.

Stylianos Tziritas / Madder "Rabbitspeech" CDR $7
Absurd (Greece) absurd cdr#19
Madder is Nicolas Malevitsis and Thodoris Zioutos and they make noises via live electronics, amplified toy typewriter, turntable and objects. Tziritas' interludes are rather Dadaist. "on the 23 & 24/4/02 our friend Stylianos_Tziritas handled his 'Rabbitspeech' theatre performance at Small Music Theatre. having told us a couple of months ago that he had in mind to ask also a group to do a live show somehow influenced from the performance's text, we volunteered to be that project, as we feel like we share a lot in common w/ Styliano's ideology. so here's nothing but the documentation of our 2 live shows including also the soundscapes created by Stylianos_Tziritas for his performance." - Madder from the liner notes. limited to 155 numbered copies. card folder sleeve.

Horacio Vaggione "La Maquina de Cantar" CD $12
Ampersand (U.S.) ampere11
sealed copies of this out of print CD reissue from 2001. originally released on LP by Cramps Records as part of their Nova Musicha series in 1978, this record consists of two 17-minute pieces of minimalist (think Steve Reich) electronic structures. the wonderful title piece was made in 1971 and is layers of sequences generated by the IBM 7090 computer put through analog filter, modulators and a voltage control echo chamber. the second track is a 'live' piece with three Mini-Moogs and a Yamaha organ which is dedicated to Robert Ashley. packaged in a jewel case with slip cover (which features a photo from the sessions not on the original cover).

Vance Orchestra "At Random Again" CD $14
Noctovision (Japan) NCVCD-09
loopy collages at some times reminiscent of :zoviet-france: "Robert Deters & Mars F. Wellink met in the early '80, and started together organizing concerts in a squater called 'de doos' (hotel Bosch). Started making music together (lets call it 'industrial'); using materials where-ever they could lay their hands on. Lots of live performances followed until about 1987. Different names were used: Action Room, Absorbtion Into Wisdom (Aintow) & Yakuza. Lots of recordings are made during this period - but still riping in our archives. Of AintoW, there are 2 cassette releases on the Broken Flag label - (BF55) Dog As Master/If Bwana/AintoW with 'Unwilling To Suck' and (BF57) 'Nerve' with Ramleh/AintoW 'Intolerant'. Then we started again in 1996 making our first CD for Noise Museum Records 'Mellow Moods and Immortal Moments'." - label description. they also did a 7" for Drone Records. each handmade gatefold sleeve features a unique collage of Japanese and Dutch advertising materials, and includes a beautiful multicolored silkscreened accordion fold booklet and obi.

Jan van den Dobbelsteen "Volume 12: Music for Closed Eyes" CD $11
Cosmic Volume (Netherlands) cosmic12
a minimal landscape of ambient noise reminiscent of the Whitehouse and Nurse With Wound collaboration "The 150 Murderous Passions…". there is a continuous high tone, not high enough to be piercing, over which delicate and widely spaced washes appear. the disc is one long piece, but divided into 99 tracks which total up to 71 minutes and 8 seconds. as this 2000 disc was part of the installation for the project "Inkeer" and works quite well on shuffle which only creates a very subtle remix of the disc. this idea of being part of the environment would tie in with the one instruction on the package: "listening advice: don't use headphones." packaged in card envelope with sticker cover and insert.

Wäldchengarten "The Leech" 7" $10
Drone Records (Germany) DR-81
"Wäldchengarten is a Danish duo from Aarhus that could be best described as 'noise ambient' or 'raw / harsh drone' in what they do. After some already very promising releases (i.e. a CD in the Desolation House-series of Relapse Recs) this is their very first vinyl. Their music on 'The Leech' is very raw and filled with tiny noisy outbursts, at the same time ultra-sluggish & powerful. Low whistling feedback & pure electronic whirl-tones are omnipresent, everything seems to gradually sink to an alien center of heavy gravity like an organic entity that is slowly sucking energy while everything around is pulsating and rumbling in menacing cascades... this is dark, but its a darkness of sheer beauty. Filed under: heavy-gravity drones. edition of 300 on dark violet vinyl. Black Covers with silver silk seen print." - label description

Tim Walters "The Dry Well" CD $9
Core Dump Records (U.S.) Core Dump Beta
"'The Dry Well' is a dark and emotionally charged musical work, created by extreme digital processing of acoustic sound sources. The first three tracks ('Two-Thirds God', 'Descent of Inanna', and 'Under') are based on the Epic of Gilgamesh, a Sumerian legend that may be the oldest surviving work of literature. They evoke ritual, mythic journey, and the transition from the material to the spiritual realm. The last three tracks ('For Want of a Nail', 'Valence', and 'The Dry Well'), by contrast, are based on the formal idea of achieving as much as possible with severely limited means. Every sound in the three pieces originated from a kalimba (African thumb piano) built by one Molly Clark, age 8. From this child's instrument, a wealth of sound was created, gradually moving away from 'natural' kalimba tone and toward the realm of pure noise." - label description.
Walters was a member of Circular Firing Squad and recording engineer for Alvin Curran.

Simon Wickham-Smith "Extreme Bukake" CD $12
VHF (U.S.) vhf#65
"In contrast to the live performance-based pieces on Simon Wickham-Smith's 1999 CD Butterfly Dust, the perversely titled follow-up Extreme Bukake is a dissection of religious music, realized on laptop computer. Traditional components like Catholic hymns and Wickham-Smith's vocal on a Hare Krsna prayer get fragmented, splintered, and reassembled into a rich blob of sound. According to his notes on the tracks, 'The Self-Immolation of Thich Quang Duc' is a programmatic work based around the death of the titular Viêtnamese monk who set himself alight to protest about the activity of the Viêtnamese government in the early 1960s. He was a friend of Thich Nhat Hanh, whom Martin Luther King Jr. nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 1965. The music sounds like the insanity of the situation, the external noise of cars and people and the internal noise of the heart and the soul of this man. 'Sri Guru Vandana' is a song from the Hare Krsna (ISKCON) tradition of Krisna Vaisnavitism, a nod in the direction of Wickham-Smith's pre-Buddhist, teenager self, the young man who got into ISKCON and then freaked out at the evangelical nature of the organization. This track acknowledges the positive side of his experience. 'Ave Regina Celorum' is based on a Catholic hymn to Mary, an attempt to create a piece which could perhaps be used for meditation, either formal or informal." - label description.

Simon Wickham-Smith "Two4Dancin" CD $13
Celebrate Psi Phenomenon (New Zealand) 1006
73 minutes of one beat with strange sounds. "The Two 4 Dancin’ album from prolific musical explorer Simon Wickham-Smith, and one of his most out-of-left-field releases to date. Two 4 Dancin' shows Wickham-Smith at his grandest, as his music explodes at the seams with wonderfully resonant contradictions with exquisite textures capable of blissfully enveloping daily life and driving one's neighbors batty. An infinite block-rocking beat melts into deep transparency, revealing a subterranean omniverse of Casiotone mantras, silicon chip psalms, and the mystical babbling of angels and derelict gutter drunks. Think Steve Reich, 50 Cent, and a Buddhist throat-singing Devo." CD and folded insert packaged in a silk screened, gatefold card stock sleeve.

John Wiese "Teenage Hallucination: 1992-1999" CD $8
Troniks (U.S.) TRO-206
"Teenage Hallucination is a compendium of Wiese's initial recordings as a teenager to his seminal early vinyl appearances. From pure analog bedroom havoc to intense cut-up harsh noise blasts, Wiese steadily developed his highly personal and specific style of extreme music while trying to survive the St. Louis experience. 52 tracks in nearly 80 minutes of the best material from his Cat Woman 7", split LP with The Haters, split 5" with Panicsville, collaborative tracks with GX Jupitter-Larsen (The Haters) and Corydon Ronnau (Sissy Spacek), and featuring many completely unreleased and unheard tracks of isolated midwest basement obscurity. Full liner notes by T. Mikawa (Incapacitants/ Hijokaidan) and Seymour Glass (Bananafish)."

Peter Wright "Air Guitar" 7" $10
Drone Records (Germany) DR-82
obscure & lovely guitar explorations. "Welcome to the Dance of Overtones! New Zealand's Peter Wright (residing for some time in London, UK) has raised a reputation over the last few years with his music built mainly by guitar & field recordings. This 3-piece EP 'Air Guitar' consists of little fluxion-mantras, made by waving guitar-overtones & sounds of air & water, with little additional sounds of daily room-noises. Ultra-minimal & harmonic, but with a certain raw directness & concreteness that creates a unique atmosphere, these wonderful over-tonic vibrations & sounds seem to tell little stories or daydream-phantasies... Filed under: Guitar-Mantra drones. beautiful stencil-coloured sleeves (orange / white / black). orange vinyl & orange inlays." - label description. limited edition of 300 copies.

Peter Wright "Terrifying Realisation We Might Be Wrong" 7" $4
Dirty Knobby (U.S.) DK-008
"Peter returns for a 2nd single on Dirty Knobby. This three song EP is an organic wash of gorgeous drones made from a contact microphone, Bulbul Tarang, 12-string, found noise/field sounds and laptop effects. The pieces run the gamut from abrasive machine noise grind to blissed-out ambient hush and back, maintaining a strong sense of craft and human warmth. 500 pressed."

C. Spencer Yeh "Helsinki FI / Berlin DE / 09-10" 3 x C34 $12
Drone Disco (U.S.) fig. 97
insanity from the main member of Burning Star Core. "Two complete live sets of violin and voice spread out over four sides, from Helsinki Finland and Berlin Germany, in 2010 and 2009, respectively. Amplified hands, bow, mouth, throat, air, etc. In chunky vinyl case with insert. Edition of 75." packaged in molded plastic case with two inserts.

C. Spencer Yeh / Jon Lorenz / Ryan Jewell "Live" 7" $5
Krayon (U.K.) KR012
great contrast between small texture & all out attack. "2 sides of bent frown jazz from the hardcore supergroup of Lorenz, Yeh and Jewell. Side A comes on all fifth dimension hard think: violin scrunch and squeal, hard tom rub and dense harmonic blowing pushed right to the front of your brain box, jams a frantic fanfare with locked horn and strings before giving in with a wheeze and a tinkle. Side B's call and answer shies away as fragments fragment into bowed skin, seesaw string microtone and rasped mouthpiece until spunk rock free jizz looseness explodes in downtown turntable street. Artwork by Wyvern."

Zos Kia / Coil "Transparent" 2 x LP $25
Cold Spring (U.K.) CSR230LP
"Zos Kia was formed by John Gosling (Mekon), John Balance (Coil) and Min - with guest Peter 'Sleazy' Christopherson (Throbbing Gristle). Their one and only album, 'Transparent', was released in 1984 in a cassette only edition on the now defunct Nekrophile label, Austria. They were the first released recordings of both Coil and Zos Kia. It was reissued years later by Coil (Threshold House / Eskaton) in an edited edition. The entire recordings are now released on CD/vinyl for the first time and are completely remastered from the unedited tapes. Includes two previously unreleased bonus tracks by Ake (pre-Zos Kia). The music on Transparent is genuinely unsettling and disturbing, with a more primal Industrial feel than the Coil album which followed; 'Scatology'. An essential insight into the very early work of these extraordinary artists and an undeniable link between Coil and Throbbing Gristle. Double vinyl edition in a sumptuous gatefold sleeve with 12" booklet of unseen images, with download card." - label description

"The Architecture of the Incidental" CD $11
GD Stereo (U.S.) GD014
the second compilation a series dealing with psychogeographical recordings based on the theory of the dérive (concepts borrowed from the writing of the Situationist International). with Pat Courtney, Chop Shop, Sean Meehan, John Hudak, Geoff Dugan, Gen Ken Montgomery, If Bwana, Brian Conley, and Francisco López. includes a text by Allen S. Weiss. in wallet with blueprint booklet.

"BOXmedia CDR Series #1 Sampler" CDR $10
BOXmedia (U.S.) BOXCDR100
sampler with one track each from all the CDRs in the first series. includes tracks by TV Pow, Shifts, AD-Relay, Andreas Berthling, Gunshop, Jliat, Liminal, and Sugimoto / Nakamura / Aikyama / Gutzeit. all the individual discs are long out of print. packaged in folded card sleeve with silver front and track listing on the back.

"BOXmedia CDR Series #2" 8 x CDR $86
very limited set containing all of the CDRs from the second series: Coeurl "+ The All Crash Drills"; Gene McDonald / Ronald Simmons [a.k.a. Tim Kinsella] "Demands Feminist Critique"; Ernst Karel "Fern Room"; Jason Talbot, Howard Stelzer & Vic Rawlings "Open"; Mora [Philip von Zweck / Jason Soliday / Brent Gutzeit] "The Singer / Songwriter"; Jason Ajemian & Matt Bauder "Summer 2001"; Koura "Koura"; and Kuwayama Kiyoharu & Kijima Rina with Matthew Heyner [NNCK] "02.18.02". the CDRs come with different cover designs (using the same artwork) and are bound as a sort of book. the regular editions of the single disc were only 50 copies, so there must be a really tiny number of these sets.

"BOXmedia CDR Series #2 Sampler" CDR $10
BOXmedia (U.S.) BOXCDR200
sampler with one track each from all the CDRs in the first series. includes tracks by Coeurl, Gene McDonald [a.k.a. Tim Kinsella], Ernst Karel, Vic Rawlings / Howard Stelzer / Jason Talbot, Mora, Jason Ajemian & Matt Bauder, Koura, and Kuwayama - Kijima with Matthew Heyner [NNCK / Malkuth]. all the individual discs are long out of print.

"A Cleansing Ascension" CD $8
Elevator Bath (U.S.) eeaoa40
with Matt Shoemaker, Adam Pacione, Jim Haynes, Keith Berry, Rick Reed, Dale Lloyd, Colin Andrew Sheffield, Francisco López, James Eck Rippie, and Tom Recchion.
"On the occasion of Elevator Bath's 10-year anniversary, the label has issued its first compilation release. This 73-minute compact disc is not a retrospective but is instead a collection of (almost) entirely exclusive material from 10 artists currently involved with Elevator Bath. This is the ideal introduction to the label, offering a particularly cohesive yet varied selection of works from some of the brightest names in the experimental music community. Uneasy narrative, warm ambience, rusted drones, sine waves, field recordings, meditative composition, plus a glorious photograph on the inner sleeve (taken by Colin's father in 1971)."- label description
packaged in paper jacket. edition of 650.

"Dokument Program Strefa" CD $7
(Poland) Dokument
Polish concert recordings from 1999-2004 of Zubi Zuva - X, To Rococo Rot, Stepanida Borisova / Pavel Fajt, Wolfram, Uchihashi Kazuhisa (founder of Altered States), Joe Giardullo / Bartek Qzniak / Dawid Kosiarkiewicz / Cezary Gapik / Zbigniew Szmatloch / Andrzej Zaleski, Ruins, Polwechsel, Eugene Chadbourne / Paul Lovens, Robert Piotrowicz / Burkhard Stangl / Anna Zaradny, and Gogol Bordello. packaged in paper sleeve.

"Evolved As One" CD $17
Evolved As One (Netherlands) evol01
a collection of emotional ambient-drones with Moljebka Pvlse, Dual, Ure Thrall, Ultrasound, srmeixner [ex-Contrastate], Cats of Tel Aviv [Robert Ovetz of Ultrasound], and Troum. limited edition of 500 copies. folder sleeve.

"Grain" CD $11
Dorobo Limited Editions (Australia) dle8
with Philip Samartzis (Gum), Pimmon, Darrin Verhagen (Shinjuku Thief), and David Brown (Candlesnuffer). "released to coincide with their 2003 tour of San Francisco, the 'Grain' compilation highlights the work of 4 of Australia's eminent sound artists - with Samartzis and Pimmon exploring delicate electroacoustic manipulations of field recordings, Verhagen constructing a fragile matrix of treated frame drum patterns, and brown dynamically deconstructing the 20th century post-classical sound palette. 'Grain' is limited to 600 copies only and comes packaged in [a jewel case with] subtle ice green textures on satin card from i+t=r." - label description.

"Histoires invisibles" CD $14
GMVL (France) GMVL CD 09
a collection of acousmatique works sharing a common thread of style, theme and association with the GMVL group. all tracks recorded at GMVL studio, with the exception of "Peur dans l'escalier", which was done at INA-GRM. track listing: Jean-François Minjard "Peur dans l'escalier" (1986) [7:50], Marc Favre "Le beau corps d'éther" (1988) [15:13], Marc Lauras "Quel carnage!" (1989) [4:40], Bernard Fort "Le jardin de la reine" (1984) [8:22], Xavier Garcia "6 regards sur L" (1991) [15:10], and Pascal-Florian Mutschler "Haute tension" (1990) [11:00]. this is an excellent sampler from the main members of this group of electroacoustic artists following their now hard to find early LP releases.

"KokekompI" CD $13
Kokeko (France) kkkp 1
varied collection of weird rock, improv, pop & electronics with Phroq [Francisco Meirino], O-Pi-O, Aya Collette [with Takuyuki Moriya of Ghost], Goth-Trad, Sensors Sonics Sights [with Atau Tanaka and Laurent Dailleau], Kouhei Matsunaga [NHK'Koyxen], Jean-François Pauvros, Amephone, Eric Cordier + Tetuzi Akiyama, Aki Onda, Makoto Kawabata, and Crazy River [Per Gisle Galåen of DEL]. packaged in thin sleeve.

"L'Air du large" CD $29
Motus (France) M298004
the fourth release from INA-GRM recording artist Denis Dufour's label is lavishly packaged, coming in 108 page, jewel case sized, hardback book with texts (in French with English translations) and photographs. the audio is a collection contemporary music for flute and piano composed by Bertrand Dubedout [previous release on Metamkine], Denis Dufour, Philippe Leroux, Daniel Tosi, and Bruno Giner as performed by Duo Ephémère. though these are instrumental works, they are written by artists schooled in the ways of electronic music (four of the five being former students of the great Ivo Malec). from the liner notes: "Although only revealed by instrumental sources, each work shows a high degree of cross-practice and invites a 'relaxed' mode of listening, appropriate to capturing the evolution of sound material and the richness of its 'morphological' characteristics. As in acousmatics, it is here an issue of projected images, clear-cut or progressive contours, deformations, stretchings, contractions, breaks in the temporal continuum, explosive displacements and somewhat Promethean recompositions of materials: Material / Motion / Music."

"Musique's Action 2" CD $14
Vand'œuvre (France) VDO9509
a 1995 collection of electroacoustic and avant-rock with Jim O'Rourke, Daniel Koskowitz [member of Art Zoyd, Hellebore, Soixante Étages, and Szentendre], Jérôme Noetinger, Lê Quan Ninh [percussionist with Quatuor Hêlios], Frédéric Le Junter, Dominique Petitgand, and Massimo Simonini. each artist explores a different area: O'Rourke with his ambient composition containing a guitar solo, Koskowitz's heavy avant rock, Noetinger's minimal tactic music, Ninh's energetic percussion, Le Junter's unique string instruments playing his unusual song, Petitgand's audio document of family conversations and Simonini's plunderphonic collage.

"Oasis - Music from Mills 2001" CD $12
Mills College (U.S.) MC CD004
with Chris Brown, Fred Frith, Pauline Oliveros, Maggi Payne, John Bischoff and Alvin Curran. "The Mills College Music Department and Center for Contemporary Music continue to play a leading role in the development of experimental music, a tradition that took root at the small liberal arts college in Oakland, California more than sixty years ago. This CD documents work in the area of electro-acoustical music by six composers active at Mills today. Chris Brown and John Bischoff carefully sculpt their sonic materials according to a preconceived architectonic plan. Pauline Oliveros' contribution also originated in real time, during a performance that took place in the Mills Concert Hall. The diversity of sounds created during her improvisations on an electronically enhanced just-tuned accordion is astonishing. Maggi Payne is no less a musical alchemist, who, with a huge repertory of layering and processing techniques, transforms a seemingly minimal palette of sounds into a musical form of massive proportions. Payne focuses on forging organic connections between the elements of her sonic spectrum. Alvin Curran, on the other hand, revels in disunity. Curran juxtaposes materials from the virtually unlimited field of sound available to composers today, including the hauntingly beautiful voice of the late John Cage who opened the doors to this multiplicity. The two interludes and a postlude by Fred Frith provide further examples of 'polystylistic' virtuosity taken in yet another direction. Frith's elegant blending of sounds from a variety of musical and cultural sources has a magical nostalgic quality, cinematic in its effect. After more than a half century, experimental music remains a vital and dynamic tradition at Mills." - David W. Bernstein in the liner notes.

"Octandre" CD $17
Octandre (France) OC951
innovative electroacoustic music from Jean-Michel Rivet, Thierry Alla, Christian Eloy [later to release a CD on INA-GRM], Thierry Pandelé, Christophe Havel, and Bernard Baritaud. "The Octandre society [probably named after the Varèse composition] was founded in Bordeaux in June 1990 and aims to conceive and promote electroacoustic music. The members of the Octandre society have decided on the following goals: the opening of a composition studio, the setting-up of a specific promoting structure, the organization of educational and training activities as well as of contemporary music concerts, radio and audio production and record publishing. Furthermore, Octandre has in view the promoting of Bordeaux as an electroacoustic music creation center by inviting French and international composers, by commissioning new productions and by developing exchanges with other centers. The Aquitaine audience will benefit this way from a wide range of applications of contemporary music creations." - from the liner notes. mastered at Studios INA-GRM.

"Psychogeographical Dip" CD $11
GD Stereo (U.S.) GD013
a compilation of sounds implying the use of the dérive among the various at the abandoned McCarren Park Pool in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, New York. minimal environmental / location pieces. with Gen Ken Montgomery, Chop Shop, Geoff Dugan, Francisco López, Sean Meehan, Brian Conley, John Hudak, If Bwana, and Pat Courtney. in wallet with blueprint booklet.

"Spike - Works from BEAST - Vol. 1" CD $14
Sargasso (U.K.) SCD28034
"All compositions on this CD were created in the Electroacoustic Music Studios at the University of Birmingham. Founded in 1982 at Birmingham University by Jonty Harrison, BEAST is dedicated to the public presentation of electroacoustic music through the use of multichannel sound systems. A diverse choice of composers and compositional styles testify of the richness and excitement of pure sound exploration. The best of BEAST." - label description. with pieces by Ian Armstrong, Simon Scardanelli, Dugal McKinnon, Antti Saario, Derek Thompson [of Hoodlum Priest and SPK], Steven Naylor, Peter Batchelor, James Bentley, and Jamie Bullock.

"Technoise" CDR $13
Hond In De Goot (Netherlands) HOND 002
harsh noisy and loopy remixes of Hyware [a.k.a. Radboud Mens] tracks by Aube, Roel Meelkop, Phonology, Kapotte Muziek, Loop Circuit [Akifumi Nakajima of Aube with Dub Murashita of Dubwize], Captain Black [Frans de Waard], Zion Train and Quest [Frans de Waard again]. intended for release in 1997, this did not appear until 2000. package in slimline case with clear insert. screenprinted disc face.

"An Uncommon Nature" LP $12
Anomalous Records (U.S.) NOM 6
Coinciding with the 10th anniversary of Anomalous Records' existence in 2001, we are releasing a compilation album based around recordings from the outdoors, and featuring artists we release or are going to in the near future. Featured on this LP are new recordings from: Jeph Jerman, Mirror, Agog, Climax Golden Twins, Jonathan Coleclough, Mike Shannon, Monos, Richard Lerman, and Dave Knott. Throughout the packaging, and on four enclosed postcards, are beautiful black and white photographs taken by Rachael Jackson in the Olympic National Park in Washington state. While unified by a common theme, the tracks are quite varied including desert contact mic recordings of rain and wind on a tree [Jeph Jerman], processed sounds of a gate [Jonathan Coleclough], erhu played on a beach [Mike Shannon], mysterious singing 'water babies' [Agog], a mixture of wild celery stalks, tundra grass, a cord made from sinew, a whalebone roof support and the seals [Richard Lerman], and the straight recording of an approaching thunderstorm [Dave Knott]. This attention to detail in audio is matched by the close up photographs of fungi, dripping sap, and trees which surrounds it. With almost 700 copies sold, this is one of the most popular Anomalous Records releases.

"Variable Resistance - Ten Hours of Sound from Australia" CD $12
23five Incorporated / San Francisco Museum Of Modern Art (U.S.) 23F/SFM 902
"September 7-17, 2002 the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art will presented 'Variable Resistance - Ten Hours of Sound from Australia', a selection of work by contemporary Australian sound artists. Organized by the multi-talented Australian musician and curator Philip Samartzis, 'Variable Resistance' surveys a cross-section of contemporary trends in Australian sound art practice. To underscore the extensive nature of these explorations in sound, the exhibition features a ten-day 'listening room' presentation of prerecorded material as well as an evening of live performances by four of the leading experimental musicians in Australia at present: David Brown, Pimmon, Philip Samartzis and Darrin Verhagen. The companion CD consists of 11 tracks by Oren Ambarchi, Robbie Avenaim, Philip Samartzis, David Brown, Jim Knox (xonk), Thembi Soddell, Darrin Verhagen, Pimmon and Delire. The beautiful 24 page booklet that accompanies the CD contains program notes and extensive writing about Noise and the Australian contemporary music scene." - label description.

"Variations 2 - A London Compilation" CD $15
Paradigm Discs (England) PD 05
another excellent collection of lesser known and infrequently recorded artists living in London. "Akemi Ishijima has so far had only one other work released on CD, although she has had many international performances and broadcasts. She is currently completing her PhD at the Centre for Electroacoustic Music Studies at City University.
Michael Ormiston is a virtuoso Khöömii singer with 3 tours of Mongolia under his belt. This piece uses only the morin khuur, a traditional Mongolian stringed instrument, but whilst the music here utilizes the harmonic techniques so sacred to the Mongolians, it also extends beyond its traditional origins. This is his first release on CD.
Tom Wallace is an independent composer who organizes the Sonomorph events in London. The 2 events so far have focused mainly on new acousmatic works by young composers, as well as free improvisation.
Hugh Davies is one of the first names in the academic world of electronic music. Additionally, his involvement in music making extends from working on groundbreaking pieces with Stockhausen in the mid 60's to playing in Music Improvisation Company in the 70's, and working with Borbetomagus in the 80's.
John Grieve is the one artist to carry over from the first volume of variations. His statements are pure and direct. This is another piece for tenor saxophone.
Bob Cobbing and Lawrence Upton recorded live at The Klinker. At the age of 77, Cobbing is undoubtedly Britain's foremost sound poet. Previous recordings are thin on the ground and nothing much has appeared in the last 2 decades. He does however, give many performances across London, often with Birdyak, (a trio with Hugh Metcalfe and Lol Coxhill.) Upton has occasionally collaborated with Cobbing since 1969.
Clive Graham is better known for his involvement in the live electronics group Morphogenesis and the running of Paradigm Discs. This is his first solo recording.
Rolf Gehlhaar became Stockhausen's personal assistant between 1967 and 1970 whilst at the same time he became a member of the Stockhausen Ensemble, with whom he toured and recorded extensively. Since this time he has concentrated on composition and the performance of his own works. This culminated in 1985 with the development of a real-time remote gestural control system. It consists of a set of ultrasonic sensors that pick up the movements of the performer/s, the sensors are linked to a computer, running real-time sound synthesis or sampler control. The many applications of this system are collectively known as SOUND=SPACE. Over the years he has continued to return to the infinite flexibility of this system. Additionally this piece is UHJ encoded for ambisonic playback. He has been living in London since 1975." - label description.

"Yasujiro Ozu - Hitokomakura" 2 x CD $16
and/OAR (U.S.) and/26
"This is the second of a series of label projects pertaining to film directors. The first one was for Andrei Tarkovsky, the third one pertains to Michelangelo Antonioni's 'Tetralogy' (L'Avventura/La Notte/L'Eclisse/Deserto Rosso). This second release turns its focus upon Yasujiro Ozu's use of 'pillow shots' (i.e. short poetic pauses that appear between the acting segments of his films. The term 'pillow shot' was not coined by Ozu himself, but several years after his passing in the early 1960s by a Japanese journalist who was trying to draw a comparison of the intermediate scenes to 'pillow words' found in traditional Japanese poetry. This is a double CD release with both CDs featuring audio plus a cross-platform compatible PDF booklet containing pillow shots (courtesy of Criterion Collection) and liner notes. Each artist who appears on this release was asked to choose one or more 'pillow shots' to use as inspiration for their pieces. A link to web pages containing a large assortment of 'pillow shots' was provided, and accordingly, the pillow shots were reserved on a first come, first served basis. The artists also watched the films from which the pillow shots came from in order to get a sense of how their chosen pillow shots were employed by Ozu. The sound work featured represents a wide range of artistic approaches, but as always with these projects, the artists were chosen specifically, based on their previous work and on how it might contribute to the collective whole of each project. Featured artists include: Alejandra & Aeron, Aono Jikken Ensemble, Asuna, Marc Behrens, Keith Berry, Lawrence English, Heribert Friedl, Bernhard Günter, Haco, John Hudak, Jason Kahn, Hitoshi Kojo, Koura, Dale Lloyd, Yoshio Machida, Roel Meelkop, Kiyoshi Mizutani, Dean Moore (with Michael Shannon), Steve Roden, Sawako, Michael Shannon, Steinbruchel, Taku Sugimoto, Sukora, Toshiya Tsunoda. Text by Doug Cummings (Masters Of Cinema and and Dale Lloyd (and/OAR)." - label description

Used items

grading: media (vinyl, disc, etc.) first; cover second

Mohammed Alatar "The Iron Wall" DVD NM/NM $10.00
"In 1923, Vladmir Jabotinsky - father of the Zionist right - wrote: 'Zionist colonization... can proceed and develop only under the protection of a power that is independent of the native population - behind an IRON WALL, which the native population cannot breach.' From that day on, these words became the official and unspoken policy of the Zionist movement and, later, the State of Israel. Colonies, often referred to as 'settlements', were used to solidify the Zionist foothold throughout historic Palestine. Following the 1967 occupation of the West Bank and Gaza, more than 200 settlements and outposts have been built in these territories, in violation of international law. The Iron Wall exposes this phenomenon and follows the timeline, size, and population of the settlements, reveals how their construction has been a cornerstone of Israeli policy, and demonstrates how the Wall secures them as permanent and irreversible facts on the ground. This documentary warns that a contiguous and viable Palestinian state is becoming no longer possible, and that the chances for a peaceful resolution of the conflict are slipping away. The Iron Wall features interviews with prominent Israeli and Palestinian peace activists and political analysts, including Jeff Halper, Akiva Eldar, Hind Khoury, and others. Also included are eye-opening interviews with Israeli settlers and soldiers, and Palestinian farmers." NTSC / region free / 2006 / 52 minutes / color / in English and Arabic with English subtitles. includes fold out color poster. PalestineOnlineStore (U.S.) 0 94922 66280

Anakrid "Banishment Rituals of the Disenlightened" CD NM/NM $3.00
packaged in heavy cardboard, mini LP style sleeve with insert. Beta-lactam Ring Records (U.S.) mt199a

Aidan Baker "Gathering Blue" 2 x LP NM/NM $10.00
"A work of blissful delight. Aidan Baker provides 4 sides of enchantment in this long-in-the-making 2xLP set. 'Gathering Blue' provides new original material plus a stunning cover of the Joy Division track '24 Hours' as well as an extended work-out of the remix of 'The Cicada Sings Our Love Song' by Building Castles Out Of Matchsticks. We are also treated to a delicate revisiting of the Troum remix of 'When You Scream' - both of the aforementioned remixes were originally released in 2005 on the ultra-limited and long-deleted Arcolepsy Records CD 'Remixes'. This really is Aidan Baker at his very best and a record that is sure to charm. Comes in a gatefold sleeve, numbered card insert and pressed on heavy 180g virgin vinyl in 3 editions (55 copies on black vinyl, 95 on sky blue vinyl [with white blend] and 294 copies on mottled peacock blue vinyl)." - label description. this is one of 55 copies on black vinyl from a total edition of 444 copies. the color postcard numbers this "promo" of 444. also included are two pages of press material. Equation Records (U.S.) E=mc17

Maurizio Bianchi / M.B. "Das Platinzeitalter" CD NM/NM $8.00
deep mysterious ambience supposedly sourced from Jozef van Wissem's lute but totally unidentifiable as such. packaged in folded card cover with silver printing. unnumbered copy from an edition of 500. Incunabulum (U.S.) INC 002

Peter Blamey & Jim Denley "Findings" CD NM/NM $5.00
guttural / textural mixture of alto sax and mixing board. Digipak. Splitrec (Australia) split CD 14

Sean Breadin "As I Live & Breathe" 2 x CDR NM/NM $8.00
also known as Sedayne, Sean was a member of Metgumbnerbone. this recording is made with ukulele, pocket & echo cornets, virtual trombone, melodica alto, organ, hunting horn, loops, drones, processing and locations realized between January and December 2003. packaged in DVD case with enclosed separate sleeve for the second disc. Ploughmyth International (U.K.) 11203

Sean Breadin "As I Live & Breathe / Blyth Requiem" CDR NM/NM $5.00
also known as Sedayne, Sean was a member of Metgumbnerbone. realized September 2003 with echo cornet, ukulele, loops, drones, locations and processing. packaged in DVD case. Ploughmyth International (U.K.)

Thom Brennan "The Path Not Taken" 3" CD NM/NM $5.00
gentle percussive ambient. ambience and treatments by Steve Roach. in special full color folder of nature visuals. number 336 of 1000. Amplexus (Italy) XUS04

Karen McCarthy Brown "Mama Lola - A Vodou Priestess in Brooklyn" book VG $4.00
first book to treat voodoo from perspective of practicers. "In this fascinating biography, Karen Brown weaves together fictional, biographical, and ethnological narratives into a moving account of the life of a Vodou community and its leader, Mama Lola. This book belies the stereotypes that still distort the image of this ancient religion in the academic as well as the popular mind." - Albert J. Raboteau, Princeton University. 1991 edition. price stickers on front and rear covers. underlining on some pages. paperback, 406 pages, approx. 6" by 9". University of California Press (U.S.)

Gust Burns, Ernesto Rodrigues, Vic Rawlings, David Hirvonen "Refrain" CD NM/NM $6.00
recorded at the Gallery 1412 during the Seattle Improvised Music Festival February 8, 2006. Creative Sources Recordings (Portugal) CS 097 cd

John Butcher / Phil Durrant / John Russell "Concert Moves" CD NM/NM $8.00
live free improvisation from London trio recorded captured in concert during 1991 and 1992. the instrumentation is acoustic guitar, violin, and tenor or soprano saxophone. packaged in card stock folder. Random Acoustics (Germany) RA 011

John Butcher / Phil Durrant / John Russell "The Scenic Route" CD NM/NM $8.00
London based free improvisation trio recorded at two concerts in 1998. instrumentation includes soprano & tenor saxophones, violin, and guitar - no amplification or other electronics. Emanem (U.K.) 4029

John Cale, Tony Conrad, Angus MacLise, La Monte Young, and Marian Zazeela "Inside the Dream Syndicate - Volume 1: Day of Niagara (1965)" CD NM/VG+ $30.00
out of print archival release. first pressing with purple cover. "From 1962 through 1965 John Cale, Tony Conrad, Angus MacLise, La Monte Young, and Marian Zazeela participated in a collaborative ensemble that articulated the Big Bang of 'minimalism'. Utilizing long duration and precise pitch, they forged an aggressively mesmerizing 'Dream Music' - denying the activity of composition and elaborating shared ideas of performance and improvisation. However, the many rehearsal and performance recordings from this period were repressed, and remained inaccessibly buried until this moment. With the recent discovery of an additional cache of tapes, now restored and digitally remastered, the world can step inside the Dream Syndicate for the very first time." - from the cover. cut in spine through jewel case and tray card. otherwise in excellent condition. Table of the Elements (U.S.) TOE-CD-74

Can "Delay 1968" CD NM/NM $9.00
recorded at the same time as the groundbreaking "Monster Movie" LP, these tracks were never released until 1981, hence the title. despite that, this is first class material and an essential album for any fan of the Malcolm Mooney period. quite simply one of the top rock records to come out of Germany. this is the US edition, but was manufactured in Austria so the only difference from the European version would appear to be the barcode and the catalog number on the spine. Mute / Spoon (U.S.) 9062-2

Andrew Courtney & Emily Perry "The Israeli Wall in Palestinian Lands" DVD NM/NM $10.00
"Two American activist/filmmakers set out to explore the impact of the Wall on Palestinian lives. They talk with seven Palestinians: a young mother from Dheisheh refugee camp, a businessman from Abu Dis, a music student from Ramallah, a school director from Jerusalem, a farmer from Jayyous, the director of the Stop the Wall campaign in Beit Hanina, and an African-Palestinian tour guide in Jerusalem. Their perspectives shed light on Israel's true objectives with the Wall, and what kind of future between Palestinians and Israelis lie ahead." - from the cover. 2004 / color / 43 minutes. (U.S.) 7 24101 85839

Henry Cowell "Piano Music" CD NM/NM $6.00
reissue of the 1963 Folkways LP. pioneering American experimentalist with great influence on those after (including Cage). he invented ways to play the piano that no one else had considered including playing tone clusters (smashing the fists down on the piano) and playing the inside of the piano. recorded 1958 by the composer and with spoken commentary by him at the end of the disc. this collects pieces written between 1912 and 1930 including "The Banshee" and "Aeolian Harp and Sinister Resonance". Smithsonian Folkways (U.S.) SF40801

Current 93 "Baalstorm, Sing Omega" LP NM/NM $25.00
red vinyl. includes 4 page lyric insert. slight bumps to the corners of the jacket, but otherwise perfect. Coptic Cat (U.K.) NIFE 010V

Dachise "Twin Braids" CD NM/NM $5.00
a 1999 reissue of the limited edition 1998 cassette by Paul D. Knowles, now working under the name The Digitariat. Dachise also had several releases on the Tochnit Aleph label. the six tracks are noisy loop based pieces. limited edition of 500 copies, out of print. Assemblage Point (Scotland) ASP001CD

Peter Maxwell Davies / Lucia Dlugoszewski / William Hellermann "The New Trumpet" LP VG+/VG+ $4.00
contains Peter Maxwell Davies "Sonata for Trumpet & Piano", Lucia Dlugoszewski "Space Is A Diamond" (for solo trumpet), and William Hellermann "Passages 13 - The Fire" (for trumpet & tape). the last uses a text by Robert Duncan and the tape was realized at Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center. performed by Gerard Schwarz (trumpet) and Ursula Oppens (piano). "We enter a new sound-world. The trumpet suddenly has become a four-and-a-half-octave instrument: in its new incarnation, with the use of several mutes, unusual tonguing techniques, high, swooping glissandos, and simultaneous playing and singing through the mouthpiece, an instrument emerges capable, in the composer's words, of 'gusts of delicate rain' and 'violent plateaus,' of 'pure transparency, tenderness, nakedness, and radiance'." cut spine. Nonesuch (U.S.) H-71275

The Decayes "horNetZ" CD NM/NM $10.00
reissue of 1981 LP of L.A.F.M.S. like experimental rock. features a guest appearance by Dennis Duck (Doo-Dooettes). one of 500 unnumbered copies. packaged in mini-LP sleeve with 12 page booklet. Mind's Ear Recordings / Imgrat (U.S.) MERe04Q1L01 / IM 2400004.2

Willem deRidder + Crawl Unit "Voice & Sound" 7" NM/VG $4.00
two short [about 6 minutes each], possibly improvised stories from the infamous Dutch man who has pushed radio art to extremes of interaction. previously he has been a member of The Hafler Trio, F.N.T.C., and the Fluxus group. backed by minimal noises from Crawl Unit. limited edition of 300 copies. ringwear and creasing of the sleeve as well as some smudges. Povertech Industries (U.S.) artifact four

Philip K. Dick "The Man in the High Castle" book NM $6.00
"It's America in 1962. Slavery is legal once again. The few Jews who still survive hide under assumed names. In San Francisco the I Ching is as common as the Yellow Pages. All because some 20 years earlier the United States lost a war-and is now occupied jointly by Nazi Germany and Japan. This harrowing, Hugo Award-winning novel is the work that established Philip K. Dick as an innovator in science fiction while breaking the barrier between science fiction and the serious novel of idea. In it Dick offers a haunting vision of history as a nightmare from which it may just be possible to awake." - from the back cover. paperback, 259 pages, approx. 5" by 8". Vintage Books (U.S.) 0-679-74067-8

Dislocation "Action Peeking" VHS NM/NM $38.00
perhaps inspired by Viennese Aktionists and Coum Transmissions, like a particular leaning toward Rudolf Schwarzkogler, the visual material is focused on manipulations of a penis (uncircumcised?) and various mysterious objects. the first 20 minutes are very abstracted with close-ups very pixelated and heavily color shifted in saturated washes. the next section presents this material in unprocessed form as the background projection in a live venue while the performer wraps his head in gauze, pours something white and gluey over his head, does something with his mouth and then wraps his head with rope, now looking a little bloody. the "performance intermixed action" and video are both credited to Keishi Kiyokawa who is always credited on Dislocation's audio only releases, but only finally seen in action here. produced in 1994 from two live actions, the music is reminiscent of the very early Merzbow junk action using electric strings (Fujio Kumura), saxophones (Yoshinori Yanagawa), and electronics (Toyohiro Okazaki). one source claims that the late Shohei Iwasaki (Monde Bruits) joins on sampler, although he is not mentioned on the release itself. the sound is well recorded in glorious stereo and the saxophone seems missing from the first section or is so abstracted, I don't recognize anything as coming specifically from that instrument. there music is not total noise and certainly strattles the line which allowed them to appeal to both the noise crowd (this label) as well as the way far out psychedelics of P.S.F. Records. the program ends rather suddenly, in mid-performance, then give short excerpts of other videos on the label by Roughage, C.C.C.C., Merzbow, Dissecting Table, Ruins, Tatsuya Yoshida, Aube, Incapacitants, Masona [sic], and Dislocation (this title). other than Aube, this Dislocation title looks like the most interesting in the series from a visual perspective. with the previews, the playing time is just over 45 minutes. includes folded catalog insert (which mentions a never released Nord video) and small translucent card advertising Aube released on the label. packaged in snap case with full color artwork. stamped no. 050 (on the cassette artwork and paper label) of an unspecified number of copies. original price included in the artwork on the spin is 2,812 Yen. NTSC format. Vanilla Records (Japan) 46

The Dorian Quintet "The Avant Garde Woodwind Quintet in the U.S.A." 3 x LP NM/VG+ $12.00
with works by Samuel Barber, Arthur Berger, Elliott Carter, Luciano Berio, Irving Fine, Lukas Foss, Mario Davidovsky, Jacob Druckman, Gunther Schuller and Karel Husa. the Davidovsky and Druckman pieces use tape to add electronic sounds. performed by Karl Kraber (flute), Jerry Kirkbride (clarinet), Charles Kuskin (oboe), Jane Taylor (bassoon), and Barry Benjamin (French horn). the hinged box has a full color paste on cover. this cover shows rubbing and various wear. also included are a 4 page insert with liner notes and a 20 page catalog for the label. Vox Box (U.S.) SVBX 5307

Efzeg "Grain" CD NM/NM $7.00
Boris Hauf: saxophones; Martin Siewert: guitar, lapsteel, electronics; Burkhard Stangl: guitars, devices; Dieb 13: turntables. three tracks (74 minutes total) which build from extended and subtle timbres creating a textural soundscape. "This is dynamic sound research. Sounds and music don't wait to be discovered, but are questioned, arranged and - maybe - newly created in the moment of playing. The players concept is a deliberate rouse of differences, mutual arrangement, and the friction with the musical identity of the other. The result is a kind of musical-fictional socialization with great devotion to possible irritations." recorded live in 1999, and released the following year, this was the first release by this group and has been followed by four discs on Grob, En/Of, Charhizma and hatOLOGY. Durian Records (Austria) durian 012-2

Gavin Friday "Shag Sampler" C16 NM/VG+ $2.00
promo only cassette single with "You, Me And World War Three" (Tim Simenon Big Single Mix edit) and "The Slider" (a Marc Bolan song). packaged in full color O-card. Island (U.S.) PRCS 7151-4

Dan Graham & Glenn Branca "Pavilions" book & 7" NM/VG+ $200.00
exhibition catalogue published in conjunction with show held March 12 - April 17, 1983 which included three duo performances by Graham and Branca. included are bilingual (German / French) texts by Jean-Hubert Martin, Thierry de Duve, and Dan Graham. Graham's essays are "Rock-Religion" and "Theater, Kino, Macht / Théâtre, cinéma, pouvoir". the 7" features Glenn Branca's "Acoustic Phenomenon". the would appear to be the only release of both 6 minute sections - one 4 minute excerpt was later included on the Tellus cassette "All Guitars!". this item is featured in the books "Broken Music" and "Vinyl: Records and Covers by Artists - Monographs". the book shows a little wear and fading on the cover, but is fine internally. the 7" is near mint. it is more ambient than other Glenn Branca releases, and one of the better things he has done I think. the book includes many b&w photographs and illustrations. softcover, 80 pages, approximately 8.25" by 10.5". Kunsthalle Bern (Switzerland)

Bassam Haddad "Arabs & Terrorism" DVD NM/NM $10.00
"Armed with a camera and a laptop, Arab-American filmmaker Bassam Haddad ('About Baghdad') scours the globe in an effort to break down mass media-imposed barriers on information and find answers to some of the most persistent questions generated by the 'War on Terror'. Through no less than 95 interviews with high-profile politicians, Middle East experts and with people on the streeet, Haddad strives to open a dialogue between neoconservatives in Washington, DC and the so-called Arab 'terrorists' they obsess about. The director engages in what can best be described as laptop diplomacy'. He allows the film's subjects to view each others' interviews on his laptop, after which they respond to each others' allegations. The resulting documentary series turns a critical eye on current American perceptions regarding the hypothetical link between 'Arabs' and 'Terrorism', while cutting to the heart of the historic and ongoing conflict of ideas between the Arab World and the West." NTSC / 135 minutes / color / 2007 / audio: Arabic, English, French, Hebrew, Spanish / subtitles: English. Arab Film Distribution (U.S.) 6 43519 11949 0

Jean-Louis Huhta "Halfway Between The World and Death" CD NM/NM $5.00
Digipak. Slottet (Sweden) SLM5

Intersystems "Number One" LP & 7" NM/NM $30.00
reissue of their debut 1967 LP originally released by the legendary Allied label. unlike the original LP, this reissue is packaged in a heavy gatefold sleeve full of great photographs and articles about the band from the time. "The first re-release of Intersystems first LP. Drug induced wild electronics by John Mills-Cockell and trippy outsider narrative by Blake Parker. This special edition includes a reprinting of a very rare psychedelic comic book by Intersystems originally published in 1968 and a 7" record with jukebox hole that includes extracts from 'Free Psychedelic Poster Inside' and 'Peachy'. The package offers a glimpse into the installations and psychedelic environments that Intersystems created during the 1960's, with the time-capsule effect as reported by the media including the Toronto Telegraph and Time Magazine. 220 gram vinyl. DMM quality pressing. Limited edition 500 copies." - label description. contains 28-page booklet and double-sided insert. the clear mylar sleeve (with gold sticker) is split along the bottom. Cortical Foundation (U.S.) organ of Corti 25

Charles Ives "The 100th Anniversary" 5 x LP box VG+/VG+ $20.00
released in 1974, this marked the first appearances of 21 selections. performers include New York Philharmonic, Leonard Bernstein, Thomas Stewart, Alan Mandel, The New York String Quartet, Alvin Brehm, Gunther Schuller, E. Power Biggs, Archie Drake, Gregg Smith Singers, Columbia Chamber Orchestra, Ithaca College Concert Choir, American Symphony Orchestra, Leopold Stokowski, Helen Boatwright, John Kirkpatrick and Charles E. Ives himself. one whole LP is devoted to Ives playing his own compositions in recording sessions from 1933 to 1943. the final LP in the set is a selection of interviews with people that knew Ives including not only composers and performers, but Ives' barber, neighbors, family and co-workers in the insurance industry. some of the better known names that pop up here are Bernard Herrmann, Elliot Carter, Nicolas Slonimsky, and Jereome Moross. the box itself is almost 2" thick and also contains a large 52-page booklet with photographs, manuscript pages, flyers, newspaper clippings and a selection of pages from Ives' memos. the whole set is in excellent condition with a some signs of use. the box is in two parts with one spine looking a little sun faded in comparison to the inside section. there are a few scuffs on the vinyl, especially on the beginning of the sides on the first LP. Columbia Masterworks (U.S.) M4 32504

Mike Khoury / Will Soderberg "Volumen Drei" CDR NM/NM $2.00
electroacoustic improvisations with violin. edition of 100. card sleeve with insert. Tigerasylum Records (U.S.)

Andrew Liles and Daniel Menche "The Progeny of Flies" CD NM/NM $5.00
packaged in heavy cardboard mini LP style sleeve with insert. Beta-lactam Ring Records (U.S.) mt206

Mark McGuire CDR NM/VG+ $16.00
cascading layers of guitar from member of The Emeralds. originally released on cassette under the title "Open Chords", this CDR edition adds one bonus track. packaged in snapcase with color artwork. High Spirits (U.S.) no. 1

Mark McGuire "High Above The City" CDR NM/VG+ $16.00
cascading layers of guitar from member of The Emeralds. packaged in snapcase with color artwork. High Spirits (U.S.) no. 11

Paul Metzger "Gedanken Splitter" LP NM/NM $7.00
prepared banjo. includes one sheet. Roaratorio (U.S.) ROAR 14

MSBR object NM $40.00
wooden prototype for packaging of "Stultification" 7" (MR12) which came out in 1995. this comprises two rough cut 7" circles screwed together with one side having three cylindrical feet while the other side is attached to a jointed arm. fully extended it reaches out to about 29", but when the arm is folded back, it is only 19". if you did not know in advance, you would not think this was intended as the packaging for a record. although an edition was made, each one was slightly different in terms of attached materials. some had strings or wheels instead of being jointed like this example. MSBR Records (Japan)

MSBR "Ultimate Ambience" LP NM/NM $200.00
recorded February 1991 and released in 1992, this was the first release of the late Koji Tano's noise project. limited to 400 copies, this copy is from the sub-edition of 100 hand numbered deluxe copies in unique fold out handmade covers using foil, paint, and collage elements. the gatefold cover is not only decorated on the front and back, but also on the inside with the LP lying beneath one of the folds. if you were to unfold the entire cover, it would stretch out to 43" of three dimensional collage. to complete this ambitious project Koji Tano collaborated with Nagako Takechi and Yoshihiro Nakano, both of whom went no to contribute visual to other releases, but nothing as intense as this. included are two one-sided 25x18 cm info-sheets, one is made of clear plastic, plus the sticker used for the cover of the regular edition. this is copy number 60. MSBR Records (Japan) MR 01

MSBR & Speculum Fight "Collaboration" LP NM/NM $200.00
using raw material from Koji Tano (a.k.a Koji Tano), Speculum Fight (a.k.a. Damion Romero) mixed, processed and added to create this wonderful noise LP. released in the USA by Damion Romero's P-tapes in an edition of 400 copies, Tano used some of his copies to make this deluxe sculptural edition. number 3 of only 23 copies, this copy replaces the plain LP jacket with an insane assemblage of wooden remnants which might recall an artwork by Kurt Schwitters more than record cover. the LP itself is wrapped in Japanese newsprint (faded over time) with erotic comic illustrations and includes the insert that also came with the regular copies. the packaging measures about 15" by 14" by 1", but weighs only about 1.25 pounds. MSBR Records / P-tapes (Japan / U.S.) P9

The Nihilist Spasm Band / John Chambers ArtsCanada August/September 1967 nos. 111/112 magazine with 7" flexi NM/NM $200.00
"Home of the restrained, the shriveled...a cold country...Canada, I think I love you, but I want to know for sure." Those are some of the lyrics by Bill Exley shouts out on the first side of this artifact. Backed by completely unschooled pounding on drums and homemade kazoos, The Nihilist Spasm Band unleash their own brand of anti-music. Recorded a year before their legendary LP on Allied, this thirty-three-and-a-third RPM flexi was the Spasm Band's first issued recording. Incongruously included in an issue of ArtsCanada dedicated to the art of southwest Ontario, NSB is presented alongside folk art, the architecture of Scarborough College, modern sculpture and a reproduction of a 17th century Dutch master. Printed as a folder with loose inserts for each article, the Spasm Band are given one side of a five-page accordion fold which is decorated with eight illustrations of the group at work plus a reproduction of Art Pratten's sketch for kazoos. The best is a shot of Exley, mid-wail, though the others are excellent as well. They are young men here, as opposed to more settled performers of the forty-years-later present. Even though The Nihilist Spasm Band continue on as a strong entity, despite the loss of a few members over the years, this early recording seems to be almost more primitive and raw than what they are now. They stand in stark contrast to the image of Canada that Bill sings about. They are unrestrained, disordered and daring. The flip side (both of the record and insert), by film maker and painter John Chambers, is a complete contrast. The simple reading of the poem "Fire" is held together a strict form of reading one line at a time in a very measured pace. The repetition and monotone delivery make it almost the complete opposite of The Nihilist Spasm Band. However, that is probably the idea behind pairing these two. They are not totally unrelated either. Aside from both artists coming from London, Ontario, Chambers was at the time of this release working on a film about Spasm Band member Greg Curnoe. And in truth a lot of the members of the group did work outside that was quite different. Still the A side of this record is what I really love. Such a unique band and sadly so little released on record for us to hear. That makes this all the more special. still sealed. The Society for Art Publications (Canada)

Pauline Oliveros & Ione "Io and Her and the Trouble with Him" DVD NM/VG+ $7.00
"Written and directed by Ione. Music and sound design by Pauline Oliveros. A collaborative venture among artists of all types, this 'dance-opera' is a multimedia panorama of experimental theatre and technical virtuosity that includes aerial ballet, masks, video projection, a sinister thousand-eyed monster, and a highly imaginative electronic soundscape. The one-act story, set in primeval time, retells the myth of Io from a matriarchal perspective. Io, Argivian priestess, is transformed by a terrible spell and roams the world, lovely but tormented. While enduring entrapment by Argus, the terrible monster, she is befriended by the brilliant Bird who helps her discover the key to her escape. Only upon her arrival in Khemt (Ancient Egypt) does she begin to understand the true mystery of what her journey has been about and its meaning for the future of the world." - label description. "Music for 'Io and Her and the Trouble with Him' consists of a sound track, live and recorded music, singing and spoken word, live and recorded solo singing, choral speaking, chanting, sounding and singing. The sound track is a re-mix of electronic and electro-acoustic music made at different times by the composer from 1966 to the present." - Pauline Oliveros. hole drilled in bottom corner of jewel case and tray card. NTSC, 4:3 aspect ratio. Deep Listening Institute (U.S.) DL 41-2009

Panicsville / Inflalable Alterboys 12" NM/VG+ $8.00
noisy ambient electronic soundscapes and rhythms. "Sometimes the sounds are utterly abstract, sometimes they're more ambient and sometimes there's even a melody. On its side of the slab, Panicsville dishes out three songs. And each of these of the concepts is represented. The first piece is utterly ambient, an understated noise soundscape. Simply entrancing. The second song has almost a traditional construction, complete with melody and all. The third song, while still playing around with a keyboard, is much less structured. Most intriguing. Inflatable Alterboys fills its side with one song, 'Superior Twelve Inch Finger' (One of the greatest titles I've ever seen). It kinda sounds like the Panicsville, except instead of separating the three distinct approaches to electronic noise, everything gets thrown into a single pot. Not like a mishmash, but more of a bouillabaisse. The pieces are distinct within the whole. There is a consistent rhythmic idea that travels throughout most of the piece, and everything else kinda hangs off those beats at odd angles. Truly wonderful. This piece of vinyl is everything I expected (I did have high hopes) and much more. Big smiles." mylar cover. Nihilist (U.S.) nihil 14

Harry Partch "U.S. Highball / Ulysses at the Edge / O Frabjous Day" LP NM/VG+ $80.00
"U.S. Highball" (1943) and "Ulysses at the Edge" (1955) may be from the Gate 5 LP. "O Frabjous Day" (1954) was originally released on the Tellus cassette compilation "Just Intonation" and makes its only appearance on vinyl here. spray-painted jacket with two inserts. the back of the jacket has some black marks, some stains and bubbling. two corners are slightly bumped. RRRip (U.S.) RIP 003

Octavio Paz "Marcel Duchamp, Appearance Stripped Bare" book VG+ $4.00
originally published in Spanish in 1968 as "Marcel Duchamp o El castillo de la pureza". translated from the Spanish by Rachel Phillips and Donald Gardner. 17 b&w illustrations. cover design by Charles Rue Woods (there seems to be another edition with an ugly cover). some wear to edges of cover and slight bumping to corners. paperback, 211 pages, approximately 5.5" by 8.25". Arcade Publishing (U.S.) ISBN 1-55970-138-2

Steve Peters "Occasional Music" CD VG+/NM $8.00
various soundtracks 1984-2003 including one piece played on gamelan. packaged in gatefold sleeve. the CD has marks from the packaging. Palace of Lights (U.S.) PoL 0703

Porest "Mood Noose" CD NM $5.00
solo project from Mark Gergis of Sublime Frequencies, Mono Pause, and Neung Phak. this is the second Porest album coming between releases on Seeland and Abduction. Resipiscent (U.S.) RSPT 006

The Scallions "Sounds of Vinyl and the Past" LP NM/NM $10.00
the cover says, "file under avant-garde power pop", but the sounds definitely lean more to the experimental side. features guest appearances by Brian Jackson (Gil Scott-Heron collaborator), Brian Poole (Renaldo and the Loaf), and Nolan Colan (The Residents' touring band). no. 5 of 474 copies. gatefold jacket. green vinyl. includes download card. Mind's Ear Records (U.S.) MERe07H04

John Schaefer "New Sounds - A Listener's Guide to New Music" book VG $5.00
"'Modern Music', too long an intimidating area, has over the past decade become something else entirely: adventurous, accessible, and appealing. John Schaefer, whose 'New Sounds' program has introduced thousands of listeners to new music on National Public Radio, has written an authoritative and engaging guide to the world of contemporary music and its composers and performers. Electronic and acoustic music, experimental ensembles, Minimalism, ethnic influences, Windham Hill's revival of impressionism, the contemporary classical scene, radical extensions of the human voice, invented instruments, and the surprising evolution of rock are all discussed, and for the collector there are critical discographies of over 2,000 of the best recordings of new music available." - from the back cover. paperback, 297 pages, approx. 6" by 9.25". Perennial Library (U.S.) ISBN 0-06-097081-2

Shankar "Song For Everyone" CD NM/VG+ $5.00
new age ethno jazz with Shankar (10-string double violin and drum machine), Jan Garbarek (soprano and tenor saxophones), Zakir Hussain (tabla and congas), and Trilok Gurtu (percussion). ECM Records / BMG Classics (U.S.) ECM 1286 / 78118-21286-2

Wally Shoup & Gust Burns "Duo" CDR NM/NM $5.00
alto saxophone and piano recorded live in Seattle 27 April 2006. in screenprinted card sleeve with insert and screenprinted disc face. small crease on one corner of the sleeve, otherwise in excellent condition. no. 14 of 100 copies. Tone Action Family (U.S.) cd 009

Marja-leena Sillanpää "h&h o&a n&n" CD NM/NM $5.00
music by Mattias Åkerfeldt, Helena Öhman-McCardle, and Patrick Boman. 32-page booklet with photos and lyrics. 30 minutes total. released in 2008. Firework Edition Records (Sweden) FER1067

Sun Ra "Omniverse" book VG $400.00
first edition published in 1994. the holy grail of Sun Ra books. compiled by Hartmut Geerken and Bernhard Hefele, this book includes comprehensive primatial and annotated discography, including record title index, composition index, personnel index, instrument index, Saturn Record label and vinyl number index, record label index and essays, photo documents, tapeography, filmography and bibliography. the essays are written by Amiri Baraka, Robert L. Campbell, Sigrid Hauff, Chris Cutler, Robert Lax, Salah Ragab, Karl Heinz Kessler, Hartmut Geerken, Gabi Geist, and Bernhard Fefele. photographs by Val Wilmer and Hartmut Geerken. the cover is rather fragile and has what seem to be common defects: the cover is smudged and has some marks including a small 7/8" yellow streak on the spine. there are small bumps to the corners with a crease in the top right front and top left rear. there is a crease on the spine which causes the book to open up the pages in the middle of the album cover gallery. internally the book is excellent. paperback, 252 pages, approximately 11.75" by 11.75" by .75", 4 pounds. Waitawhile (Germany)

Undecisive God "Everything's Broken" CDR NM/NM $2.00
Following the wonderful "Artefacts of Australian Experimental Music 1930 - 1973" CD compilation, Clinton Green presents some of his own piece for guitar with manipulated records and effects. While most of the piece achieve a nice density, there is none of the refinement which is evident on many of the archival recordings which Clinton has been wonderfully unearthing. The majority of the piece here feel aimless as they scutter around. More amusing the collage "Non-Cricket" which stitches together the moments of a cricket game on TV between the commentary and ball playing. What's left is mostly the distant roar of the crowd creating an open and airy 8 minutes. packaged in slimline case with a few faint marks. Shame File Music (Australia) SHAM052

Jozef van Wissem "Stations of the Cross" CD NM/NM $7.00
delicate and contemplative pieces played on 10 course Renaissance Lute and 13 course Baroque lute recorded Grand Central Station and airports. packaged in folded card cover with silver printing. unnumbered copy with black disc face, which suggests this is the second pressing out of three done. Incunabulum (U.S.) INC 004

Craig Vear "Aud Ralph Roas'le" CDR NM/NM $6.00
water related field recordings. edition of 50 copies. packaged in a metal box with an insert. Gruenrekorder (Germany) Gr 075

Von Bingen LP NM/VG+ $6.00
komsiche/Krautrock vibe from Daniel Presnell (Astral Blessing), Jenni Pace Presnell, Richard Smith (on Buchla Electric Music Box), and Joshua Stevenson (Magneticring). a little scuff on the front cover. splits on three sides of the printed inner sleeve. Amen Absen (Canada) 002

Simon Wickham-Smith "Love&Lamentation" CD NM/NM $8.00
long time musical partner of Richard Young working with manipulated voices in a way that reminds of recent Nurse With Wound recordings. "With a degree in English literature at King's College in London, Simon Wickham-Smith is certainly not concocting. In his album's title he places a fairly explicit reference to the 'lamentation' genre, a literary and musical style in vogue between the fourteenth and the sixteenth century, mainly in Europe, which in turn borrowed from Greek tragedy and famous antecedents in the Bible. In the form - in fact - of a melting prayer, 'Sandokai (The Harmony Of Difference And Equality)' is based on a tape given to the author by a nun, at a zen devotional ceremony. The texts, written and recited by the American poet Rachel Becker, are subject to minimal digital manipulation. 'The Kindness Of Kin-Beforehand' brings us ethereal and dark atmospheres, using multiple languages and interpretations. We hear voices of ghosts in unison that appear lost in a vacuum yet remain vibrant as micro-tales. Echoes and minimally dissonant electronic music, harmonious mantra and orientalizing influences, which interlace with traditional Scottish psalms in the title track, in a strange mixture of tastes, textures and repetitions. A fascinating work, restless, rich in suggestions and melancholic." - Aurelio Cianciotta Pogus Productions (U.S.) 21048-2

Whitehouse "Birthdeath Experience" CD VG+/NM $16.00
original 1993 reissue of the debut Whitehouse LP from 1980. digitally remastered from the original quarter-inch master tapes, this was the first time this album appeared on CD. the original trio was William Bennett (vocals and synthesizer), Paul Reuter (synthesizer) and Peter McKay (effects and engineer) using 2 EDP Wasp synthesizers (1 modified by Chris Carter), ElectroHarmonix Memory Man and a tone generator. seeing themselves as pioneers in adding violence to electronic music, they spawned the power electronic genre. the 8-page booklet features original liner notes, lyrics and a 1980 review by Gordon Hope from Neumusik magazine. there are a few minor scuffs on the disc, but it plays all the way through fine. Susan Lawly (U.K.) slcd006

Yermo CD NM/NM $4.00
slowly mutating soundscapes of noise from Chris Moon of MCMS. reissue of the 1999 CDR. resurrected and slightly remastered by Kris Lapke of Alberich and Ash Pool. Last Visible Dog (U.S.) LVD 004

Matthew Young "Recurring Dreams" LP NM/VG+ $60.00
private press new age electronic album from 1981. a few creases and bumps on the jacket. Full Moon Records (U.S.) No. 1

Enore Zaffiri "Riverberazioni Sonore" 7" NM/NM $15.00
an obscure pioneer of electronic music in Italy, Zaffiri founded the Studio Di Musica Elettronica Di Torino in 1964. his music was very obscure and unknown until Die Schachtel released his work in 2004. this 7" features two sections from "Riverberazioni Sonore N. 31" (1998) and "Sonetto CXLIV Da The Dark Lady Di Shakespeare" (1973) with the voice of Ellen Kappel. comes with numero otto [8] of Miele magazine which includes an interview with Enore Zaffiri, articles on Detecma and Alan Turing, and other articles. all text is in Italian only. limited edition of 125 copies. nice heavy vinyl. the magazine is about 8.25" square and 48 pages long. Rossbin (Italy) RSEP001

Force Mental 12 magazine VG $20.00
1985 issue with AMVK, Club Moral, I.C.C. Antwerp, Doublevision, Beursschouwburg, Gerd Belz, Videocongress Koln, Dik Paesmans, Blair Petrie, Club Generic, Lymph, Intermental Lyon, Monty Cantsin, Alex Adriaansens, Produktion, DDV, Coup de Grace, 6de Kolonne, Brett Bennett, Hilaire Brisdak, Giancarlo Toniutti, Devrese, Strafe Fur Rebellion, Hafler Trio, Teun Voeten, Etant Donnes, Die Todliche Doris, and Bernaded Dexters. 48 pages. edition of 750 copies. the magazine is a bit wavy, it could be water damage but there is no smell or pages stuck to each other. Club Moral (Belgium)

"Mantic Ecstasy" book VG+ $5.00
catalog for March 2001 exhibition of digital imagery and video art by various Chinese artists (names only written in Chinese but I think they include Liu Wei and Zhou Hongxiang), Joseph Scheer, Peer Bode, Andy [Andrew Deutsch], Xiaowen Chen, Darrin Martin, Pamela Susan Hawkins, and Ann Hoffman. with text in Chinese and English. pages not numbered, approximately 8" by 5.5". (China)

"OU Nouvelle Série Cinquième Saison 23-24" magazine VG $100.00
this is the magazine only, no disc, but still extremely rare. this issue is a little over 7.5" square and comprises 16 b&w pages with contributions from Caniaris, Pierre Clerc, Paul de Vree, Guy Foreau, Janicot, Lattanzi and Rotella, plus two pages of advertisements for Le Soleil Noir. none of these works are reproduced in the Alga Marghen box set. published in April 1965. this copy is hand numbered 187 of 500. there is slight yellow of the paper and numerous subtle creases and spotting. this copy is hand numbered 187 from an edition of 500 copies. Henri Chopin (France)

"Running in Place: Locked Grooves from WFMU" LP NM/NM $7.00
265 loop grooves by Andy Cohen, Andy Theodorou, Billy Jam, Brian Turner, Bronwyn C. & Listener SteveP, Chris T., Dan Bodah, David Suisman, Diane Kamikaze, Fatty Jubbo, Gaylord Fields, Henry Lowengard, Irwin Chusid / Otis Fodder, Jaap Blonk, Jesse Jarnow, Kurt Gottschalk, Lexie Mountain Boys, Liz Berg, Marty McSorley, Michael Cumella, Michael Shelley, People Like Us, PGB, Purrohny Bleehaus (Donna Blicharz & Jane Pirrone), Scott Williams, Trent Wolbe, and William Berger. WFMU (U.S.)

"Ur-Rauten" CD NM/NM $10.00
this 1992 compilation features When, Ane Heiberg, Anatemno, Green Isac, Døve Munker, Biosphere, Death Prod., Waldemar Hepstein, Ym-Stammen, Nityanada, Sabella Talk, Erik Jacobsen, Kraftensemblet, Siri Austeen, Ole Henrik Moe, Øyvind Rauset, Kikkomen, Tore Dimmestøl, and Ulf Knudsen. stylistically this all over the map with folk, traditional Bengal, classical, ambient and experimental tracks. notable here is one of the earliest appearances of Biosphere with his "Botanical Dimensions" and the otherwise unavailable Deathprod track "Fordervelsen". there is also a nice piece made out of multiple layers of double bass by Ole Henrik Moe who has gone on to work with Motorpsycho and Deathprod on numerous releases. dBUT Recordings (Norway) dbut 009