Saturday, April 25, 2015

Ron Myhre plays antique Himalayan singing bowls

Ron Myhre
photograph by David Noble

Studio 36 is proud to present a concert by Port Townsend resident Ron Myhre on Saturday, April 25 at 7:00 pm. Ron will be playing his antique Himalayan singing bowls. Ranging in age from 100 to 400 years old, these finely crafted metal bowls have a rich blend of harmonics not heard in crystal bowls. Collecting and listening over the course of a decade, Ron has built up an understanding of the power of the interplay between the different bowls in his personal set. While every bowl he will bring to Studio 36 has a rich tone of its own, the experience is expanded by playing more than one bowl simultaneously and from the order in which they are invited to sing. The results in listeners are often one of amazement as well as tranquility. They have the power to transport the listener to another realm. Some people close their eyes and see colors. Almost everyone finds the warm enveloping sounds calming—healing and warming, pure tone and pure music. Come to be relaxed and bathed in beautiful vibrations.

A skilled woodworker, Ron also has a passion for the unusual, which can be seen in his tiny shop The Curator's Eye, which is located underneath The Bishop Hotel in downtown Port Townsend. His collection of special objects reveals Ron's appreciation for tiny details and unique expressions of character.

Ron's concert starts at 7:00, doors open at 6:30. Regular chairs will be available, but you are also invited to bring a favorite pillow, cushion, blanket, or yoga mat, sit back (or lie down), relax, and enjoy! Suggested donation of $10; no one turned away for lack of funds.

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