Sunday, May 17, 2015

movement workshop and evening performance with Evan Foster, visiting artist from Chaim Gebber Works, Berlin

Workshop 1:00 to 4:00 pm / $15

Performance 7:00 pm (Doors open at 6:30) / $10

Evan, a Port Townsend native and Studio 36 collaborator, has spent the past couple of years training and performing in Berlin, most recently with Chaim Webber Works. He’s home for a visit, and will be sharing some of what he has learned in a movement workshop on Sunday afternoon (1:00-4:00). Enrollment is limited to eight people and we are about half full at present. Please contact us at this email address ( to reserve a space ($15 fee to participate). Sunday evening at 7:00 Evan will be joined by Studio 36 regulars and workshop participants for a free performance based on the workshop material.

Workshop description:

The workshop will focus primarily upon ‘The Conscious Body’, a system developed by Chaim Gebber, which teaches how to use strength in a safe and healthy way. We train the body using repeating patterns of integrated strength, flexibility and functional movement to magnify basic skills of moving to the floor and back up until we are comfortable with fast weight transitions, pulling and pushing along the floor at personal speeds. With conscious weight investment upon single points we find movements which adhere to personal skeletal structures and musculature as a logical consequence of shifted weight. We emphasize thinking through movement with the body so as to comprehend the muscular activations and neuromuscular memory so our habits are safe and awaken natural body consciousness. Dancers should go as fast as they can or as slow as they need in order to feel these activations.

Repertory Tools: We will visit some methods and themes we have used to construct our performances ‘Body Play’ and ‘Green Village’.